Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Linc's Rumblings, Whispers, and Rumors

With 24 days remaining before the MLB trade deadline the NL and AL pennant races and the wild card picture are starting to take shape. While there is still a lot of baseball left to be played the following is what Linc has learned……

San Diego
KansasCity Houston

Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs

New York Yankees
New York Mets
Tampa Bay
San Francisco
LA Dodgers
LA Angels
St. Louis

Adam LaRoche (1B) – The Pirates are in familiar waters (hey hey!) this time of year and are looking to trade off the lesser of the two LaRoche brothers. The Mets are in need of a first baseman (see below) but the Giants appear to be the most likely destination. Expect a LaRoche to SF for Jonathan Sanchez (or less) before the deadline.

Aubrey Huff (1B) – The Mets appear to have zeroed in on Huff now that DeRosa has been dealt to STL. Huff can play 1B, spell Wright at 3B, and move to the OF should Delgado return ahead of schedule.

Jason Marquis (SP) – Colorado wants to take advantage of Marquis’s 11 wins and the Phillies are said to be interested. There is a glitch, however, in that the Philadelphia media is reporting the Phillies may consider signing Pedro Martinez instead. This could be nothing more than a move to get Colorado to lower their asking price.

Scott Linbrink (RP) – Those of you who speak Ozzie know that Guillen thinks his team is over performing trash. Kenny Williams seems to have a different opinion so it is unclear if the Chi Sox will be buyers or sellers. Should they become sellers, Linbrink appears to have value with Texas (whom the Sox have a comfort level in doing business), the Giants, and the Devil Rays.

Jermaine Dye (OF) – Dye to the Angels is a rumor I’ve read in multiple sources – with some reporting Figgins headed to the south side. Cincinnati is also said to be scouting Dye as they are looking for a power hitting OF to team with Bruce and Tavarez.

Garrett Atkins (INF) – This would be part deux of the Halos big plan. Should the Angels give up Figgins to obtain Dye they could trade for Atkins to fill the void at 3B. Atkins is odd man out in Denver but thus far Colorado’s asking price has been too high.

Victor Martinez (C/1B) – No doubt Martinez is going to be calling a new team home after the All-Star Break. The only real question is where? The Giants are set behind the plate in both the short term (Molina) and long term (Posey) so V-Mart would fill in at 1B.

Jeff Francouer (OF) & Yunel Escobar (SS) – Francouer has been benched and Escobar has been in Bobby Cox’s doghouse for the better part of the season. Kansas City is said to “covet” Escobar and have interest in Francouer as a rehab project. Atlanta is said to be interested in a Teehan for Francouer swap but not Teehan for Escobar. Expect the powers that be in KC and ATL to work things out over the All-Star Break and come up with a package that works for both teams.


Anonymous said...

Before the Cornholers chime in I thought I'd mention that the Seller - Undecided - Buyers section failed to format correctly upon posting.

Simply disregard that paragraph.

Cornholers said...

AHAHAHA, I was wondering what that was all about. Touche.

I don't see there being much of a trade market for Scott Linebrink. He'll be 33 in August and is owed $5M/year in '10 and '11. The Sox have never been a team to pick up salary and I just don't see what Texas could possibly be giving in return?

Now if you would of said Octavio Dotel, then you might have something. With the recent acquisition of Tony Pena from AZ there are just too many RHPs in the 'pen. Dotel has more value on the market and will net the Sox a greater return.

"Bob" from the southside called into WSCR this morning, said his brother works for the White Sox front-office and then continued to say he saw an email on his brothers desk which showed the White Sox offered 5 players (3 minors, 2 majors) for Roy Halladay.

Of course, I call bullshit!!

Cornholers said...

I just want to go on record that I am not a fan of the Brandon Allen for Tony Pena trade. Allen is going to be a stud of a 1B in the big's. He hits for average and power and posted a .917 OPS last year in AA. He struggled the last 2 weeks in AAA but the guy is a masher.

