Thursday, October 22, 2009


Mr. 3000 was looking for a suitor and by God he has found one. The Lawndale Longhorns send WR Michael Crabtree, Marshawn Lynch, and Cadillac Williams to the Rusty Trombones for Kenny Britt, Jerome Harrison, and Aaron Rodgers.

As of press time, both GM's were not available for comment. Hopefully we'll get a few words from them sometime today.

In the meantime, let's start armchair quarterbacking. Good deal? Bad deal?


New Linc said...

Here is my reasoning for the trade.

I lead the league in rushing with MJD and Ray Rice. Both players are on a bye week and will serve as my starters the remainder of the season. While Lynch and Williams are starting RBs they play for bad offenses that will have to throw the ball in the second half. Additionally, both are a bad start or two away from splitting even MORE carries with F. Jackson and D. Ward.

My QB situation has been unstable all season and after McNabb laid an egg in Oakland I've lost confidence in him. Rogers gives me a must start QB with the bye week behind him.

Crabtree, while a top ten 2009 draft pick, plays for a run based offense, has missed spring training and a quarter of the season. While he could be a break-out star for the Niners I cannot think of a WR who made a major impact in his rookie year aside from R. Moss.

Long story short I gave up depth at WR and RB to obtain a must start QB. True, the Packers line has sucked but if I want to seriously contend it is a risk I feel I had to take.

This trade give me a core of A. Rodgers, MJD, Ray Rice, and C. Johnson.

PG said...

It's clear here that the Longhorns didn't have faith in Donovan McNabb and needed a legit QB and Rodgers is clearly a better option. The question is, was it worth giving up Marshawn Lynch and Cadillac Williams? With Jones-Drew and Ray Rice, it is easier to part with these running backs,

3K needed a running back (as we all have witnessed with his efforts this week) and he may have gotten one with Cadillac Williams. He was able to shed the dead weight that is Kenny Britt and Jerome Harrison. What a bunch of chooches, good God. You would think the Longhorns could have extracted some better players out of 3K.

Michael Crabtree is a gamble, as we all know. But a gamble that I would be willing to take (especially if it means giving up Britt and Harrison). 3K was clearly burned by Jerricho Cotchery's week 5 performance, and Crabtree could be the answer.

Interesting that 2 minutes after the trade was consumated, 3K went out and picked up QB Kyle Orton. I'm wondering if Lawndale could have just picked up Orton and saved himself a lot of time (and prospects).

3K walks away with the better end of the deal.

New Linc said...


Looks like I'm the Kenny Williams of fantasy football.

Mr. Hackman said...

PG says... "I'm wondering if Lawndale could have just picked up Orton and saved himself a lot of time (and prospects)."

Just like the Bears could of saved time and prospects by keeping Kyle Orton and locking him down for the next 5 years.

Cornholers said...

Here is my reasoning for accepting the offer.

With the exception of Rodgers Bye week I was never going to get to play Big Ben. Essentially he was going to be my insurance policy against injury. Even though Ben has put up better FP then Rodgers I still couldn't start Ben over Rodgers (not even when he played Detroit!). Ben's Bye week is past and he is now my starting QB. QB issue resolved.

Although I would of liked to have received a more top tier RB (I even considered countering with a package for Ray Rice), I felt the depth was there with Lynch and Cadillac. Sure enough I don't see either of them starting this week as I'm looking at a big week out of LT vs. the Chiefs.

What sealed the deal was Crabtree. Sure he's a rook and he just signed 2 weeks ago, but he's already won himself a starting job and will be toeing the line come Sunday. It looks like Crabtree was more of throw-in on this deal but I think he could quickly become a big point-getter.

I essentially gave up Rodgers for this package because I wasn't going to ever play Britt and Harrison - most likely I would waive them to add a better/hot player at some point. Once I saw that Orton was dropped 2 days ago and I could secure an insurance against a Big Ben concussion I pulled the trigger.

PG said...

I will say this, 3K...Marshawn Lynch will never be a fantasy force this season (especially with Fred Jackson there). He's decent to have on the bench in case of injury, though.

I will correct myself and point out that Kyle Orton has a BYE week this week, so Lawndale couldn't have used him until next week if he simply just signed him as a free agent.

I'm wondering why 3K didn't offer Ben Roethlisberger to Lawndale for Ray Rice?

Cornholers said...

In defense of Linc, picking up Orton off the waiver wire or having Aaron Rodgers as your starting QB doesn't even compare.

Linc has one of the better QBs in the league now, I just hope his bones hold up as that o-line continues to collpase on him.

Cornholers said...

As for Lynch, the pendulum still tilts in his favor on the split carries and much like McGahee got the majority in Baltimore before Rice's breakout, I just need Marshawn to have a take-off game and Freddy Jackson will be singing the blues.

If it comes down to it I might just have to go Jeff Gilooly on a Bills RB.

Cornholers said...

Talk about shaking things up in the land of Trombones. In the last 12 hours we have seen....


Aaron Rodgers
Kenny Britt
Jeriome Harrison
Devery Henderson
Todd Heap


Cadillac Williams
Marshawn Lynch
Michael Crabtree
Donovan McNabb
Kyle Orton

PG said...

Look at 3K, running PR for Aaron Rodgers. The guilt of hosing a fellow GM leads to defense of the deal. Another classic fantasy football move!

Michael said...

I will have to support the Rodgers better than Orton theory, considering the Broncos upcoming schedule now...

I think the main thing here is that both GMs are happy with what they got.

I think it is a better deal for 3K, but should be okay with New Linc if Ray Rice remains starting and healthy. Trading away that much depth is a gamble, so hopefully it works out for him.

Mike said...

Lost in this exchange was the interesting quote from Mr. Hackman:

"Just like the Bears could of saved time and prospects by keeping Kyle Orton and locking him down for the next 5 years."

Still very early but the Orton/Cutler deal continues to be an interesting one.

If Orton goes to the Pro Bowl this year and Cutler doesn't, I will have officially shit my pants for the first time since college (that's right, since college gentleman).

Michael said...

There has to be a good story with that one Rockie Mike..