Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The Heat and Daddy's rocked the fantasy baseball world this morning after an intense 24 hour negotiation marathon that sent Alex Rodriguez and Barry Zito to the Heat in exchange for C.C. Sabathia and Fernando Rodney.

The Daddy's GM Hef was searching far and wide for a top tier starter as well as filling a void in the closer's role. Mission accomplished, some might say. But it certainly came at a price with the departing Rodriguez. Heat GM Mr. Hackman will presumably sit Mark DeRosa in place of Rodriguez, adding to his arsenal of power.

Observing GM T-Dub was aghast at the news, saying, "Wow, I'm a little bit in shock, there is no question the Heat just got a little more scary with their bats and Daddy equally with the pitching...I feel like the pack of dogs is getting closer".

"After my embarassing loss last week to PG, the Daddy's felt the need to shake things up", opined Hef, "Hoosiers came to the table with fair offers that would help both teams down the stretch so it only made sense to make the move".

The move will surely invite criticism from opposing GM's, as it does anytime a top 5 fantasy players is traded away. However, Hef points out that Hank Blalock has put up comparable numbers to A-Rod this season, so his utility role may not lose production.


Mr. Hackman said...

I do feel this trade will help both Daddy's and I. I was in desperate need of power since a couple guys I drafted to do so, Wright, Abreu, etc.. have failed to put up HR numbers. As much as I hate giving up C.C., I did not like giving up closer depth in Rodney. But, to get a guy like A-Rod it had to be done. I also like the fact that I will have him for next year as well. Side note..with the departure of Wandy from my team at the end of the year, it was possible that I could of had 3 Yankees in my rotation next year with Sabathia, Burnett, and Hughes. I dont know how comfortable I would of been with three starters pitching in that launching pad.

Cornholers said...

I actually commend Mr. Hackman for realizing what had to be done. Anytime you get the opportunity to land a #1 pick like ARod you do so at any expense.

Now taking into consideration that Mr. Hackman truly didn't detract from his team, while adding (potentially) next years #1 pick in ARod is a huge steal.

Imagine starting next years draft in the 1st round, wondering who you're going to draft first and you already have ARod on your team! Wow.

Congrat's Hackman.

Cornholers said...

Did we ever get a clear-cut answer from our absent-minded commish on the playoff format????

Mr. Hackman said...

DeRosa is on T-Dub's squad. I will be inserting A-Rod in the Util spot for now.

Cornholers said...

ARod and David Wright have to be the top 2 3Bs in the game, right? I'm running blank on another name right now? Good job Hackman.