Pena on the other hand seems to have digressed to a very average middle-reliever in my opinion.

As for who the White Sox should trade? Aaron Poreda. All hype and no bite. I kept hearing he throws 97-98 and all I'm seeing is 92-93. Without much of a secondary pitch (slider) he's not going to be a starter in the big's. Trade him now, while people still are touting him.

PG said...

I love 3K, he always hears about the brother who is sleeping with the beer vendor who is brothers with the maintenance guy who cleans the office of the dude who had a memo on his desk stating that Kenny Williams is flying to Scottsdale to steal Ted Williams head, sew it on Michael Jackson's body, and sign him to a 5 year deal. One of the reasons I love ya so much, 3K.

However, I will say that Halladay to the Sox isn't so far fetched. Look, they tried to get Peavy a while back, why not Halladay?

It should be interesting to see who the Yankees go get to round out their rotation (what with Wang all but done for the season). What is amazing to me is not only do they refuse to put Joba Chamberlain in the bullpen, THEY'RE NOW REFUSING TO PUT PHIL HUGHES IN THE ROTATION!!! I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.

Michael said...

Are the Rockies really sellers at this point? (note, not a Rockies fan)

I think it might be too early to call them that.

I cant wait to hear some of the rumors surrounding Doc Holladay, he alone will make this trade deadline full of bs rumors...

Michael said...

PG, I am surprised.. Aceves is getting this start, nothing is decided beyond that. Of course, he has a good start, he probably will continue to get more. I think he was more stretched out than Hughes has been, getting more multiple innings in relief.

Joba belongs in the starting rotation. He is 23, give him a chance. Look at Holladay, Grienke, hell most of the dominant starters and see what they did when they were 23.

We are one game back from the Sox, even after the 0-8 start to them, something is working.

Now, they will bring in another starter, that I agree with you, but I really hope and pray it is not Pedro...

Linc said...

I admit that I'm skeptical when I hear Colorado are sellers but when I tally the trade rumors they are said to be trading more talent away (Spillbourgh, Atkins, Street, Marquis) than adding.

The only names I've heard rumored going to Denver are Hawkins and Oswalt. This rumor came out of the Post and in my opinion was wishful thinking. If Oswalt vetoed a trade to Chicago I would think he would certainly nix going to the Rockies.

Michael said...

Linc, I hear you. But I think those rumors have subsided since the win streak they went on. I think they are still trying to shop Atkins, he has been a disappointment.

PG - let me clarify, I think Aceves needs to go back to bullpen and I just read they do not need a 5th starter until July 21st. Aceves is filling the Ramiro Mendoza role quite way and the bullpen has been so solid, dont mess with it...

PG said...

1 game out of first place with the roster and payroll the Yankees have isn't my idea of a situation that shouldn't be messed with. The Red Sox aren't half the team the Yankees are (on paper) and yet they're 9-0 against them and in first place.

Cornholers said...

The Rockies are sellers. Top targets to sell are Atkins and Street. They have the most value, look to make more money in 2010 and can net the greatest return for the Rockies.

Couple that with the fact that Atkins can be replaced at 3B and Corpas hasn't been pitching terribly and it makes sense for O'Dowd to trade those two.

With that being said we are talking about dumbass O'Dowd so anything is possible. He'll normally take the wrong fork in the road.

Cornholers said...

I really don't think the White Sox should look to go after Halladay (as great as a pitcher as I think he is). Instead I would of preferred the White Sox expanded that deal to AZ, but instead of Tony Pena in return landed Danny Haren. Could of thrown Aaron Poreda their way, along with Allen and Stefan Gartrell for Haren in my opinion.

The Yankees need a 4th and 5th starter! Joba should be placed back in the bullpen, he's not a starter, as evidenced by his innings per start (5 1/3). What about Kei Igawa? Maybe it's time for the Yankees to start getting a return on their investment. I see he quietly has gone 7-3 in Scranton with a 3.65 ERA.

Michael said...

