Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wide Receiver Wednesday

This position has been, by far, the most unpredictable in fantasy football this year. And there really is no rhyme or reason to it. Great receivers are flops, relative unknowns are studs. It really is quite something. So I thought I would list the top 15 receivers in the league, the team that owns said player, fantasy points, and round they were drafted.

1. Steve Smith, CO Giants, 71 points, 9th round
2. Reggie Wayne, Hot Dogs, 68 points, 3rd round
3. Andre Johnson, Chimps Gone Wild, 65 points, 2nd round
4. Brandon Marshall, CO Giants, 51 points, 5th round
5. Miles Austin, Free Agent, 50 points, Undrafted
6. Mario Manningham, Hot Dogs, 50 points, Undrafted
7. Roddy White, Tallcorn Cobras, 50 points, Round 3
8. Nate Burlelson, Berwangers Brawlers, 49 points, Round 9
9. Chad Ochocinco, The Goat Locker, 49 points, Round 5
10. Larry Fitzgerald, Berwangers Brawlers, 48 points, Round 1
11. Vincent Jackson, Rusty Trombones, 48 points, Round 3
12. Hines Ward, Rusty Trombones, 46 points, Round 5
13. Mike Sims-Walker, Chimps Gone Wild, 43 points, Undrafted
14. Randy Moss, Jimmy's Daddy, 41 points, Round 2
15. Santana Moss, Nigerian Nightmares, 41 points, Round 8

A few observations...The best receiver in the league is a 9th rounder, the first receiver taken in the draft is the 10th ranked receiver, and three undrafted receivers are ranked in the top 15. Pretty interesting.


Cornholers said...

Seems to me that the threshold point for a "good" receiver is 1000 yards receiving for the season. Kind of like hitting .300 in baseball.

With that being said Miles Austin is a 1/4 of the way there with his 250 yard performance on Sunday. Does this make him a viable fantasy WR? I doubt it. Did the Cowboys catch lightning in a bottle one week with him? Yes.

There are others guys on this list who have had 1 big game followed by some very average games to catapult them into this list. I still look at the tried-and-true WRs that at the end of the season will be the best. The Waynes and Fitzgeralds of the world.

PG said...

Wait, I thought Reggie Wayne is a has-been....

Cornholers said...

No, that is Marvin Harrison who was the has-been.

PG said...

I remember distinctly you chiding my Reggie Wayne pick with a "he's a has-been" comment during the draft.

How dare you.

Michael said...

Lets go to the tape!

I am not sure, but I think you did make a Wayne past his time comment. I thought it was strange at the time.

I agree that the elite WRs will be there in the end, but every year a few new guys emerge to be elite fantasy WRs. I think Steve Smith is on his way to that, he is clearly #1 on the Giants so far this season and I hope that continues.

Someone like Miles Austin had a great game, but it remains to be seen if that will continue, I dont personally think it will. (he remains a free agent in our league for a reason)

Cornholers said...

Personally I feel like I can say whatever I want about your Reggie Wayne pick. I've got a better record then you and that's final.

Mike said...

A couple more observations:

1. Not a single one of my players is on that list, hence my 1-4 record. Special thanks to Anquan Boldin for shitting himself so far this year...perhaps it is time for another sideline tirade.

2. "Personally I feel like I can say whatever I want about your Reggie Wayne pick. I've got a better record then you and that's final." I hope everyone enjoyed that because I know I did. 3k, I wish you were a district judge.

3. I beat 3k in fantasy baseball this year....just wanted to get that out there.

4. If anyone knows where Huston Street lives, please let me know. I have a haymaker waiting for him.

Cornholers said...

Rocky Mike, a lot of people beat me in fantasy baseball this past season.

Doesn't change the fact that I'm reigning champ in football and still sit atop the league in season 2. I don't even count the loss I incurred in Week 5 a loss being I sat half my team just so T-Dub can get on the board with a win. It was a pity loss.

PG said...

Well then, I look forward to working that ass in Week 10.

I look forward to the old Nientendo "you'll probably beat me, I have a lot of players on bye week" schtick that you have raised to an artform.

Cornholers said...

Watch out everyone PG wants to work our gay.

Wade said...

This block on the blogs by Bunge (my company) is unacceptable. I am still beside myself about this.

WR were supposed to be easier to pick than rb's in my eyes, overall ... I mean, really, I thought there were more #1 wr's than rb's (locks).

Where's Plaxico Burress?

Rivera said...

Watch out everyone PG wants to work our gay.