Thursday, December 17, 2009

Semi-Final's Thursday

Roscoe Village Hot Dogs vs. Nigerian Nightmares
This is certainly looking like the closest contest of the week, with both teams matching up quite nicely. Trash has been talked, songs and poems have been penned. Now it's time to put all of that aside and see what team is worthy of the 3K Sportsworld Fantasy Football Championship game. One key development to follow is the health of Nightmare RB Stephen Jackson. Jackson missed his 10th straight practice on Wednesday with what is being described as a lower back injury. He dealt with it last week, but only rushed for 47 yards on 19 carries. The Hot Dogs clearly have the advantage on the ground. If Old Linc is going to win this game, it's going to be with his receivers. And boy do they look good. DeSean Jackson is coming off a 23 point performance and has found the end zone in the last 3 games he has played in. Marques Colston has found the end zone in three consecutive weeks, and Vernon Davis has hit paydirt in 4 consecutive weeks. Oh yeah, Wes Welker is coming off 167 and 105 yard performances. The Hot Dog receivers are formidable as well, but both Donald Driver and Robert Meachem are coming off lackluster weeks (with a combined 6 catches for 68 yards). If they're performances are on the wane, PG could be in big trouble.

PREDICTION-Hot Dogs reach the fantasy finals in a nailbiter.

CO Giants vs. Hoosier Heat
I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, this looks like a pretty lopsided matchup. The uberstrong CO Giants look like their sashaying into the fin...wait, wait, wait..don't bring the bubbly out just yet. I wrongly predicted a Goat Locker rout last week and was left with egg on my face. This game is no different, and will be a close one (but not quite nailbiter territory). The QB matchup here looks pretty one-sided (however, if there is a shootout, it could be closer than seems). However, it's going to be an uphill battle playing in San Diego. I like how the running back's match up in this contest. Chris Johnson has been all world this season, and the CO Giants running back corps is the best in the business. But how can you count out Adrian Peterson (especially after coming off a 25 point performance and a very weak Panthers run defense)? And I'm sorry, if Reggie Bush isn't a wild card factor, I don't know who is. Mike Bell will be back this week, but it #3 on the depth charts. If the Saints stick with last week's running back plan, look for Bush to put up big numbers. The CO Giants have the clear advantage this week with their receivers (what with Brandon Marhshall coming off a 21 reception performance). If the Heat keep it close with their running backs, I believe this is where Giant Mike will pull away.

PREDICTION-CO Giants will win and advance, but the score is going to be a lot closer than everyone thinks. Giants win by 10.


Michael said...

"stay home and go fuck yourself" bowl. That is just awesome. (see two previous posts)

Good luck to all...

PG said...

Giant Mike...any concern that Adrian Peterson and Reggie Bush are going to come out of the booth this week and match your backs point for point?

Michael said...

AP and Chris Johnson probably a wash... But Tennesse has more to play for than Minnesota...

And then Bush and Benson, same thing, NO not a lot to play for and Bengals have a lot riding on this game.

I think it will be a good matchup, and we are looking for some payback to earlier loss in season to Heat..