Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Recap Tuesday

CO Giants-98
Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-97

Words cannot express the pain that was felt with 1:48 left in last nights game as the Philly defense gave up a touchdown to the Washington Redskins and costing the Hot Dogs a victory. The slide PG is coasting on is quite steep. Meanwhile Giant Mike has willed his way into a 3 way tie for first place in PG West.

Hoosier Heat-119
The Rockpile-98

Mr. Hackman is the official rainmaker of PG South, winning decisively against Bronco Mike and his Rockpile. Is there anything more impressive than Carson Palmer's 5 TD passes? The Rockpile sat Steve Slaton and paid the price. Wouldn't have helped, but it's nice to make the right calls.

Berwanger's Brawlers-113
Lawndale Longhorns-92

It's games like these that keep a man going. Don't look now, but the Brawlers are 1 game out of first place in PG North. His Dallas connection of Tony Romo and Dallas D were the difference in this one...and how about Donald Driver still putting out? Jerome Harrison? Ouch, that's gotta hurt, New Linc.

Tallcorn Cobras-90
Jimmy's Daddy-72

T-Dub is on a roll, and he wasn't gonna let the Daddy's rain on his parade. He dodged a bullet in starting Hightower over Beanie Wells, but DeAngelo Williams made up for the misstep. The Leon Washginton broken leg clearly hurts the Daddy's, and he might be in the market for a running back this week (3K, are you listening?).

Nigerian Nightmares-119
Rusty Trombones-110

DeSean Jackson....I mean...the Nigerian Nightmares defeated 3K and his Trombones this week, as he tries to keep pace in the white hot PG South. 3K is left scratching his head as he descends into an abyss of defeat. One might wonder what would have happened if the Trombones were still making sweet music with Aaron Rodgers? Word is 3K is scouring the countryside in search of a wide receiver. And early indications are he's not getting too far.

The Goat Locker-115
Chimps Gone Wild-77

An absolute orgy of points over at The Locker while the Chimps were swinging from the vines of mediocrity. A league leading 729 points make The Goats a formidable foe week in and week out. The scary part was he could have sat both running backs and still punched out 100 points. Is there any other receiver more disappointing than Lance Moore? Tough week for Frank Gore, but it's his first back from injury, so we'll see how he fares moving forward.


Michael said...

I give the Hot Dogs credit, they made a run for it last night. Hot Dog GM asked for a defensive TD and minutes later, he gets one.

But CO Giants made the claim that the garbage time offense of the Redskins would win it in the end, and it sure did. Nice work skins..

Cornholers said...

Carson Palmer's 5 TD passes against a pathetic Bears defense. I've started to fill my calendar with other events during Bears game. Brutal.

Yep, I'm looking for a partner who needs a RB while I seek a WR. My lone attempt thus far was met with criticism and laughter. I hope that owner enjoys his continued descent into the fantasy cellar. Actually, I'm starting to think I should only deal with teams that can break 100pts on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

....says the guy who has thrown up a 79, 85, and a 55. A 55????? That's right, a 55!!!!!

PG said...

Sorry, didn't mean to post anonymously, that last one came from me.

Cornholers said...

Just threw up a 101, still am among the tops in points scored in the league and play in what has quickly become the toughest division in the league.

The next time PG consumates a trade would be the 1st!

PG said...

What's funny is that the Trombones and I have the exact same amount of points.

And if you look at how many points have been scored against him (588), you'll see it's the fourth lowest in the league. Translation?

Cupcake schedule.

Cornholers said...

Speaking of cupcakes, pay your league fee. There's only a couple more weeks before your team is completely out of the running for money and I don't want you going mia....

Baby Bisho said...

AS -

Thought that check was in the mail for the baseball bet??

Mike said...

Your attempt at a trade 3k was one sided. While acquiring Ronnie Brown would certainly have made your team better, receiving Big Ben on the other side to only sit the bench behind Kurt Warner would have been a step back for me (which says something considering I am 2-5).

The truth is, EVERY team I play is putting up 115+ against me. Under normal circumstances, I'd be .500+ team, but seem to be running into situations where QB's are having Tecmo Bowl games against me every fucking week (Palmer's 5 TD's against the Bears, nice team you guys have out there...thanks).

3k, how is your schedule panning out? Your strength of schedule resembles that of the Ohio State Buckeyes!

Anyway, no excuses. We are not outscoring our opponents right now which is the bottom line. However, that does not mean I am going to be cornered into making a trade that is not in the best interest of this organization.

Cornholers said...

I find the strength of schedule commentary laughable. Especially when it comes from owners who I have played and beaten.

As a owner I would never let it be known that my team was a part of an opponents weak schedule.

I suppose you're just more realistic then me Rockpile. Thanks for holding up the bottom PG West. Has to be tough with how lonely it is down there. Take solace in the fact that the HotDogs are only 1-game ahead of you in the standings. They suck too.

Mike said...

And this is coming from a man who is a whole TWO games ahead of me in the standings and has lost 3 in a row after desperately re-tooling his team.

I will be ahead of you by Week 12.