Monday, July 6, 2009

Recap Monday

Today's post will be representative of feedback this blog receives daily from members of this league. In the words of Pink Floyd, "Is there anybody out there"? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go hold my breath and wait for a comment.

Baby Gorillas-5
The Rockpile-5

Jimmy's Daddy-7
The SwinGERS-3

CO Yankees-3

Client #9-5
Year 2000!-3

Hoosier Heat-7
Tallcorn Cobras-2

Lawndale Longhorns-5
Clark & Addison-3


Cornholers said...

I just want to say to the CO Yankees that the match this week was MUCH closer then the numbers represent. It very easily could of been 6-3-1 with CO Yank's the victor.

Can the Cobras, Heat and #9 be caught?

Michael said...

Thanks CHole. Once again I go into Sunday with a lead and squander it away. But to be fair, CHole just crushed yesterday with RBIs and Ks and Blackburn's dominant start...

We are out here.. I feel you have left us....

Edward said...

Every minute on the blog is a minute I could be searching for that ever elusive job. With that said, I plan on being a much more omnipresent commenter now that my travels to NJ are done. Now if I could find the time to write-up that summary on my baseball field trip two weeks ago...

PG said...

3 comments today......point proven.