Monday, January 4, 2010

PG GM Conference

Ok guys, I am planning on having our annual GM conference next week right here on the blog. This is how it will work. Each day I will post a pressing issue that needs to be addressed, and each and every GM has a vote. I will e-mail everyone a copy of the league rules to peruse before the conference (everyone should have one already).

Per the League rules, a 75% majority will automatically pass an amendment without the commissioner's approval. A 2/3 majority (but under 75%) approves an amendment where the commissioner will make the final ruling. Keep in mind, an appeal can be made to the assistant commissioner if an owner feels the commissioner did not act with the best interests of the league. If three people appeal to the assistant commissioner, the assisant commissioner can overturn the Commissioner's ruling.

So if anyone wants to amend the rules or add new ones, next week is the time to do it.

Let's use this forum to discuss the upcoming conference. Any suggestions or ideas are always welcomed.


New Linc said...

I, for one, am happy to be turning the focus on to the 2010 fantasy baseball season. While I have no issues regarding the existing league by-laws, I do have proposals for the coming year and beyond that I'm eager to discuss.

Also, I should report that in early November the Lawndale City Counsel rejected the tax referendum to build a new baseball stadium citing the sluggish sale of PSLs and the downturn in the northern Logan County economy. As such, team ownership has opted to relocate the team to rural eastern Mason County and rename the team THE SALT CREEK SLUGGERS.

The Sluggers, whose new team logo features a catfish, will play their 2010 home games in existing New Edition Stadium and have broken ground on their new venue, National By-Products Park, which will be ready opening day 2011.

Cornholers said...

I still think that we should have a live, in-person, draft. At the very least we can hold geographical draft parties. A west coast one in Colorado, a Central one in Chicago, and one in STL. Then again, I say the STL guys needs to come up to Chi for the night.

I might be more excited for this upcoming baseball season then any other season in recent memory.

Michael said...

Looking forward to our gm conference next week. I think I have shared some of my questions with the commish.

I am excited to see how things shake out and to get going with year 2...

PG said...

For everyone that has sent me suggestions in the past, go ahead and send me a quick e-mail with your issues so I can prioritize accordingly.

I'm trying to put everything together beforehand, thanks.

Wade said...

Love the franchise re-name, love the GM conference in theory and I can't wait ... and love to welcome back the league and get baseball started a touch early.

Kudos to the commish for starting it up early. Drafting live sounds fantastic - I will say I have a busy month of March w weekend work shit, so please address it asap if cool. I'd hate to miss.