Thursday, October 8, 2009

How Is Your First Rounder Doing?

Hoosier Heat
Adrian Peterson-
412 rushing yards, 56 receiving yards, 5TD's
70 fantasy points

Lawndale Longhorns
Maurice Jones-Drew
296 rushing yards, 97 receiving yards, 5 TD's
64 fantasy points

The Goat Locker
Michael Turner
226 rushing yards, 5 receiving yards, 2 TD's
29 fantasy points

Roscoe Village Hot Dogs
Matt Forte
271 rushing yards, 92 receiving yards, 1 TD
39 fantasy points

Tallcorn Cobras
DeAngelo Williams
180 rushing yards, 84 receiving yards, 2 TD's
34 fantasy points

Jimmy's Daddy
Drew Brees
1031 passing yards, 9 TD's-2 INT, 108.4 passing rating
87 fantasy points

Nigerian Nightmares
Steven Jackson
367 rushing yards, 67 receiving yards, 0 TD
37 fantasy points

Chimps Gone Wild
Frank Gore
241 rushing yards, 57 receiving yards, 4 TD's
51 fantasy points

Berwanger's Brawlers
Larry Fitzgerald
181 receiving yards, 2 TD's
29 fantasy points

CO Giants
Chris Johnson
434 rushing yards, 117 receiving yards, 3 TD's
69 fantasy points

The Rockpile
Steve Slaton
192 rushing yards, 121 receiving yards, 2 TD's
35 fantasy points

The Rusty Trombones
LaDanian Tomlinson
70 rushing yards, 1 TD
10 fantasy points


Cornholers said...

AHAHAHHAHAHA, so safe to say the 1st round pick doesn't mean shit.

FYI, I just placed my 1st round pick on the trading block. Who wants to make me an offer?

PG said...

I'll trade you LaDanian for a half can of Skoal Straight and a used spitter.

PG said...

I'm sorry, but how does anybody pick a Rocky victory over the Phillies, who throw Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels at them in games 1 and 2?

New Linc said...

Great post!

I was surprised to see Turner putting up such low numbers - bye week not withstanding.

MJD has definitely been my team MVP the first quarter of the season.

Would love to see a draft boom and bust player analysis next.

Michael said...

I think you can say a good first three rounds are important, along with one sleeper.

Cornholers said...

Drafted Willis McGahee very, very late in the draft. He's been a consistent end zoner every week!

Anonymous said...

Hamels looking human after giving up an early 3 spot to the Rockies.