Tuesday, December 8, 2009


How bad did the Diamondbacks get bent over in this deal? Essentially giving up Scherzer for Edwin Jackson (and adding Ian Kennedy)? The Tigers made out like bandits in this trade, and the Yankees essentially traded an younger/unproven version of Curtis Granderson for an older/battle tested Curtis Granderson.



Cornholers said...

I know the author of this blog has a big man-crush on Granderson. Hey PG, dare you to go buy his jersey.

I think the DBacks made out pretty good by picking up Edwin Jackson. 13-9 with a 3.62 ERA last year and a 1.262 WHIP. Moves to the NL (again) and could end up having some very good success.

Max Sherzer is bottom of the rotation fodder. WHIP in the mid-to-high 1.3's. He gives up way too many hits, specifically for a NL pitcher and he'll have to learn how to pitch to a 9-batter lineup instead of an 8.

Ian Kennedy is essentially Max Sherzer. I think they were drafted within picks of each other back in '06. Different career trajectory mostly because the Yankees love to ruin young pitchers while AZ is known for developing younger pitchers. I think Kennedy just got a career rejuvination by finding his way out of the Bronx.

If anything the Yank's gave up WAY TOO much for Granderson.

Michael said...

After sleeping on this one, I am leaning on more of this is a good trade for Yanks. Granderson gives them speed, power, and good defense now, rather than waiting for another year for Ajax to get there and possible give them those things. I really wanted to see Ajax develop in NY. But Cashman made this move for a young player entering his prime, not an older player leaving his prime, so I think you have to like the direction.

Kennedy was third behind Joba and Hughes and that was before his injury.

Coke, I will miss making the jokes.

Of course they are not done, so I will wait to the rest of the moves happen to see about where Grandy plays and where in the lineup he is.

PG said...

Yanks didn't give up way too much on this one...here's how I look at it.

NYT beat writer made a very good point yesterday, when he said if the Yankees believe that Austin Jackson's ceiling is Curtis Granderson, than this is a good move. The more I have thought about it, the more I believe that. All along, that is the type of player Austin Jackson has the potential of being (and I stress potential, Curtis Granderson is already there). He's a guy that hits for average, steals bases, and has the POTENTIAL for power. Granderson hit 30 bombs last year and comes to an extremely lefty-hitting friendly ballpark. Is Austin Jackson cheaper? Sure, but we're dealing with the Yankees, money is not an option (and the win now attitude trumps all).

As far as Ian Kennedy and Phil Coke, they're throw-ins to me. Phil Coke is expendable due to Damaso Marte and the his coming successor, Mike Dunn.

Ian Kennedy was never going to break into the Yankees rotation (and never see success as an American League pitcher). Perhaps he can put something together in the NL West.

The Tigers were asking the Red Sox for Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Bucholz right out of the gates. Well, the Red Sox said no and now they're going after Coco Crisp. Good luck with that. I'll take Granderson.

Cornholers said...

I think giving up Coke and Kennedy has just made the Yankees bullpen depth, or lack thereof, even less.

What will happen with Brett Gardner? If the Yanks sign Damon, as expected, I'm just wondering if the Yank's would be willing to trade Gardner. Part of me thinks he would look good a top the White Sox order playing a corner OF position.

PG said...

I keep hearing that Melky may be the one that is shipped (with the Cubs rating high on the list).

PG said...

10:13am: Sherman says the Yankees re-signed Pettitte for one year and $11.75MM. The Yanks have certainly accomplished their early-offseason goals. Pettitte was one of the better free agent starters available, though he wasn't really available to other teams.

Cornholers said...

It makes sense to trade Melky, although I think that Cashman could get a better prospect if he shipped Gardner. Lets face it Gardner is never going to see any playing time in the Yankee lineup.

Also, KW and Cashman have a good relationship and Cashman kind of owes Kenny for the Swisher trade from last season.

PG said...

How so?

Michael said...

I dont think Cash owes anything for that one. They wanted Swish out..

Melky may or may not be dealt. Melk/Gardner platoon in left field makes sense if Damon not back.

Yanks have lots of arms in bullpen, Coke will not be missed. Except for the jokes..

PG said...

I was addicted to Coke jokes.