Monday, November 2, 2009

Photo Finish Monday

I would have LOVED to watch yesterday's Vikings-Packers game with Mr. Hackman. We should have hired a psychiatrist to observe Mr. Hackman during the game. Talk about being conflicted. His idol is playing for the wrong team (conflict #1) so he is forced to hate him (even though it's counter to every feeling he's ever had about the guy), he is rooting (in the inner depths of his psyche) for Adrian Peterson (who is on his fantasy team) while at the same time Peterson is treating Lambeau Field like his own backyard. If Jimmy's Daddy had the Packers Defense/Special Teams, I'm afraid that would have sent Hackman straight to the looney bin.

Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-94
Goat Locker-86

God, are you there? It's me, PG. Could you do me a big favor and render Michael Turner useless for tonights game against the Saints?

CO Giants-97
Tallcorn Cobras-74

T-Dub needs 24 points and has Roddy White and a dinged up Jeremy Shockey (questionable) going tonight. To me, that's a pretty tall order. Will Giant Mike be celebrating TWO victories this evening?

Hoosier Heat-82
Jimmy's Daddy-41

Are Drew Brees and Pierre Thomas enough to make up 41 point deficit? Normally, I would say Hef is in the clear, but I'm afraid Devery Henderson and John Carney are going to carry Mr. Hackman over the finish line. Look for a nail biter here.


Cornholers said...

New Yawkers are cracking the champagne already, I see. Not so fast, ya never know when Girardi might go to Joba and he grooves a 2-2 fastball center-cut to old-man Feliz.

Cornholers said...

Speaking of the game, I tweeted about two things last night a they continued to bother me throughout the game, and still this morning.

1) Each player gets a brand new hat for the WS, yet Joe Blanton's looked like one he's been wearing since he landed in Philly. The red brim of the hat was so worn/tattered that it was black. OR, he's got a foreign substance on that brim. Might explain the 8 K's!

2) After the 1st inning, in which Philly hit CC very hard, Jorge Posada went to multiple signals, even though there wasn't a runner on-base. Is it possible that the Yank's assumed that Philly had employed a certain sign stealing tactic? There really is no other reason to throw multiple signs with no-one on base.

Michael said...

anyone see the you tube video of metallica playing enter sandman with video of mo in the background? awesome stuff. I guess it was at MSG.

Michael said...

anyone see the you tube video of metallica playing enter sandman with video of mo in the background? awesome stuff. I guess it was at MSG.

Railsplitter said...

The man gets married on Saturday and promptly becomes high point man on Sunday? Congrats, Lawndale!

Wade said...

Jake is a sissy for not being a man and openly saying on thread that he either hates Favre like me, or that he's given up his manhood and respects the guy ...

Favre drives me insane, I can't decide if I hate him or the Packers more. Its a coin toss, but I'd say hatred levels are equally high.

Roddy and Shockey sitting me on a tie ... somebody get 10 yds, Christ sake!

Oh ... last thing, ATL is a cover and a 4-0 in parlay baby!!

Michael said...

Wade I thought you had 74 points going into this game. You have 23 points, we should be tied right???

Mr. Hackman said...

Just getting a chance to defend myself. You would think T-Dub out of all people would know this time of year I sit in a combine 15 hours out of the day and I dont have access to this blog. I obviously hate the Vikings, Peterson and Bears, as well as T-Dub's sickening optimism towards a average Bears team, as much as any human being can possibly hate something. I play the guys I got, root for the Pack, and hope for the best when I look at my fantasy team after the dust settles.