Would you have said the same thing about Holladay? He had to be sent down to A ball at the same point as Joba. Joba 4-0 and 2.79 ERA on the road this year? Yeah, put him in the bullpen..

He needs to mature as a pitcher and he will. He needs to get better and he will. Has he been outstanding this year? No. But he is friggin 23...He keeps the Yankees in games - They are 11-5 in his starts I believe?

Michael said...

PG - the payroll? You paying for it? Who cares about the payroll.

After the ups and downs they have had this first half, no Arod for the first month, losing 19 game winner Wang, the early bullpen problems, losing Posada and Molina for a few weeks, and being 0-8 this year to Boston. If you know all of this before season started and I told you we would be 16 games over .500, 1 game out of first and leading wild card, you would be pretty happy...

Linc said...

This is simply a hypothetical but the SCORE has been discussing a trade of Jordan Danks, Beckham, and Poreda for Holliday.

Simply food for thought.

Cornholers said...

Ugh, please Linc say it ain't so. Yeah, lets give away our top youngsters for a 32 year old pitcher still owed approx. $7M this year and $15.25M next year. He can only pitch every 5 days. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!

Cornholers said...

In 16 starts this season Joba has only made it past the 6th inning twice! That starts to wear on a bullpen.

More importantly I think Joba is lockdown out of the 'pen. It is where he will eventually end up, stop fighting it. The guy carries a 1.53 career ERA out of the bullpen, with a 1.000 WHIP. His WHIP as a starter balloons up to 1.427.

And to combat a point you make on his age, yes he's only 23, wouldn't you prefer to see him pitch into his 30's instead of blowing it out while starting. They still keep him on a strict pitch count (100) which is the reason why he can't get past the 6th inning.

Michael said...

I would rather see him become a dominant starter then an 8th inning guy.

I will give you this, Mo retires in 2-3 years. If Joba has not developed by that time, then he can be the closer.

He has too much promise to throw in the towel and he has shown that. He is on a pitch count/innings count this year and he is still learning.

I feel the same about Hughes, who is only 22. Both of these guys will be a huge part of the Yankees rotation for years...

And out of the bullpen, how many innings is that? Small sample to say he should be there. Compare his starting numbers to any top starter early in their careers, he matches up very well...

Michael said...

Does this post give PG faith that we like to discuss things on here????

PG said...

It's about friggin time. BTW, line of the day goes to Yankee Mike. "You paying for it? Who cares about the payroll". HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHH

I would LOVE to see the Sox get Matt Holliday (for the sheer fact that 3K has dumped on him for the latter part of two years).

I know LoHud tried to stir something up the other day by Halladay for Cano and 40 other Yankee prospects (it was purely hypothetical).

Michael said...

I just dont see Holladay going to NY or Boston - what a nightmare for Toronto...

Phillies or Angels....

PG said...

Yeah, no WAY the Jays trade Halladay to ANYONE in the AL East.

The front runner is the Phillies. That would be great if they can put the final nail in the Mets coffin (although through injuries, the Mets are doing a pretty good job by themselves).

Cornholers said...

Mark Buehrle's first year as a starter in the big leagues. Age 22:

16-8, 32 Starts, 3.29 ERA, 221 IP, 1.066 WHIP

Joba's first 28 starts in the big leagues:

7-3, 28 Starts, 3.48 ERA, 150 IP, 1.427 WHIP

10 decisions in 28 starts for Joba. Pretty pathetic.

PG said...

Look, I agree with 3K about Joba needing to be in the bullpen, but for every Mark Buehrle comparison you have, I'm sure there's another stud pitcher who had comparable stats (or worse) to Joba's.

I don't care how many innings he's throwing (or lack thereof) any young pitcher, as he gets experience he usually stretches out....I'm worried that we 1. don't have a rock solid bridge to Mo and 2. We aren't grooming an heir apparent to Mo.

Michael said...

