Thursday, July 16, 2009

Linc's Rumblings, Whispers, and Rumors

Much like the State of Illinois legislative budgeting process it seems that the closer a group, any group, of people involved in a negotiation approach a deadline the harder it is to discern the truth from the bullshit. As such, there are some wild rumors swirling in MLB and this is your weekly edition of what Linc has learned……

Roy Halladay (SP) – The Jays are shopping Halladay and expect any team willing to talk turkey to overwhelm them with an offer. Only a handful of teams have the payroll flexibility and personnel to play ball. Although the Phillies appear to be a strong contender, the Angels are rumored to be the front runner offering both minor league prospects and major league talent, specifically Wood and Kendrick, in return.

Dan Uggla (2B) – Just as the many Marlins players before him, Uggla has priced himself out of south Florida. Prior to the All-Star Break the Giants were rumored to have interest but that trail has gone cold. If the Marlins are successful in moving Uggla prior to the deadline it now looks as though Cardinal nation will be their only hope.

Javier Vazquez (SP) – If you haven’t heard by now that the Brewers are in desperate need of pitching you’ve been living under a rock. Vazquez joins such names as Bedard, Washburn, Davis, Garland, and Niemann as possible new members of the Brewers rotation. I haven’t heard Vazquez’s name associated with any other team so it may be premature to say the Braves have put Vazquez on the market. Instead the Braves may be seeing if Milwaukee would give up a top prospect like Gamel in order to keep Braun happy.

Scott Rolen (3B) – The Reds have offered the youth and potential of Edwin Encarnocion for the experience and salary of Scott Rolen. The Reds are looking to add some pop to their order, even more so now that Jay Bruce has snapped his wrist. Boston is also said to be interested in Rolen at the deadline should Lowell be ineffective after being activated from the DL later this week.

Freddie Sanchez (2B) – Sanchez is a more consistent and less expensive option to Uggla. Although Sanchez doesn’t provide the power the Giants are looking for he would provide batting average and come at a much cheaper price. SF was ready to send Jonathan O. Sanchez to Pittsburgh for Freddie Sanchez prior to the SF Sanchez’s no hitter. The only reason this deal isn’t done is SF is waiting to see if interest will spike in their Sanchez.

Alex Rios (OF) – In a move that could be a precursor to what they are wanting in return for Halladay, the Jays are rumored to have a deal in place with the Pirates to send Alex Rios to Pittsburgh in exchange for Paul Maholm.

Matt Holiday (OF) – Despite Holiday recently being over shadowed by Halladay, there is still a steady stream of teams rumored to be interested. The Mets seem to still be in the mix as do the Giants but three new teams have joined the picture. The Reds have inquired but don’t look to be much of a talent match with the A’s needs. The Braves have offered Yunel Escobar and prospects for Halladay and Caberra. The A’s have offered the Cardinals Halladay and Caberra seeking Ludwick or Rasmus and prospects in return.


PG said...

If you're Alex Rios, you've gotta be praying you don't get shipped to Pittsburgh. At least the Blue Jays are somewhat capable of making a run in any given year.

Hey Linc, does the same "people involved in a negotiation approach a deadline the harder it is to discern the truth from the bullshit" line apply to our fantasy baseball league as well?

Linc said...

PG -

Indeed it does.

As the owner of Rios I'm not looking forward to checking the Pirate boxscores the second half of the season. Glad I've only got him for a year.

Cornholers said...

I think the best thing that could happen to Alex Rios is getting shipped out of Canada. If I were him I would welcome the opportunity to go hit in the NL. My gut is telling me if he goes to Pittsburgh that Rios will finally reach his full potential, being a .300+ hitter with 30+, 100+ production.

Is it me or does the Roy Halladay saga seem eerily similar to what the Padres were doing with Peavy prior to the season. Just hanging a carrot and seeing how much they can steal, when in fact they will never be satisfied and will retain Halladay.

Here's a point, I believe the Jays average about 17,000 fans when Halladay doesn't pitch to about 30,000 when he does pitch. My guess is they keep him!

PG said...

I can see that logic, 3K. After all, Roy Hallady IS their franchise (as Vernon Wells is less than impressive).

However, business dictates that they will lose him after the 2011 season. Do they keep him in the hopes of grabbing someone NEXT year (and pray that he doesn't get injured between now and then, in which they get bupkis)...or do they capitalize on his great season and go after someone (or a package). One thing is for certain. If they are shipping him, they better get A LOT in return.

PG said...

I hear Denard Span is on the market. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA

Cornholers said...

The fact that they have him through 2011 is exactly why they don't need to trade him this year. It would be one thing if they were financially strapped, but the finances dictate that they would be better off eating the money on Wells, and trading Alex Rios for the prospects.

Halladay earns the org. too much money, and while I can understand shopping him in hopes of a large haul, I don't think any haul offered from other clubs at this point wil be great enough to convince the B'Jays to let him go. They want to be WOW'ed and unless someone comes in over-the-top I don't think we'll see Halladay moved. Especially in today's climate where clubs are predisposed to hang on to their top prospects.

More then likley, we'll see the rumors on Halladay fly for a few more weeks. They will then be put to rest, only to be re-opened this off-season.

PG said...

If they keep him, and he needs Tommy John surgery in around May of next season, what then?

Cornholers said...

I wouldn't worry about Halladay's injury risk. He's never had a major arm issue, average's 230 innings over his career and is well known for throwing the least amount of pitches per start. The guy is efficient and one of the best SPs in the game. Just look at his .671 winning percentage.

Cornholers said...

It's not like he's AJ Burnett...

PG said...

I'll tell you what, he's got a bit of bad his leg broken in 2005 by a line drive and almost was killed with a line drive to the temple last year.

Here's another question..his contract is up in 2011 (which would make him 33years old), would a team really want to sign him to a multi-year deal (which you know he's going to want).

I mean, I get it. Right now, Roy Halladay is one of the best pitchers in the Majors (if not THE best). So a team will most likely enjoy him in 2012 (34), 2013 (35).....and from there I believe it starts getting dicey.

Sure, he hasn't had arm trouble. But that doesn't mean that he couldn't have arm trouble.

Interesting tidbit I saw on Twitter today from Jon Heyman-"One exec on the price for Halladay-'I wouldn't trade Porcello for him but I'd consider trading Joba for him'".

Obviously he's not going to the Bronx, but it begs the question-Who would you put up in exchange for Halladay?

Cornholers said...

Seriously, I realize the haul that the Jays will be wanting for Halladay and for that I'm not willing to trade any of the Sox prospects for him. The Jays need a SS so I'm sure the conversation will begin with Gordon Beckham. He's untouchable at this point.

What does intrigue me is the Alex Rios possibility. KW has always had interest in Rios, and normally KW will end up getting his guy (even if it is 3-4 years later). Rios makes a little too much money for his production but if you can get the Jays to pick up some salary (total KW move) then it might make sense to go after him.

I would say a trade centered around Aaron Poreda might be able to get it done. Add in Dexter Carter (Vandy pitcher) who is shutting 'em down in A-ball, and a throw-in OF prospect like Stefan Gartrell and that should be enough.

The only problem is, most likely any other club in baseball can put together a package of prospects like that. Nothing is WOW level, imo.

Michael said...

I dont think the Yankess go after him, but if they do, my guess is Jesus Montero, Austion Jackson, and Joba... Maybe one more prospect...

PG said...

The Yankees would be FOOLS to give away prospects like Jackson, Montero, and Joba for Halladay, he's just not worth it at the end of the day.

Austin Jackson is the future of the Yankees outfield, Montero will be a full time DH, and Joba is the future closer for the Yanks, ahah.