Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trash Talk Tuesday

Great day on the blog yesterday, boys. We had offers, anonymous folks trying to stir the pot, and finally a tit for tat dustup between two teams in the same division. You've gotta love fantasy sports!!! I'm actually curious to hear what the offer was, perhaps it'll leak to the press and be open up for scrutiny?

Lawndale Longhorns-100
Hot Dogs-96

Excruciating loss for the Hot Dogs. Turns out Kaeding had the opportunities, and took advantage. New Linc is back at the .500 mark.

Berwangers Brawlers-81

The climb continues for Bronco Mike, winning his second in a row.

Jimmy's Daddy-139
Rusty Trombones-85

The Daddy's take over PG North with a message sender!! Autodraft or not, could the Daddy's return to conversation as a force? The Trombones hang onto first in PG West (although ominous signs are beginning to take root).

Tallcorn Cobras-125
Chimps Gone Wild-71

After a slow start, T-Dub and his men are starting to make the turn, trying to make up some ground in the fabled PG South. As an aside, if the Chimps start Matt Schaub instead of Matt Hasselbeck, they're the winners this week.

Nigerian Nightmares-121
The Goat Locker-98

Big win for Old Linc this week, beating The Goat Locker is no small feat. Very tough pill to swallow for The Locker faithful. A win would have tied up PG West.

Hoosier Heat-94
CO Giants-76

Brandon Marshall and Philip Rivers throw up two duds, and the CO Giants lose their second in a row (and a critical matchup at that). Mr. Hackman is sitting pretty atop PG South and also has the best record in the league. Well done, sir.


Michael said...

What a crappy day yesterday was. You think Rivers and Marshall could have made up for the shit bomb the Yanks delivered....

Very competitive league, lots of interesting posts on the blog.

I think Rocky Mike and Rusty chole 3K should throw out the names they were discussing and we can vote on if the trade offer was decent!

PG said...

I like the suggestion, Giant Mike...sort of a sounding board or sorts.

We clearly have a difference of opinion here as to whether the trade was fair and equitable, let's show the cards and see.


Fly On The Wall said...

I'm hearing from an anonymous source that the Rusty Trombones offered quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to The Rockpile for running back Ronnie Brown.

Cornholers said...

Tell me how that is insulting?

Michael said...

I think it depends on does Rockie Mike need to get a better Qb and sacrifice a top RB.. Does he have a backup RB to take that place and points? I dont think he does.

Rusty's do have a solid backup QB to take the place of Roth, so it does not hurt him really at all.

So on paper the trade might not look that bad, but when you look at the team's needs, I think it is a pretty one sided trade..

PG said...

I'm going to say it's a one sided deal (with The Rockpile getting hosed if he accepted). Here is my rationale...

I'm not arguing that 3K is not giving up a good QB in Big Ben...but you have to look at who he would replace (which would be Kurt Warner-who is a decent QB in his own right). So you've gotta ask...is it worth replacing Kurt Warner (avg 18.4/game) with Big Ben (22/game) and giving up Ronnie Brown (16.8/game) (when both of your other RB's average 13 and 10 pts a game respectively?

On the other end, it's a no-brainer for 3K. Giving up Big Ben (when he already has Aaron Rodgers) and gaining Ronnie Brown (when your RB's are averaging 10 and 10 respectively).

Yeah, Bronco Mike would get hosed and I understand how he is insulted and feels like 3K is taking him for a ride. See, 3K feels no pain with this trade...he loses Big Ben...so what? He gains something he deperetly needs right now, RB points.

Cornholers said...

Actually that was a pretty good rationale. It's about time PG put together a decent thought.

Although I'm offended that he was insulted when I proposed the #3 QB in fantasy (regardless of peripherals) for a RB who doesn't crack the top 10.

Say, you don't like Ben Rothlisberger as a person (I would agree), say you have loved Kurt Warner since he asked you "paper or plastic", say Ronnie Brown is your illegitimate son. Just don't tell me that you're insulted!

PG said...

Those RB points are sorely needed by every team as you well know, 3K. If they weren't, you wouldn't have offered Big Ben for him.

BTW, I always love a GM that offers for a player than trys to downplay that player's value. Classic move!

Also, anytime people are offended and insulted in fantasy football, I am happy.

I love this league!!!!

Cornholers said...

You want offensive then wait until I turn your team into a bunch of Nancy Drew's in Week 10!

Mike said...

I am sorry I missed this. PG and Yankee Mike are in line with my thinking. I can see how 3k can justify the trade because at first glance, it does not look bad. However, Ron Brown was my first pick in the draft and carries high value at the RB position (especially for me). My RB core would then be Steve Slaton, who is not meeting expectations, and Thomas Jones, who shares carries with Washington. I would like to be aggressive in making moves in an effort to get back into this thing, but the deal just does make sense. Especially with Kurt Warner coming around.

All that said, it looks like 3k pulled the trigger on a deal that made more sense for the Trombones and the Longhorns, so all worked out well.