Where did Buehrle start is career? I'll save you the trip to baseball reference. In the bullpen in 2000. He appeared in 28 games, 3 as a starter.. 51.1 innings pitched. He was 4-1, they should have kept him in the bullpen...

In 2001 he played for a 3rd place team, who had David Wells, Rocky Biddle, James Baldwin and Dan Wright in the rotation. They needed him for everyone of those 221 innings...

Does Joba last longer without all the restrictions place on him? Maybe - Lets let the full season speak for him and not forget that he had quite a few starts last year that were in transition from bullpen to starter..

Michael said...

Our bullpen is getting the job done, but that is with Aceves in it.

I think we have a few options for grooming for Mo - one being Mark Melancon, but that is still a few years off. We also have Stein's money, so we can buy a replacement for Mo....

PG said...


Cornholers said...

I don't need to go to baseball reference to know where Buehrle started his career. Of his first 4 appearances in the big leagues, 3 of them were as a SP.

I was there in 2000, probably attending close to half the White Sox home games. Not to mention a 4-game sweep of the Yankees in the Bronx. Where the night before I was found drinking with Frank Thomas, Bill Simas and Keith Foulke at Scores!

The reason Buehrle was in the bullpen for the Sox in 2000 was because there was no other alternative. Originally Scott Eyre was the 2nd LHP in the 'pen but he sucked (how is he still pitching?), so then he was replaced by Jesus Pena who sucked (and was eventually traded to Boston) which led to Buehrle getting the nod to the 'pen to help a 1st place club.

Look I'm not trying to compare Buehrle to Joba - 2 completely different type of pitchers. You asked for a young pitcher who started with success and I gave you one. The fact remains that Joba is better out of the bullpen and can't go deep into games.

And just so you know Buehrle average's 220+ innings per year. It wasn't a one year deal, he's been doing it ever since. He's a real pitcher, unlike these pansy pitchers who can't throw 200 innings a season.

Michael said...

I agree there are many pansy pitchers now a days..

We agree to disagree on Joba, and time will tell. I was simply comparing him to some top startes now and what they did when they first started out and not to give up hope on such an amazing talent.

That must have been a fun night at Scores! You must have felt like I did when we met Jeter in Chicago in 03.

(In 2000, I was in NY for the Subway Series, when the Yankees won the World Series..)

Michael said...

PG - you just made me really hungry and I just ate lunch...

Cornholers said...

I was at Scores with some friends, saw the guys at a table not far from ours and had the waitress buy them a round on me. That's when Keith Foulke waived me over to partake in some shots. Fun times.

Of course not as much fun as doing shots with Jamie Foxx at Crazy Horse....PG was there!!

Cornholers said...

For the time being we will just disagree on what the future holds for Joba. He's a very good talent and the Yank's should be happy to have him in pinstripes. Time will tell but my gut tells me he will be closing games for the Yankees by next year. That's right I said it!!

Michael said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Closing games by next year????? Umm... what about Mo??????

PG said...

If anyone needs a good chuckle, picture Jaime Foxx's reaction after downing a shot of Jagermeister in the middle of Crazy Horse. Classic.

PG said...

BTW, I'm seeing teams that are putting players on the trade block and I must say, I'm very disappointed. To get, you have to give. Do something bold, grab your balls and wow someone.

Cornholers said...

What about Mo? The guy is going to be 40 in November and what has he had, like 1 injury years ago. The guy is a freak of nature, and the best closer of all-time.

My hunch....he's hurt in 2010! There I said it...

PG said...

I hear that Roy Halladay was warming up in the Jays bullpen today and was wearing a Scores West Side t-shirt. HAHAAHHAHA

Cornholers said...

Really...those things are classics these days. Especially that it is now called VIPs.

Michael said...

Blasphemy!!!! He actually had offseason surgery on his shoulder this year.

PG - since I just put some guys on waivers, are you calling me out?

PG said...

Not at all, but let's stop with the horseshit trades and do something spectacular. Don't be timid, tenative. Go out there and knock someone's socks off.

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