Monday, July 13, 2009


While Albert Pujols is dropping bombs in St. Louis, Rocky and Yankee Mike are doing the same halfway across the country.

The CO Yankees have sent OF Carlos Lee and SS Stephen Drew to The Rockpile for P Dallas Braden and Denard Span.

As an owner who was in late night negotiations with Yankee Mike this weekend, I will forgo my analysis of the trade, so it's up to you guys to dissect this transaction and give your winners/losers report. The last thing I need is Yankee Mike crying sour grapes and charges of bias being thrown my way.

Rocky Mike will be receiving slugger Lee, who is currently hitting .308 with 13 homers and 49 runs batted in. Exiting Pepper Park in Denver, Rockpile GM declared, "We needed some power and consistency in the lineup, which Carlos Lee provides". In addition, he will receive a replacement to Christian Guzman (who was hitting .308 in his own right, but lacking power and run production). "I commend Yankee Mike for moving in a quick and professional manner", stated Rockpile GM Rocky Mike, "both GM's worked quickly". Stephen Drew has enjoyed some success of late, hitting .421 last week, and .317 with 2 bombs and 10 runs scored in the last 3 weeks). "I think Drew has a lot of upside", quipped Rocky Mike, "I took 2 guys on my bench and traded them for 2 players who will start right away". The Rockpile was able to unload Denard Span and improve his stable of outfielders with the acquisition of El Caballo. Currently Stephen Drew is signed to a 2 year deal and Carlos Lee's contract will be up at the end of the season.

The CO Yankees were looking for a starting pitcher, and Dallas Braden will step into that role. Braden is currently 7-7 with the unimpressive Oakland A's (in his last 6 starts, Braden is 0-2 with an very strong 2.58 ERA and 1.07 WHIP). His 3.12 ERA and 1.26 WHIP has to be what attracted Yankee Mike to this deal. Yankee Mike, interviewed while driving away from Colorado Legends Field, said, "We're stoked to get Braden, another great pitcher from Oaktown". Span looks to be a throw-in, and one must ask if there will be an outfielder controversey with Johnny Damon waiting in the wings. Could Span be a secret weapon? "I need runs and stolen bases..I had a surplus of home runs and runs batted in...Span fills that void", replied Yankee Mike, "we appreciate Carlos Lee's for Drew, we didn't like his attitude". With both players only signed through the end of the season, Yankee Mike took a bold step and publicly declared a "win at all costs" approach. Sitting solidly in last place of PG West, the CO Yankees were looking to make a bold move and try and emerge from Chapter 7-11 (PG speak for win-bankruptcy). Repeated calls to Yankee Mike for comment were not returned.

Your call guys, what do you think?


Michael said...

Braden is 2-2 in his last 6, posting 5 quality starts..

Drew was riding pine to Bartlett..

Mike said...

I believe this was a win-win for 2 teams that are struggling, but have the entire second half of the season to get things moving in a positive direction.

My club has struggled at the plate this year but with McCann finally seeing the ball well and Tex having his head almost entirely out of his ass, I believe the offense will start producing. With that said, I wanted more pop out of the SS position and needed a .300/30+/100+ guy in the OF which Carlos Lee provides.

We like our starters and although Capps is struggling in the 'pen, I think we can still can compete for saves as Fuentes is having a nice year.

I believe the Pile will be tough in the second half and will push for a playoff spot. If not, I will use the excuse that I have been using in Nintendo for over 20 years, "You guys will probably win because I haven't played this game in a while and my thumbs hurt."

Have a great day men.

PG said...

My bad on the 0-2 on are correct...he is 2-2 in his last 6 starts.

Michael said...

wow... very quiet... PG - I will not cry sour grapes.. give us your take...

Cornholers said...

OK, I flip-flopped on how I wanted comment on this trade. I know I come off like a jag sometimes and most readers don't like my aggressive nature....

I think the CO Yankees might want to think about changing their GM. There I said it!

The CO's are a good 40+ games out of 1st place, nearly 20 games out of playoff contention and are playing in the wrong division. Any move, imo, at this point in the season should of had a solid eye on 2010.

