Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot Stove Thread

We may as well have some dialouge going today as we approach the trading deadline. What is everybody hearing? If you're in the car, on the internet, or watching MLB TV and see or hear something interesting, go ahead and post it in the comments. And no, I don't want to hear, "I was driving on the freeway and I saw two cows fucking along the side of the road". Interesting? Sure. Relavant? Absolutely not. Here's a few I saw this morning.

A sure sign the Jays are desperate, got absolutely worked over with that Cliff Lee trade, and are starting to panic? They're trying to get the Yankees and the Red Sox into a bidding war for Halladay. Nice job, J.P. You're a hell of a GM. That was pure comedy. Here's the Blue Jays-we want every prospect in your system for Halladay. Here's the Phillies-You're crazy. Here's the Blue Jays-Then you can kiss Halladay goodbye. Here's the Phillies-Ok, we'll sign Cliff Lee. Here's the Blue Jays-Uh....wait.....what?

This is great....ESPN's Peter Gammons told us Wednesday that Ricciardi is not optimistic that Halladay will be traded. "We'd have to be wowed," says Ricciardi. "And we haven't been wowed." You haven't been wowed because you're too busy getting WORKED, son!!!!!!

To me, if Halladay doesn't go to LA, he ain't going anywhere. You've gotta believe LA wants to respond to Philly (who is now clearly the best team in the NL). But at what price? Kershaw? Billingsly? My adopted National League team could make a move, but personally I think they're good as is. And I don't care what anyone says, if push comes to shove, throw Mattingly out there. He can still play!!!

So I guess Victor Martinez is next? How does that feel, Jason Varitek? Thanks for your years of service, there's a nice warm spot at the end of the bench there for ya! Shit, you can even head over to the Cask And Flagon for a beer, we don't mind. Take Johnny Pesky with ya, he'll keep ya company.

I would be absolutely shocked if the Padres trade Adrian Gonzalez (and it would be VERY interesting if he went to the Red Sox). I mean, Heath Bell I can see, but Gonzalez has to be the cornerstone on which they rebuild their team.

Love this, Cubs are in search of a lefty bat who can play right. My advice? Go out to Hill Valley, to a Doctor Emmitt Brown. Use his DeLorean to travel back in time to January of 2009 and fuckin sign Bobby Abreu. Morons.

Every trading deadline, I lob a threat at the New York Yankees as a result of a rumor that I have heard, and it goes something like this, "I swear to fuckin God, if they trade for [INSERT NAME HERE], I'm finished with them". The most memorable being the 2000 season when the Yankees were on the cusp of trading for Sammy Sosa (instead they went with David Justice, thank GOD). I'm gonna do it slightly different this season. Here we go....

I swear to God, if the fuckin Yankees trade away Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Austin Jackson, or Jesus Montero, I'm finished with them".


Cornholers said...

You hit the nail on the head with the Cubs being morons for not signing the MUCH cheaper Bobby Abreu over Gameboard.

There were rumblings happening yesterday that the White Sox were close to sending Josh Fields to the O's for Felix Pie. I know, it's not a blockbuster, but it's worth noting that Alexei Ramirez went down with a sprained ankle last night (x-rays will occur today) so it's possible that Fields could be back with the team??

Linc said...

I read this morning that the Cubs are looking to add a left handed bat to platoon with Bradley.

Teehan of the Royals or Florida's Jeremy Hermedia.

Also read where the Cards may be looking for pitching help. Doug Davis, Jon Garland, and Gil Meche are said to be possibilities. Glaus has asked to be traded.

T-Dub said...

That's interesting about Glaus.

Tell you what, I'm down with the Cubs do anything to get Milton Bradley out of my sight. I am disgusted looking at him. His sunglasses after a two-hit game yesterday ... oy veh.

Cornholers said...

The Cubs org. never ceases to amaze me. It was without a doubt the safer choice to opt for Bobby Abreu in the off-season. Instead the Cubs go after the volatile, oft-injured, more expensive option in Bradley. Even though they already spent $50M the off-season previously in signing Fukudome.

There's a reason, Hendry, that GMs look at the statistical history of a player. It works!! Without further adiue a dichotomy of the two players '09 campaigns:

Abreu: .317/.414, 7 HR, 68 RBIs, 22 SB

Bradley: .250/.385, 7 HR, 25 RBIs, 1 SB

Bradley is making $5M this season (but also received a $4M signing bonus). Also will make $9M in '09 and $12M in '10.

Abreu is making $5M this season. That's it. Oh, he does have some $250k performance bonuses based upon PA's, Silver Sluggers, Gold Gloves, etc.

Yeah, Hendry is a moron!

Michael said...

Looks like we should name Big Papi, Big Drug Test failer....

Ortiz and Manny on that list from 03, anyone surprised???/

PG said...

The Red Sox should probably forfeit their world series trophies....what do you think Yankee Mike?

Michael said...

seriously, very tainted. the curse should be reinstated. ortiz and manny probably took a nice dose before game 4 of al championship in 2004

Cornholers said...

