Sunday, August 2, 2009

Recap Monday

Entrance music has quickly become a fan favorite at ballparks across the country. Players expressing themselves through song as they march to home plate is a neat little sideshow that left me thoroughly entertained this weekend during the Yankees-White Sox series. So much so, that I had to bring the old video camera out to U.S. Cellular yesterday to capture, what I believe, is the greatest and funniest entrance song there is. The award goes to Mr. Gordon Beckham who has chose "Your Love" by The Outfield. The song debuted on the music charts in 1985...Beckham was BORN in 1986. I don't know what's funnier...the southside Sox fans belting out the words (that they know by heart, btw) to the song or 3K looking up to the sky, smile on his face, as he lip syncs the words with a fondness I have never seen before in my life (part of his whole man crush, which we'll get to in the comments section). The best part is, the White Sox use ANY opportunity to play that song while Beckham is up to bat. Beckham hit two doubles yesterday, and yes, they played the song after both doubles. Let's think about this for a second, they play the song as he walks to the plate, he hits a double, and as he's standing on second, they play it again. It's like groundhog day....Beckahm.....I don't want to lose your singing, 3K fawning like a love struck schoolgirl. Beckham, I don't want to lose your singing....more fawning from 3K. It's rapidly turning into a cult classic on the Southside and I've gotta be honest with you, I've been singing that damn song ever since Saturday. Now everybody, sing with me!!!!!!!!....JOSIE'S ON A VACATION FAR AWAY.....COME AROUND AND TALK IT OVER....SO MANY THINGS THAT I WANNA SAY....YOU KNOW I LIKE MY GIRLS A LITTLE BIT OLDER..I DON'T WANNA LOSE YOUR LOVE...TONIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!

Baby Gorillas-6
The Rockpile-3

Another big win by the Gorilla's as they try to get out of the cellar. Will be interesting to see how they fare this week. Tough loss for Rocky Mike, gonna slip in the power rankings.

Tallcorn Cobras-7

Not even Gordon Beckham could have saved 3K from this whooping. Not a bad performace, but T-Dub's staff and speed carried the day.

Hoosier Heat-6
CO Yankees-4

A great contest all around. Both teams played at a very high level, and that showed with the final score. Hackman's squad was just a little more powerful this week.

The SwinGERS-8
Lawndale Longhorns-1

I wonder what New Linc's reaction was when The Ger handed his ass to him on a platter?

Jimmy's Daddy-8
Clark & Addison-1
Probably was the same reaction his brother had, tough week for The Brothers McCreery.

Year 2000!-5
Client #9-4

Was great to see Fenway Ed out this weekend, despite his feeble attempts to move some of his bushers. Great win, still interested in Choo, call me.


Jessica said...

He has been using that as his walkup song since highschool. I go to UGA, and when he hit a HR in his final AB here, the students on the hill played that song on repeat for the rest of the game(it was super regionals, so they dont allow walkup music in the stadium. check the kudzu hill guys out.

Anonymous said...


Maybe I should be Ryan's Daddy....

Cornholers said...

You know that Beckhamania is sweeping the country when PG posts about GB and finally gets an outsider comment!!

Cornholers said...

I like what Jeter had to say about Beckham, "I got to talk to him a lot, he was standing on 2B every time". Classic.

PG said...

We all have to catch a Sox game, you must witness 3K's reaction when Beckham steps to the plate. Hey 3K, you download the song from iTunes yet?

Classic Sun Times article btw about Beckham-,CST-SPT-deluca03.article

Cornholers said...

One of the first things I did last night when I got home was download that song off Itunes. Then I continued to play it, on a loop, for the next hour and Mrs. 3K is getting a little annoyed.

Hey I might come up short for the season this year, and not make the playoffs but I can take solace in the fact that I might very well have drafted the AL & NL rookie of the years. Beckham's outstanding performance against the Yankees shouldn't overshadow Andrew McCutchen's 3 homer day on Saturday.

Edward said...

In a year of suckatude last week's victory over Bisho is my shining moment even though I was up 7-3 going into last night's Dodgers-Braves game. As George Costanza would say, I'm going out on a high note!

Michael said...

Nice win Heat. Better matchup than last week, but once again you had a great week.

