Monday, October 19, 2009

Last Stand Monday

Hot Dogs-96
Lawndale Longhorns-87

Thanks to sophomore disaster (and 4th overall pick) Matt Forte, the Longhorns are 10 points away from a win. New Linc is hoping that Nate Kaeding's foot will split the uprights to victory. Looks like a nailbiter.

The Rockpile-109
Berwanger's Brawlers-81

With a 28 point lead (and Eddie Royal going tonight), the Rockpile has this one in the bag.

Jimmy's Daddy-132
The Rusty Trombones-68

Hef is nursing a whopping 64 point lead against a VERY RUSTY Trombones squad. 3K has Chargers D and Vincent Jackson, Hef has Antonio Gates. This could be the week The Daddy's reclaim first place.

Tallcorn Cobras-125
Chimps Gone Wild-71

This matchup is closed, chalk one up for T-Dub.

Nigerian Nightmares-121
The Goat Locker-98

Big win for Old Linc, stopping the skid.

Hoosier Heat-92
CO Giants-58

Giant Mike is still very much in this contest, down 34 points with Philip Rivers and Brandon Marshall going tonight. Let's hope they perform better than Big Blue's D...disgraciad!!


Michael said...

There is the one stinker each year the Giants put up. 5 starters out on Defense and they got beat up...

Looking for a good old fashion high scoring game with SD and Denver tonight.

Cornholers said...

The Giants D killed me yesterday as they allowed Brees to put up 4 TDs and nearly 400 yards, which hurt just as much as Randy Moss making snow angels in the end zone yesterday. Geez, ran into a buzz saw this week.

In other news, rumblings out of the Trombone Townie news conference this morning is that 3K is looking to shake things up on the roster and has already reached out to at least 2 other owners.

Sportsworld Insider said...

Sources close to the potential deals mocked 3K's offers mercilessly. Phrases like "rip off" and "snake oil salesman" were bandied about.

Michael said...

Oh and did Tom Brady really need to get 6 TD's? You stay classy NE...

Trombone PR Assist. said...


Trombone GM has pulled Sportsworld Insider's press credentials to any future Trombone press conferences and has put forth a dictate to all Trombone players to not answer interview requests by Sportsworld Insider.

Silent Majority said...

***NEWSFLASH POLITBURO POLITICS***Mr. 3000 plays Axelrod/Rahm Emanuel card, urges alienation of Sportsworld Insider. State controlled media run amuck.

Left WingNut said...


After talks intensified in the late morning both parties have walked away from the table. 3K's response, "...would of rocked the league, but it just wasn't in the cards today. Maybe we'll match up at a later date." When probed about who his trade partner was 3K said with a smirk, "ask Sportsworld Insider, they seem to have all the answers"

Mike said...

I have some inside information on these discussions and can assure you that they are not serious.

Truth be told, the offer that was presented to me today was downright insulting.

That's right 3k, I am taking it to you in the media! I will not be bamboozled!

Wade said...

This was classic pgsportsworld today ... and I'm nowhere to be found. Brady ... that's what I'm talking about, bub. Carry me to the playoffs.

Cornholers said...

I'm sorry Rocky Mike, insulting?

I offer you a player who currently stands in the top 3 for his position in fantasy points, while the guy on your roster can't even crack the top 10 and my offer is insulting.

You want insulting then call my assistant as any further calls from Rockpile won't get through!