Friday, July 31, 2009

Gut Check/Hot Stove Friday

Wow, there is so much to cover today, I'm afraid I'll miss something. Let's do an abbreviated version of Gut Check Friday, then fantasy hot stove, then the real deal hot stove.

Baby Gorillas-9
The Rockpile-1

Domination for a second week. I'm now afraid I shouldn't have tweaked my team this week.

Tallcorn Cobras-7

If you wanna be in the playoffs, 3K, you've got a funny way of showing it.

Hoosier Heat-7
CO Yankees-1

Big week for Hackman, and he needs it to keep up with a cruising T-Dub.

The SwinGERS-6
Lawndale Longhorns-3

This should be interesting, a SwinGER win could catapult him to 3rd place in PG East.

Jimmy's Daddy-5
Clark & Addison-4

A classic street brawl for first place. Big time playoff implications here.

Client #9-3

Now is not the time to be losing to a #10 seed, Baby Bisho.

The hot stove was a little dull yesterday in the big leagues, but it was piping hot here in PG Sportsworld. And New Linc was front and center, knocking off two deals in an attempt to push him into the playoff winners bracket. Earlier yesterday, Linc sent Jair Jurrjens to Hoosier Heat for outfielder Matt Holliday. Jurrjens currently has a two year deal in place and Holliday will walk after this season. A strong message was sent that New Linc is going for the gusto THIS SEASON and will worry about the fallout after the season ends. And he wasn't done just yet. Later in the day, the Longhorns sent Kevin Gregg and Alex Rio to the Tallcorn Cobras for Derek Jeter and George Sherill. To me, this is a VERY shrewd move by T-Dub and the reason why you must be vigilant during trade deadlines. T-Dub sensed that Sherrill may be shipped to Los Angeles (and realized that he was become a back-up to closer Jonathan Broxton, thus giving him almost zero fantasy value), and he reacted in a timely manner. In Sherril's sted, the Cobra's acquire Kevin Gregg, who have 4 saves in the last 12 days. Well played, sir.

As far as today's MLB hot stove, what are you guys hearing out there? Quick note, if you fools had a Twitter account, you would get up to the second hot stove updates from baseball writers all around the country. Give it a shot, The Ger and I love it. And if you create an account, you can download an app right to your iPhone or Blackberry.

I'll leave you with this WHOPPER I heard about.....Heath Bell AND Adrian Gonzalez to the Florida Marlins for pitching prospect Andrew Miller, AA outfielder Mike Stanton and AAA outfielder Cameron Maybin.


Cornholers said...

Let me just say it's hard for me to be in the playoffs when it seems like I'm playing T-Dub every other week. Seriously, I've had to play the guy like half-dozen times thus far. He just owns me this year.

May I also just say good work Gorillas on taking it to Rockpile. Keep it up and I just might back my way into the playoffs.

Cornholers said...

Speaking of iPhone app's go out and download the free app "iWrecked", it is a great tool that I'm suggesting to all my clients in case of an accident.

Cornholers said...

And if you live in the states of Illinois or Wisconsin you should really look into becoming one of my clients.

PG said...

This message brought to you by Allstate.......that's Allstate, where you're in good hands.


PG said...

BTW, I guess yesterday, Jose Canseco said that there is a player in the Hall of Fame, that he will not name, that has used steroids.


Cornholers said...

And there are players in the HOF who used marijuana, cocaine, greenies, alchohol and most recently probably viagra.

Big deal, I'm over it....I so don't care for any players that are above the age of 30. Give me the new breed of players, the Gordon Beckham's, Andrew McCutchen's, Buster Posey, Justin Smoak, and on-the-rise Jared Mitchell!!!

PG said...

Love the term "greenies".

I'm over it as well (I think everyone is), but Ricky Henderson? Come on, man!!! Ricky doesn't use peformance enhancing drugs. Ricky does it all natural.

Michael said...

Canseco said this morning it was not RIckey and not anyone in particular, but just that the chances are really good that a HOF has done steriods..

Rickey is still the man..

PG said...

WOW, Tigers got Jarrod Washburn for minor leaguers Luke French and Mauricio Robles.

PG said...

Looks like Blockhead may be headed to the Marlins.

PG said...

Pirates will listen to deals for Maholm, Duke, and Capps...could the Yankees grab Duke by COB today?

Anonymous said...

Chicago's 670 "The Score" is reporting that the Yankees and Cubs are in discussion for Yankee OF Johnny Damon. According to reports the Cubs would send OF Milton Bradley and top pitching prospect Jeff Samardzija for Johnny Damon and LHP Phil Coke. This would give the Cubs a nice Leadoff oprion.

PG said...

I call BS, Anon, there's no way the Yankees part with Damon now (no leadoff hitter, and a shortage of healthy outfielders)...and Phil Coke is a solid lefty specialist out of the bullpen. Heck, they were actually looking for another lefty reliever to round out their bullpen.

Don't scare me like that.

PG said...

I mentioned this to the beat writer at the Star Ledger (via Twitter) and his response was this..."That would be news to me".

Heffley, are you screwing with me?

Michael said...

that has to be bs. no way they take milton

PG said...

The Red Sox are about to get Victor, ahahhahahaha, so Varitek literally becomes lame duck (more like lame dick).

Anonymous said...

I can confirm Anom report. ESPN 1000 out of Chicago is reporting Andrew Brackman and not Phil Coke will be sent to the Cubs along with Johnny Damon for Jeff Samardzija, Milton Bradley, and RHP Jay Jackson

PG said...

Ok, anon, start identifying yourself...and I want to see where this is coming from....give me the link.

PG said...

Not a peep from ESPN 1000's Twitter page...this is either Hef or Baby a-holes.

Mr. Hackman said...

I have been listening to ESPN 1000 all day and have heard nothing of this...just my 2-cents.

Edward said...

V-Mart gives Sox another option and an upgrade over LaRoche now that he is going to be traded to Atlanta for Kotchman (bench or demotion to AAA?). Varitek will probably see a slight reduction in playing time but I think this affects Lowell and possibly Ortiz more since Martinez plays a lot of 1B. Sox now have option for Martinez next year which means Tek likely walks.

Mr. Hackman said...

Just heard Peavy to White Sox for a couple minors....

Michael said...

I like Peavy going to Chicago for my fantasy team, more of a chance to win then in SD.

Wow, what a close one that the Yanks almost traded away Damon and Brackman..