Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rumors Abound

Hi, this is Slappy White, and THIS is a PG Sportsworld update-

The city of Lincoln, Illinois is a hornet's nest of activity, as rumors are circulating that a deal between The Brothers McCreery may be imminent.

An inside source has told PG Sportsworld that what started out as back and forth phone calls has turned into serious, serious discussions.

"I saw them leaving the Alley Bi saloon late last night. Both were carrying what appeared to be player bios and as they exited, they turned to eachother, nodded and shook hands", said an unnamed source.

We'll keep you updated as more information comes in.


Cornholers said...

I've got to think that C&A is looking to move his surplus of 1B/DH types in favor of a pitcher which Lawndale might be able to supply.

I'm not sure if these two teams match up perfectly as trade partners, but I'm faithful that something can be hammered out.

Linc said...

Things haven't been this tense in the McCreery household since the Christmas day PS2 Madden 03 game between the Chicago Bears and Tennessee Titans!

PG said...

I'm hearing that talks broke down in a blaze of glory, but have since resumed.

Word is offers are flying from both sides and are unique in their own ways (which is a nice way of saying different).

The mood has been described as "hopeful" and evidently both sides have been carrying themselves with a civilized comportment.

Keep in mind, that was the same mood the North and South had before the first shots were fired at Fort Sumner. And then it was on.

Stay tuned!!!

PG said...

Wow, just heard a "no can do" was thrown out there by one half of the Brothers McCreery.

Is there really 4 counter offers currently on the table? Boy would I love to be a fly on the wall for this negotiation.

Both sides are showing unbelievable discipline by not playing this deal out in the press. I wonder how long that will last.

Slappy White said...

Things have definitely taken a turn for the worst. I'm not positive, but I think one side was unwilling to part with any 3-year players. Accordingly to one source, "at best, this will be a bubblegum-for-eyeblack deal".

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

All deals are dead!

Clark and Addison walked away from the table.

The breaking point was Soto and Gregg not fitting into C & A's long term plans and Lawndale not willing to break his core of Utley, Sandoval, Price, Hanson, and Bonxton.

PG said...

It should be interesting to see if any other teams want to take advantage by making offers of their own to C&A and the Longhorns.

Another day, another deal gone awry. Anyone else out there have anything cookin?