In a trading partner like the Rockpile you have to target pitching as the return. I might of suggested supplanting Drew with Bartlett (FA after the season) and trying to go for a 2-1 landing a front-of-the-rotation starter. So Maybe the Rockpile won't give up Lincecum or King Felix, but maybe you get him to bite on Joe Saunders or Ubaldo Jimenez (both signed to 3-year deals with bright futures).

I would think the Rockpile - only 14 out of 1st and 2 out of playoff contention, playing in a weak-ass division would think that a gutsy move for a big-bat playing in a band box could put him over the top. He's got a solid pitching staff and might be willing to shed a decent arm.

Braden is a back-of-the-rotation fantasy starter, while Span is a 4th OFer who might give you a big week every now and then. In the end I commend Rockpile for pouncing on Carlos Lee, and not taking away from his core of a team.

Michael said...

Chole, very fair assessment.

However, I do have Elvis Andrus to a 3 year deal, who I have taking over SS next year and I believe I can re-sign Bartlett while giving up a 5th rounder next year, since he was a waiver pick up.. Drew was not going to get playing time this year or next...

My problem with Carlos Lee, is that I have at least 2 other players just like him and I have been losing every week in Runs and SB... The last two weeks, Lee scored 1 friggin run... I think adding someone like Span who scores runs, steals bases, and can hit for averages helps my team, while I didnt lose anything with letting Lee go.

I am besieged with injuries this year, especially in the starting pitching and I think Barden will really help in the second half...

PG said...

Ok, I'M COMIN OUT OF DA BOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't like this trade for Yankee's why.

You're in dead last so really, you have two options here-1. Like 3K said, you make some thoughtful and strategic moves to position yourself for next season or 2. you go scorched earth and make blockbusters in an effort to shake the ground that is under you.

In short, you did neither.

If you were so hell bent on getting rid of Carlos Lee, package him with two or three of your top players and find a partner to totally revamp your team, creating a new look and feel. The horses you have right now didn't do it for you, perhaps you needed new blood.

I don't mean to toot my own horn but that is exactly what I did (and what I am still trying to do).

You can't be reticent about parting with your top talent (like some other GM in this league that I will not mention). As the old adage goes, to get you must give.

I applaud your effort to tinker with your team in an effort to make a run (and there's still plenty of time). But the term, "nibbling around the edges" cried out to me when I saw this deal.

I think Rocky Mike got the better end of this deal. He is now renting Carlos Lee in an effort to boost his run production (where he needed it).

Just my opinion.

Michael said...

again, fair assessment PG. I dont want to mortgage my future for this season, but I still want to give it a shot. The worst thing that happens is I stay in last place and have the 1st pick next year.

And chole, one could argue that between the three pitchers, Braden, Saunders and Jimenez, that Braden has the best numbers, especially in the areas I need for this year.

Cornholers said...

I applaud Mike for his rebuttal. With my harsh prelude into my assessment he could of went in a totally different direction. Good man.

OK, I'll give you the SS position as Andrus would seem to be #1 on your depth chart at SS in 2010, being that he's 20 years old and probably would of benefitted from spending '09 in AAA. I mean this guy was playing A ball in '07! Problem is that Andrus hasn't shown great ability to be a decent "fantasy" SS. .253/3/15 can be had by just about any starting SS in the big's. Sure, maybe he turns it around but that is still risky because he has no history.

Stephen Drew has 20+ HR power and has already shown the ability to do just that. At 26-years old Drew is coming into his prime for the SS position and I think over the course of the next 2-3 years Drew will be a better fantasy option then Andrus.

Dallas Braden is riding a hot streak right now with his QS, but it's just a matter of time before he goes south. Do you know that this guy only had 60 starts in 5 years in the minors? He's already at 18 starts in '09, when does he go down. His high water mark for innings was 140 back in '05 and he's already at 112. He screams health risk to me and if you could of landed a guy like Ubaldo Jimenez for CLee and Bartlett then you jump at that.

With all fairness I'm not sure if the Rockpile even gives up Jimenez (101Ks and a 3.99 ERA). I'm just saying that a guy who is standing in last place has to go after the sensible commidity for the long haul. Jimenez is signed to 3 years, Braden you will lose after this season unless you spend your 5th round pick on him. Take a tally, I'm pretty sure no one will be looking to draft Braden in the 5th round of ANY draft.

All-in-all the Rockpile pulled the trigger on the right trade, while the CO Yankees look to be in the very same spot they were prior to the trade.