Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Odds and Ends

Hat tip to Yankee Mike for the suggestion, take a look at this video, absolutely hysterical.

Looking forward to hearing some stories from Mr. Hackman, T-Dub, and Baby Bisho about All-Star weekend/week. Should be fun for all. Speaking of the All-Star festivities, a few observations...

BTW, didn't know Fenway Ed was at the All-Star game.

Seriously, someone needs to sign Nelly to some sort of pro contract. That guy is a legitimate athlete. He dominates during the NBA All-Star weekend, the NFL's Super Bowl festivities, and now Major League Baseball. The original St. Lunatic missed his calling, I think. If he laces up the ice skates next year, I'm gonna lose it.

And who knew Brian Littrel from the Backstreet Boys had any talent. You could tell he clearly has played baseball before (and played it well). All this time I thought the guys in that group were catchers if you know what I mean....who knew?

If you aren't coordinated or don't know how to play baseball/softball, do yourself a favor, don't even try it. It just makes you look even worse than you already do. I always loved a few years back when comedian Kevin James played, and was so serious, that he took out a third baseman in a sliding attempt.

I totally forgot how awesome Stan Musial was. 26 time all-star, are you kidding? That was a great moment, reminded me of when they carted out Teddy Ballgame at Fenway.

And how rad was Lou Brock's hair? Looks like that noggin hasn't been touched since 1977. That ain't nuttin but ultraperm.

When Tim Lincecum hit Jeter, I was praying that Roy Halladay was gonna put it in someone's ear. Seriously, how great would that be if there was a bench clearing brawl in an all-star game?

Question of the day, has anyone ever been selected as an all-star and been traded between the final game of the first half and the first pitch of the All Star game? This isn't an AFLAC trivia type question, I seriously don't know the answer.

Ok, Barack Obama.....a few things here. First, his conversation with Derek Jeter was CLASSIC. First, he rolls up on Jeter and starts talking like Ol Dirty Bastard from the Wu Tang Clan. The Ger correctly pointed out that Obama looked more excited to meet Jeter than Jeter was to meet Obama. Jeter's got that, "I'm not impressed because I've conquered more women and baseball accolades than anyone in this room" swagger about him.

Liked that Barry wore jeans and sneakers. He's just your average, Harvard-educated Joe.

Second, Obama's throw. If I were to grade it, I'd give it a C-. Why so high, you ask? Well, because he didn't bounce it and he threw from the mound (oh yeah, he's lefty as well). Outside of that, dude, ya throw like a girl!! Love Bush or hate him, that dude could hum it in there. He might of fucked up the country, but by God he could throw a stike from 60 feet, 6 inches (and with gusto). If I were Obama, I would have brought my glove to Russia, the Vatican, and Ghana, and spent every free moment getting my arm ready. Dude, don't let foreign policy get in the way of what's really important....hittin fuckin 85 on the jugs gun, baby!!! This is America, you're the leader of America, throw it like you've got a set.

The Sox jacket. Why are so many people making such an issue about this? OH NO, HE WORE A SOX JACKET....THAT'S JUST ONE TEAM....WHY DIDN'T HE HAVE A MLB JACKET ON. THAT'S NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT. Seriously, I want to punch people who are saying that today. I have more respect for Obama for sticking to his guns and his team. Love when he pointed out in the booth that some Sox fans "absolutely hate the Cubs". That must have been a special shout out to 3K.

Line of the night goes to President Barry Obama while in the broadcast booth. Joe Buck was talking about the National League and said something to the effect of, "well, there's no bailout there". And Obama goes, "well, we're all out of money". Great humor there.

Ok guys, post those comments. I'm sure I missed a truck load of moments.


Anonymous said...

I think his wearing a White Sox jacket was awesome. (Remember Hillary saying she was suddenly a Yankees fan when running for senate in NY?).

Linc said...

