Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Playoff Time

Is everybody ready for the playoffs (real life, not fantasy)? I, for one, have been waiting for this all season. A few points here-

How awesome was that Twins-Tigers game last night? Now, I don't think it was the greatest game I ever saw (as Orlando Cabrera intimated), but it was a dandy nonetheless. I wonder if the Tigers gave Ryan Raburn a seditive and a team of psychitrists for the plane ride back to Detroit?

I'm gonna be honest here, gentleman. I'm worried. Here's why...everybody is saying the mighty New York Yankees are going to cake walk into the World Series. The Twins are simply a road apple on their march to glory. They're tired from the late night flight to New York City after an exhausting season (and extra inning playoff game). Superstar C.C. Sabathia takes on rookie Brian Duensing in the opener. All the signs point to a massacre. I'm cautiously optimistic. But as I was telling 3K last night, Derek Jeter ALWAYS says it's not the best team that wins the World Series, it's the HOTTEST team. And right now, what team is on more of a roll than the Minnesota Twins? Whether you like to admit it or not, the Twins are already in playoff mode. They've been this way for weeks. Their mindset is there, the Yankees have been coasting since July.

Secondly, the Yankees bats tend to go cold when it matters most, the postseason. Here are the Yankees postseason batting averages for their last three appearances.


Do we have a new team? To some extent, but the cold bats are an issue in my eyes. Even more of an issue are certain players on the team that go cold. The most obvious is Alex Rodriguez, who has hit .267, .071, and .133 in his past three appearences. Johnny Damon (.278, .235, .231) and Hideki Matsui (.182, .250, .200). Also, don't forget Jeter hit .176 in his last postseason appearence, Posada hit .133, and Melky hit .188. I'm not saying this is going to happen, it just makes me worry.

On a side note, looks like Carl Pavano dodged a bullet, getting to pitch against Andy Pettite on Saturday in Minnesota. I'll bet he begged not to throw in the Bronx.

Now that I have bored everyone with Yankee talk, let's hear your post season predictions? Who advances to the ALCS/NLCS? World Series?


Cornholers said...

The Twins are something like 5-25 in their last 30 games played in the Bronx. Come on, that is ridiculous. Fully expect the Yank's to go to the TerrorDome with a 2-0 lead.

Lets not also forget that it has been the Yankees who have ended the Twins last 2 appearances in the post-season. It should be stated that at the time the Twins went into the post-seasons as one of the hottest teams in baseball.

PG, I hope I've talked to you off the cliff by now.

Anonymous said...

Division Series

Yankees over Minnesota
Angels over Red Sox

Cardinals over Dodgers
Rockies over Phillies

League Championship Series

Yankees over Angels
Rockies over Cardinals

World Series

Rockies over Yankees

PG said...

Wow, Rockies with the win...did Rocky Mike pay you to write that?

Cornholers said...

Umm....yeah, Ger makes predictions like he plays fantasy sports!

Michael said...

PG, like I said early in the season, the Yanks will be fine. Throw out the past averages, this is a new ballgame and a new team.

Great game last night, wish it went longer. Lots of great plays, but I think everyone had a feeling Minny would pull it out.

TBD is the game 3 pitcher for Yanks Minny. I really would love to see Pavano in Yankee Stadium for game 2. He really might not make it out alive.

One benefit of being home, I am watching every inning of today's games with my son...

Michael said...

Yanks over Minnesota.
Boston over Angels

Yanks over Boston

Rockies over Phillies
Dodgers over Cardinals

Dodgers over Rockies

Yanks over Dodgers..

PG said...

Who's an unlikely hero this postseason? I'm going to say Nick Swisher.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Well played 3K.

Cornholers said...

Yanks over Twins
Angels over Red Sox

Angels over Yankees

Phils over Rockies
Dodgers over Cardinals

Dodgers over Phillies

Angels over Dodgers in LA!!

Michael said...

Frankie Cervelli....

Wade said...

I loved watching that game last night, I'll be honest ... 1 of the best. You know, there's another thing here ... how good have the "play-in" games been? What a great atmosphere, and such a good way to jump start EVERYONE into playoff fever. If I was MLB, I'd try to force a play in game. It makes everyone want to watch playoffs - sometimes when I don't have a team in, getting into the playoffs can be slow.

Anyway, I'll be in my seats for Saturday ... can't wait for a little live playoff baseball, baby!

Edward said...

Yankees over Twins
Red Sox over Angels

Yankees over Red Sox

Dodgers over Cardinals
Rockies over Phils

Dodgers over Rockies

Dodgers over Yankees

PG - I don't think the Yankees coasted in. I seem to a recall a thorough beatdown of the Red Sox a week or so ago.

Mike said...

Coming in late here, glad you guys have faith in the Rox advancing past Philly. They are now down 2-1 and after freezing my ass off last night, I am hoping they can get back into it today...and do so in a fashion that does not require I sit through a 4 hour marathon in sub freezing temperatures.

Baseball in Colorado, gotta love it.