Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Points Leaders

1. CO Giants-439.00
2. Rusty Trombones-429.00
3. Chimps Gone Wild-406.00
4. The Goat Locker-405.00
5. Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-400.00
6. Lawndale Longhorns-343.00
7. Nigerian Nightmares-323.00
8. Tallcorn Cobras-311.00
9. Hoosier Heat-308.00
10. Ryan's Daddy-308.00
11. The Rockpile-293.00
12. Berwangers Brawlers-262.00

What is fascinating is the points dropoff between 5th and 6th place (57 point differential). In the words of shower hanger Michael Hutchence from INXS, it makes you wonder how the other half lives.


Cornholers said...

Being a Points Leader really has no relevance. It's like being Zack Greinke and the ERA leader of the AL. It's all good but it doesn't change the fact that Greinke is making golf plans right now!

Give me the W's. Whether you win a 66-63 toilet bowl or an impressive 123-118 come from behind as I did last night.

It should be known that Chimps is a force and his p/u of Rashard Mendenhall before this weekend was a very tactful move.

Cornholers said...

Unfortunately for Chimps it didn't best my choice of 49ers DST!!

Michael said...

Hard luck team so far is the Rockpile. Yes he has scored just about the least amount of points, he also has given up the most amount of points in his matchups. That sucks..

It is very early in the season, but I like the start of my team.

Impressive comeback? You had your QB and RB still to play against his defense. Granted DEF has been scoring lots of points, I wouldn't say it was a comeback. A good victory yes.

Scott said...

I would take a couple of more wins instead of being near the top of points scored.

I will call it a good comeback. I didn't lose the lead until the last few minutes of the game.

Great pick up of 49ers DST.

Cornholers said...

That's why I called it a comeback, because as Scott referenced I was glued to my TV until the Packers last drive, when I finally surpassed Chimps point total. The combination of Rodgers/Grant gaining yards, while the Vike's DST lost points for Total Yards is what made me a winner.

Really a close contest. And how about Chimps putting up a 118-spot and still not getting a W.

Daddy said...

it is good to be 3-1 and be 10th in total points. Is that fantasy baseball mojo carrying over to football season?

Anonymous said...

My point total is pathetic...my grandfather is turning in his grave at the shame my team has brought his good name.

Michael said...

Not wanting to get into a big thing, a nice victory, but big picture, you had two key positions to play only down by 7 points. If you didnt win, it would have been a real shocker.

That sucks to score 118 and lose.

I hope to shame you this weekend J Ger, but not your grandfather.