I agree with GER - Obama representing the south side and his roots was a class move. Also, did anyone notice Obama go out of his way to shake the hand of the dude driving Stan's golf cart?

I may not always agree with his politics but I value the fact he goes out of his way to recognize the little guy!

Cornholers said...

If Obama would of worn anything but a White Sox jacket I would of lost some respect for the guy. I will say this, the campaign and now running this country must be taking a toll on his arm because he threw out the pitch at the Sox game back in '05 and was legit. In his defense, the guy supposedly can play some roundball.

Batting stance guy is funny. Love his Joe Morgan!!!!

Watched the Softball game. Why do they have such non-celeb managers for these teams. Seriously, Mike&Mike is the best they can do? And what happened to the Old-Timers game? I recall in the early '80's when each season they had an Old-Timers game. Watching 75-year old Luke Appling hit a legit HR off of Warren Spahn was too cool. I could totally see guys like George Brett and Dennis Eckersley lacing it up for some sandlot fun!

Carl Everett made the All-Star team in 2003. That game was played on July 15th. Back on July 1st he was traded from the Texas Rangers to the Chicago White Sox. I remember there being a little hub-bub about which uniform he would wear. He wore a Sox uniform, although he really got on the team for what he did in Texas.

Daddy said...

I noticed the shaking of the golf cart driver's hand too and thought it was a class act.

However, the most interesting part of that was how uninterested/angry that guy looked in shaking the POTUS' hand.

Edward said...

First off, I will treat PG's Sportsworld to a round with my All-Star bonus. Does this mean you will refer to me as Mr. Haren instead of Tony Snow?

As for the game itself, I LOVED the fact that Obama wore the Sox jacket. Completely appropriate for the all-star game and shows he gets it as a sports fan. As for the throw, it is patently unfair to compare his to Bush's throws - Bush played college ball while Obama never played organized ball and his father is Kenyan. It is not like they were playing catch in the backyard.

I also liked how Obama called out Howard and Pujols for losing the Derby to Fielder in their own backyard. Classic stuff.

PG and Yankee Mike you must have loved that when Obama gave Jeter back the autographed ball he said "Here you go Hall of Famer."

Edward said...

As for trades during the Break, I don't know of any during that time frame (I thought MLB has a freeze on roster moves during the break), but I believe there is a close one in the NBA. Wasn't Iverson traded to Denver after he was selected to play for the East a few years ago?

Michael said...

Lots of respect to Obama for wearing the White Sox jacket, I expected him to and nothing wrong with it..

Loved him coming up to Jeter and telling him he is the old guy in the room now.. Loved when the asked Mo what did the President say to him, Mo said he talked to him about his cutter... Awesome!

Great end to the game, Maddon did the right thing and gave the ball to Mo to close the game. Hawpe just looked silly watching strike 3..

Batting stance guy is hilarious, I saw it last night for the first time, I remember PG and I playing wiffle ball and imitating all the Yankees at that time for the #1 club..

PG said...

Dan Haren, Tony Snow, and Cameron Frye (with the Napolean Dynamite voice). You're a hybrid of the four. "I'd like a grilled cheese sandwich".

Fact check, I don't think W played college ball (his father did). Wasn't he a cheerleader in college (which is worse than bouncing a ceremonial first pitch)?

Did anyone hear what Ichiro said to Derek Jeter during the introductions? Jeter comes out and Ichiro said something like, "Baby Boy" and then laughed. Jeter obviously didn't get the joke. It was funny.

Cornholers said...

Yeah, Dubya never played ball past high school. His father did play for the Yale baseball team, and was a pitcher/1B.

I'll give you one more look-a-like for Fenway Ed....Cliff Lee.

Edward said...

Oi vay...

Yeah now that I think of it I was mixing my GW's. Oh well.

Napoleon Dynamite...really? that revenge for saying you looked like the guy in the Lexus ad who got a big wheel when he was a kid?

Michael said...

this AAA all star game TV coverage blows... they are missing all the action...