Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Linc’s Rumblings, Whispers, & Rumors

Ok, is it really necessary for ESPN to have a count down ticker to the trade deadline? Now I'll be the first to admit that I love me some Buster Gammons with a side of Timmy Kurtchen but we aren't talking about the dooms day clock people! Is the Boo-ya network so devoid of drama that they must manufacture some? Or is this simply a cheap ploy to distract us from the Erin Andrews video that every OTHER cable network has been reporting. Man, I would love to see some of the internal employee memos floating around Bristol instructing staff not to search for the video, view the video, speak of the video, or use any of the following words in public: shaved, bush, size, thirty-four, or c-cup.

Cliff Lee (SP) – With the Jays setting the price for Halladay so high several teams have turned their attention toward northeast Ohio. Reportedly “out” of the Halladay sweepstakes, Philadelphia resumed talked with the tribe. Milwaukee, Boston, and Tampa Bay are also said to still be in touch but the front runner appears to be the Dodgers who are rumored to be offering Billingsley or Kershaw and James Looney in return for Lee and Victor Martinez.

Adam Dunn (OF/1B/DH) – Prior to being traded to the Cardinals, Detroit thought it had put together a pretty competitive offer for Matt Holiday. Still in search for a big bat to spark their offense Dunn becomes an obvious candidate to protect Cabrera in the lineup. Another rumor which surfaced a week back was a “change of scenery” trade where the woeful Magglio Ordonez would go to the north side in return of the equally woeful Milton Bradley. Both the Cubs and Tigers immediately denied ever discussing such a deal.

George Sherrill (RP) – Every contending team with a weak bullpen has been rumored to have interest in Sherrill. The Marlins, Cubs, Rays, and Angels all are said to have made offers but no deal has materialized because Baltimore wants a closer in return. Although Baltimore and Chicago have partnered up before (Hill, Patterson) the Cubs won’t trade Marmol. Florida and the Rays have no immediate talent in their bullpens or they would have used them by now which leaves the Angels as the lone contender with the players and payroll to add Sherrill by the deadline.

Bronson Arroyo (SP) – Are you a team in need of a starting pitcher but don’t want to trade away any of your top young talent? Have piles of cash just laying around and player salaries aren’t an issue? Has your franchise not made the playoffs for several years despite having crazy amounts of talent? Well, do I have the guy for you! Brian meet Bronson, Bronson say hello to Mr. Cashman.

Matt Capps (RP) – For the past three weeks my mentor and hero Lord Olney has discussed Freddie Sanchez traded to either San Francisco or Minnesota. Should Pittsburgh and Minnesota find common ground look for Capps to also be included in this deal in return for Minnesota restocking the Pirate farm system. The Twins bullpen is thin and the Pirates could replace Capps with Grabow.

Roy Halladay (SP) – I’ll close the final edition of Linc’s Rumblings, Whispers, & Rumors with the latest Halladay rumor – or lack of one if you trust J.P. Ricciardi. Apparently the Jays asking price from the Phillies was too rich and the Phillies have turned their attention to Seattle in hopes of acquiring Bedard or Washburn. If Philadelphia is indeed out of the sweepstakes the Jays appear to be without a dance partner who has the young talent necessary to get the deal done. Cue Tampa Bay! If the Rays want to make a move that will significantly boost their chances to catch Boston and New York Halladay is their only real option. The Rays have the youth, farm system, and talent to land Halladay. According to the St. Petersburg media the Rays built a package for Halladay around Scott Kazmir just to gauge the Jays interest. That first deal was rejected but the paper quoted one Rays official as saying the talks are “major, major stuff”. We will see if a deal gets done before the deadline – obviously the PRICE will have to be right!


PG said...

I say Halladay stays put. The Jays are looking for their socks to be knocked off, asking accordingly, and are being told to go F themselves.

Wow, didn't read the Bronson Arroyo to the Yankees rumor (in all defense for myself, I just completed the Tour de Eagle Ridge in Galena). Not sure how I feel about that move, let me get back to you.

You mention Jarrod Washburn...the Yankees have been rumored to trade for/sign him for the past 5 year, and it's never happened. SI regurgitated the rumor in this weeks issue. Turn the page, SI...that rumor is as stale as the Daddy's performance last week (come on, did you really expect me not to say anything?).

Cornholers said...

As I said at the beginning of all the Halladay rumors. He's going nowhere. The 'Jays were asking for the moon and attempting to steal players. No team was going to give up the load they were requesting, so the rumors on Halladay will have to hold until November.

I have to say Linc, the manner in which you rumored the Arroyo trade was priceless.