Is anyone surprised by David Ortiz being a "user"? I'm certainly not. I can remember the light-hitting Ortiz from his days in Minnesota. He had such little power that the Twins up and released his ass. It's player like Ortiz that really get me heated on the steroid issue.

Most likely if Ortiz never took steroids he wouldn't have had this long career, wouldn't have made all these millions, wouldn't have all this fame. Meanwhile, some guy who was true to the game most likely got passed over in favor of Ortiz through those years. He never made millions, never made it to the show, never had the fame....well with maybe the exception of employee of the month at Tire World.

Cornholers said...

You want to talk tainted? Then get Jason Giambi to give back his 2000 MVP Award. The rightful recipient should be Frank Thomas.

I know Giambi was an Oakland A when he got that award but there is no telling if he juiced while with the Yankees. Once a juicer, then you're always a juicer.

So the BoSox had Manny and Papi (and whomever else), while the Yank's had Giambi, ARod and Clemens (and whomever else). Sounds like it was rampany everywhere....oh yeah, it was!!

PG said...

Like I told Fenway Ed, you can have the 2000 ring back....I'll keep 1996, reinstate the Red Sox curse, we'll take away the white sox 2005 ring (Aaron Rowand), and Fat Frank Thomas can have his MVP award. Happy everyone?

Cornholers said...

You can't be giving World Series Rings back. I would say that every team in baseball had one person or another who used steroids. It would be virtually impossible to find 1 club that was entirely clean for the entire season. Plus to give back a ring would be taking away from the players on the team who played it straight.

Now, individual achievements should definitely come into question. MVP Awards can be taken away, and should.

While on this topic I'm really sick and tired of the HOF talk and not letting steroid users into the Hall. Why not? Isn't it a baseball musuem? You don't see the Holocaust Musuem not talking about the Nazi's or Hitler. A musuem is the perfect place to display the heros and zeros of the game. Educating future baseball fans about the great Babe Ruth and his raw power, or Hank Aaron and his quest to overtake Babe while dealing with a racial society, followed by Barry Bonds and drug-enhanced body allowing him to shatter the record. It's about the history of the game not about keeping people out.

And with that being said it's time to let Shoeless Joe Jackson in the HOF, along with other members of the Black Sox, while also telling the story of how gambling ruined what could of been a dynasty of a team. Follow that with Pete Rose's enshrinement for shattering the hits record, being Charlie Hustle, while also having a gambling problem himself.

The good (Stan the Man), the bad (Barry Bonds) and the ugly (Don Mossi).

PG said...

George Sherril got traded to the Dodgers, and I hear talks are heating up between the Padres and Red Sox re: Adrian Gonzalez...say it ain't so.

Michael said...

Funny thing is that Clemens is not on that list... (or so it has been stated)

Ortiz said this spring that if you are caught you should be banned a year from baseball, so is he gonna take himself out for a year? (Boston might be better off if he does!)

Edward said...

Bill James wrote a recent article concerning HOF consideration basically saying that in 40-50 years time average people will be using some sort of steroids to prolong their lives and that they will look at what current ballplayers did as common sense. Not saying I agree with it but interesting thought. (Go ahead PG and Yankee Mike - point out the obvious Red Sox link given the source.)

Michael said...

I cant wait to hear Peter Gammons take on this. Cant wait to hear how he spins this..

PG said...

Big difference between Old Man River taking a little HGH to enhance his golden years and Papi being a fraud. After all, we don't have to watch the old guy hit a fastball.

Michael said...

PG, I cant find that trade anywhere.. What is your source?

Cornholers said...

Hey, I'm sure guys are still taking HGH. It's not being tested for so why the heck wouldn't they be taking it.

I also know some older people, friends of my parents who have openly admitted that they have taken HGH.

I'm starting to think I should take HGH to help me hit the golf ball.

Mike said...

I hit 5 HR's in my men's league last you really think that was all natural???

Michael said...

Say it aint so Rockie Mike!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Rice has been on the physically unable to frolic note since the fountain-head of training club scheduled to the malaise, which he beforehand stated occurred during Minnesota's corrosion to the Odd Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Structure decorate January.

The facts said Rice was looked at at bracelets three specialists during the offseason, and that two had suggested surgery at the time.

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In accrual to Rice's mischief, the entertain in mind is dealing with the vigorousness of non-specific receiver Percy Harvin, who continues to fracas iron-handed migraine headaches that accommodate caused him to fail to understand most of camp.

The Vikings responded Tuesday at help round of applause signing old-timer to air side receiver Javon Walker, who compel cause down his ninth NFL savour and be reunited with quarterback Brett Favre.

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Minnesota also waived everlasting keep safe Ryan Moats Tuesday. Moats was signed in June after two years with the Texans. In 2009, the fifth-year pro ran representing 390 yards with four touchdowns on 101 carries. He also caught 13 passes pro 106 yards and a display a build up an consort with a trace in 14 games.