Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fantasy Football Re-Cap

Hoosier Heat-89 (3-2)
Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-77 (4-1)

Perfect example of a GM not starting the right personnel. If Dwayne Bowe is in the lineup instead of Kelley Washington, the Hot Dogs take this matchup. Of course, Chris Cooley actually catching a pass would have helped as well. It was fairly close going into last night. Damn you, Teddy Ginn, damn you.

The Rockpile-106 (1-4)
Lawndale Longhorns-78 (2-3)

Bronco Mike's first win of the season was done in decisive fashion. Throwing up a 107 spot is nothing to sneeze at (wait, I think it actually IS something to sneeze at). "Wildcat" Ronnie Brown made the difference in this one, and the vaunted Jets defense manages to give up 31 points, 413 yards, and NO FANTASY POINTS. Lawndale Longhorns....zero...point....zero. The climb is steep for The Rockpile, but the first win of the season is always the hardest.

Berwangers Brawlers-73 (2-3)
CO Giants-72 (3-2)

This win by The Ger just warms my heart. Simply because I was picturing Giant Mike sitting on his couch begging for Mark Sanchez to throw Dustin Keller the ball. But it was not to be. The Yankees are going to the ALCS, Giant Mike, don't push your luck.

The Goat Locker-111 (3-2)
Jimmy's Daddy-62 (3-2)

The Battle of Lake Villa is boiling over, with both The Goat Locker and The Rusty Trombones vying for supremacy. This week, it was 3K who was stuffed in the locker. The high octane Goat Locker offensive went over the century mark again for a league leading 111. Ahmad Bradshaw came out of his cleats this weekend, and lead Team Goat to victory. When Michael Turner (who garnered 27 points this week) is sitting on your bench, you're doing a-ok. For the Daddy's, in a word, LACK-LUSTER. Amazingly, they are still tied for 1st in PG North after a Hot Dog loss. Hey Hef, when you negotiated that deal with the devil, did you opt out of the eternal damnation clause?

Tallcorn Cobras-110 (2-3)
The Rusty Trombones-55 )4-1)

PUT IT ON THE BOOOOOOOARD, YES!!!!! Big upset, upset of the week. T-Dub is hanging on in PG South with a big win over the high-powered Rusty Trombones (suffering their first loss of the season). 3K might claim bye week blues, but the Cobras rode this wave on the backs of Rowdy Roddy White and T.J. Howsyamutha. Judging by last night's Jet's gameplan, I'm wondering if 3K is cursing the Braylon Edwards trade?

Chimps Gone Wild-103 (2-3)
Nigerian Nightmares-75 (1-4)

I'm gonna say it right now, the Chimps are my dark horse candidate to win the whole darn thing this year. With Frank Gore out, the Chimps employed the "double points" strategy by starting Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson. And it worked, translating to 4 touchdowns. Gore will be back for Week 7, and it'll be interesting to see how many points the Chimps can put up. Meanwhile, this is the dog days of fall for the Nightmares. They just can't seem to get anything going. There's gotta be a trade out there that can jolt this team back into coherence.

Speaking of trades...where are they? I'm shocked we haven't seen a blockbuster yet. Is anyone in the market? Is anyone even sniffing?


Michael said...

Nice win Berwanger. You showed honor to your team name.

I was paying attention to the game early on, but after two incompletes to Keller, I figured Sanchez would not go his way again.

To have a TE not score, okay, I can understand, but a friggin Kicker to have 0? Nice work Scobee and Jacksonville...

Congrats Rockpile on the first win. And the Goat has come on strong, but lots of season left. I think the West is going to be a battle to the end.

Cornholers said...

There was nothing good about Week 5. Leading up to the weekend I had a reserve bench ALL on bye's. I had to do some quick work just to field a team. Picking up Jeriome Harrison (RB) while Jamal Lewis didn't even practice all week. Sure enough I watch Lewis get all the touches.

Then Sugar Ray Rice is getting all the touches in Baltimore. Hey jagoff Ravens you think the reason you lost is because you didn't give the ball to McGahee? He's the only guy that can find the end zone on that team and you give him 2 touches! Ridiculous.

I had chalked up Week 5 to a loss, but will be back strong in Week 6 to regain my top position in this league.

Mike said...


Anonymous said...

I needed that win.