3K, will you now be called Beckhole?

Cornholers said...

Was thinking about strickly going by "The Outfield"??

Cornholers said...

I was thinking all last night that Beckham could take this town by storm. Then I drove to work this morning and was hearing about the record-breaking 11,000+ fans that took in training camp yesterday in Bourbannais.

This town my internally combust with the two great quaf's of Jay Cutler and Gordon Beckham.

PG said...

If anyone is going to be in the greater Kansas City area this Saturday, join The Ger and I as we watch the Royals take on the Oakland A's. 6PM start time.

Just a pit stop on the Newman Farewell Tour.

Mr. Hackman said...

While mowing my yard today, all I can really do is think or sing over and over again the first verse to "Your Love" by the Outfield 200 or 300 times...thanks for that PG. Anyways, it got me thinking, what would your guys "walk-up" song be for your fantasy team?...and more specifically, what verse? I think I would go with the first verse to "Danger Zone", or, from Poison's "Something to Believe in", the verse, "I drive by the homeless sleepin' on a cold dark street, like bodies in and open grave. Underneath the broken old neon sign that used to read "Jesus Saves"

PG said...

Ha!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one yelling, "JOSIE'S ON A VACATION FAAAAR AWAY!!!!!".

Funny you mention Danger Zone. It should come as no surprise to you that that was blaring at The Cell yesterday.

I've gotta give my walk up song some thought....give me a few (btw, there's how I'm spending the rest of my afternoon).

Cornholers said...

I actually think that visiting players, and their entrance music, should be fair game to the hosting ballclub. For instance, if the Cubs come to town and Soto gets walked how quickly is the a/v guy playing Cypress Hill's "Stoned is the way of the Walk"?

"...just another bombtrack..." blaring by RATM would definitely get me going prior to an at-bat. Although, I would also favor "Mother" by Danzig!

PG said...

3K and I discussed this a bit at the game yesterday and "Mother" by Danzig is a good call.

If you would have asked me this question back in 1994, my answer would have been Time For Sum Aksion by Redman....but the times have changed....I'm still drawing a blank....give me more time....maybe i'll have something after a nice nap.

PG said...

I have decided..."You're The Best Around" by Joe Espisito.

Cornholers said...

I think I would have to give some love to "Sure Shot" by the Beastie Boys. Especially this verse...

Pull up at the Function
And you know I Kojak
To all the party people
that are on my Bozak

I've got more Action then my man Jon Woo
And I've got mad hits like I was Rod Carew.

You can't you won't and you don't stop. Come and rock the Sure Shot!

Mr. Hackman said...

Great selection PG. Would be even better if they played a Karate Kid Knock-out montage on the Jumbo-Tron simultaneously..

PG said...

I would actually push for that if I were a major league ballplayer.

Did everyone see that video of Kevin Millar singing "Danger Zone" when he was in college? They put that up on the jumbo tron in Fenway years ago. Talk about embarrasing.

Michael said...

I think if there are runners on base, then coming up to the plate I would want that video in the Bronx Tale where Chase and his crew clean house of the hells angels. I think the song was helter skelter...

T-Dub said...

This is an all-time classic post, PG! I think if Railsplitter were on here he might have something to say about Glenn Dancing's "Mother" ... and yes, f-faces ... I know its Danzig, railsplitter can fill you in.

By the way, you might've thought you heard any of the 10 songs mentioned in the cell, but I'd argue that was the stirring rendition coming from a band of 5 with an i-pod dock on a patio overlooking Eminence, MO ... population 15 ... 3 of which can count to 5. Needless to say, the owner of said resort had this quote for me on the way out:

"When you're making your plans next year, we might not be the place for you guys ..."

The stories could have me typing for hours, I think I feel a themed power rankings coming, featuring float trip 09's greatest hits ...

Edward said...

Waiting Room by Fugazi easily. This was the song we would play before every practice. Nothing but the guitar intro. If the pitcher is taking his time or the catcher calls time, the first verse...

I am a patient boy
I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait
My time is water down a drain

Everybody's moving
Everybody's moving
Everything is moving,
Moving, moving, moving

Please don't leave me to remain
In the waiting room