Sunday, July 5, 2009


Out of nowhere, the Tallcorn Cobras have sent Carlos Beltran and Miguel Tejada to the Cornholers for Nelson Cruz and Jimmy Rollins. This weekend trade ends a drought in the trade market, as both teams have fired the opening salvo in what could be a very active trading season.

With Gordon Beckham emerging as a fantasy threat, 3K saw his move to dump a reeling (and very unproductive) Jimmy Rollins. In the event Beckham can't cut the mustard for the Cornholers down the stretch, Miguel Tejada isn't a bad alternative. In the meantime, Tejada will take Nelson Cruz's place as utility player.

But make no mistake, 3K lost A LOT of production with the departure of Nelson Cruz (power, speed, scoring and driving in runs). Why someone would part with a potential 30-30 guy is beyond me. One might point out that Carlos Beltran is all about the 30-30 club and this is simply a tit for tat trade. Not this guy because it ain't gonna happen for Carlos this year. Also keep in mind historically, Beltran's numbers are better overall in the first half of the season as compared to the second half. Sure, Carlos dodged a bullet by not needing surgery. But anyone will tell you that a bone bruise is a tough healer and could put a hamper on his production for the rest of July and into August. This is clearly a BIG gamble for 3K, who is putting a ton of faith in Carlos Beltran's health and talent. If he returns to the lineup and produces comparably to Nelson Cruz, consider this trade a success.

At this particular point in time, the Cobras clearly don't need Jimmy Rollins (what with Derek Jeter's staggering numbers in the wind tunnel that is Yankee Stadium). I think it was a very bad move to acquire Jimmy Rollins at this juncture. If he's looking towards next year, then perhaps I can begin to understand. If Jimmy starts producing like gangbusters this season, T-Dub is gonna have to sit one of his outfielders (between Bay, Cruz, Hawpe, and Soriano) to make room for him. I'm simply not comfortable with it. I'm loving the Nelson Cruz move though. T-Dubs outfielders are looking good, with Jason Bay and Brad Hawpe providing a solid foundation. The Nelson Cruz acquisition solidifies a well rounded outfield battery (and if Lou Pinella grows a brain and drops Soriano in the lineup, watch out). Cruz will score 100 runs this season, hit at least 40 bombs, steal 25-30 bases, and drive in 130. That's a whole lotta noise coming from that ghetto blaster.

This move may help out both teams (as this clearly was the intent, there is no white flag in the vicinity). I hate the Rollins pickup, and I'm not a fan of the Beltran move. Miguel Tejada can throw up a solid batting average...but the HGH is clearly not coarsing through his veins like the days of yore. 5 stars for the Nelson Cruz pickup, T-Dub. Time will tell, fellas. What do you think?


T-Dub said...

All fair points, PG. Rollins can sit on my bench just as Tejada has to this point. Additionally, while he can insert both players immediately (short-term gain), I have added two, two-year contracts. So maybe I only start Cruz ... maybe Rollins never sees the field ... but he's an MVP two-years removed. He is on a team battling for the division. He STEALS bases and Tejada doesn't ... probably the single biggest reason for the move on my end (see Morgan start this week for me, my weakness, grasping at straws, etc.) The thought hasn't at any point been to sit Jeter, he has been all-world (1-year contract, though, you can't forget this in the conversation).

I'd like to applaud the Cornholers for their attention to this negotiation. That is what makes the fantasy world tick.

PG said...

I was unaware that this was Jeter's walk year, I can understand picking up Rollins now. I like the immediate need in Cruz, and perhaps gaining your starting shortstop for next season in Rollins.

T-Dub said...

One glaring mistake in my draft. Picks 9 through 12 were Jeter, Wood, Ervin Santana and Hawpe.

I gave 1-yr to jeter, and 3, 2 and 3 to the others ... I made a mistake on Jeter.

PG said...

Jeter is certainly enjoying the new ballpark and all of the wind gusts that come with it. My guess is the engineers will fix whatever is going on with the Bronx jet stream and he'll return to his high batting average, low power numbers next season.

Cornholers said...

Jimmy Rollins has just been god awful for me this season. His first-half performance could very well be the reason I started in such a big hole. The emergence of Beckham as starter has made Rollins expendable. Though I might be selling while Rollins' value is low, I figured better to cut-ties now before he ends the year with an injury or carries his .200 avg. into September.

Nelson Cruz was harder for me to give up. I do like him a lot and that is why I drafted him. With that said he's hitting .197 over the last month with 3 HRs and 8 RBIs. I fear that pitchers are making adjustments to Cruz now that he's been around a little longer. We'll see if Cruz can re-adjust for the 2nd half or if his most recent "fatigue" spells trouble for the 2nd half.

I wish Beltran was signed to at least a 2-year contract but I figured if I could land a guy of his skill level, couple with Miguel Tejada who is giving it one last hurrah (IMO) down in Houston then it just might give me the nudge I need to reach the post-season. My pitching has been very solid for the last month and I need to turn around the hitting. A couple vet's like Miggy and Carlos could do that.

PG said...

I was gonna say, 3K, giving up Nelson Cruz for a 1 year Beltran contract doesn't seem like the best decision. Same with Miguel Cabrera. You're like the Yankees mortgaging your future and taking a win now approach. HA!!

Cornholers said...

I don't disagree with you PG. I could certainly be regretting the loss of Nelson Cruz in 2010. The problem is that does nothing for my team in 2009 and I told the guys in the clubhouse that I would do everything in my power to win in 2009.

Not to mention I have a C-Note riding on the better record between me and #9!!

PG said...

BTW, since we're the only two posting on this blog, why don't we cut out the middle man and use a phone. HHAAHAHAHHAAHAHHHA

T-Dub said...

What am I, chopped liver?

Let's ask the others a question. Who out there has yet to offer/discuss a trade? I think there are some that literally have done nothing ... I'm curious, who's willing to fess up?

Cornholers said...

For better or worse I'm happy that I've been involved in the two biggest blockbusters of the season.

The fact that I traded away names like Verlander and Rollins just goes to show that I should be respected for trading value for value.

I also can say that T-Dub was a very pleasant trade partner. Nice doing business with you.

Michael said...

I admit not sending any trade offers out. Yes I have the worst record, so you could say that I should be looking to change my team up.

I have added from the scrap heap Jason Bartlett and Kevin Millwood, who happen to be turning out nicely.

Injuries have hurt from my top picks, Peavy and Sizemore, as well as some draft picks that turned to crap, Shoppach, Fausto...

Overall, I am not getting blown out of the water each week, with the exception of one week.. So is one trade going to make a huge difference???