Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You're The Best

2009 3K World Cup Championship
CO Giants-131
Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-81

Nothing's ever gonna keep Giant Mike down. Facing a barrage of black gee'd fantasy football contenders, the CO Giants crane kicked their way to championship supremacy. With the exception of Brandon Marshall, every Giant player performed like Hall of Famers (especially when it counted). The Giants rattled off 130 points like it was their job, and left PG and his Hot Dogs drowning in their wake. MVP running back Chris Johnson put up the performance he needed to and set the tone early for the Giants. The name of the game is touchdowns, and the Giants lead with 6. The Three Amigos, consisting of Santonio Holmes, Steve Smith, and Brent Celek) combined for 277 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns. Amazing. The Hot Dogs showed just how Cobra Kai they really are...a bunch of motorcycle riding, boombox throwing, grass smoking hooligans that couldn't come through when it was all on the line. PG needed big games from Thomas Jones, Ricky Williams, and his receiver corp, but was left with lackluster performances. Congrats to Giant Mike and the CO Giants on winning the 2009 3K World Cup and $700 in prize money. My only regret was that I had to play the role of Johnny Lawrence in the finals, when I much rather would have been Dutch and lost in the quarter's. You're all right, LaRusso, good match.

2009 3K Good Hands Bowl
Hoosier Heat-92
Nigerian Nightmares-72

Going into last nights Bears-Vikings game, Old Linc had a 72-69 lead on Mr. Hackman and Hoosier Heat. With the Nightmares experiencing the back breaking news that Stephen Jackson would sit the week out, it seemed like a matter of time before Heat RB Adrian Peterson would finish this contest off. And boy did he ever. Rattling off two TD's and 94 yards, Hoosier Heat coasted to victory to finish 3rd place in this season's fantasy football league.

SIDENOTE-Greatest part of that montage is when Fidel (the Filipino karate master) takes down the "fat Cobra Kai" with a roundhouse to the chest.


Wade said...

Really glad to see you post an article, even in defeat.

Haven't received your confirmation for MPC, PG ... tell me its an oversight.

Good season, boys. Can't win 'em all.

Michael said...

You gotta think that fat Cobra Kai guy was dropped immediately from the dojo after his embarassing loss...

Love the montage. I was a little worried going into this match-up with the all borough Brooklyn Karate Champ, but once Rivers and Johnson did what they had to do, my confidence grew.

Great season, looking forward to defending the championship next year.

Now I am getting ready for season 2 of baseball. I know we have some questions to figure out, so looking forward to those discussions.


PG said...

Sorry for the delay in posting, I was in Ohio for the holidays and ended up getting stuck there due to weather. Was supposed to get home Saturday, didn't arrive until Monday.

Yes, I spent Sunday with no NFL package, no flat screen TV, no HD. It was torture.

Stay tuned, in the coming weeks we're going to do a "virtual GM meeting" via the blog where each question and issue will be addressed and voted on. Also, if anyone would like to see the rulebook amended, this will be the time to speak up.

Great season, everyone, looking forward to baseball!!

PG said...

Wade-I'm gonna take a pass on the MPC this year. As I have shown in the parlay league my prognostication strengths have slowly morphed into weakness. Gonna take a step back and reassess, perhaps I'll do it next year.

Wade said...

PG, I'll pretend I never heard that. Sad day ...

Cornholers said...

I just got back into town from a much needed vacation. So happy to put this year behind me, while also settle out the fantasy football league.

I would like to get money out to the winners CO Mike, PG and Heat....although I still haven't collected from Rockpile, Heat, Nitemares and Jimmy's Daddy.

Heat - you don't have to send me anything, as 3rd place winner you automatically will get your money back. Good job.

PG - You should get $200, but was there some arrangement where you were making Rockpile's payment? If so, then I'll just send you $100.

CO Mike - I would like to send you $700 but got to get Nite and Daddy to pay in, maybe PG will get on these guys!

PG said...

I'll send an e-mail out today....

....Giant Mike, expect a $100 check from me (I'll be paying for Rocky Mike).

Michael said...

Thanks Chole. Here is to a great 2010!

Let me know if you need my address...