Monday, December 7, 2009

Recap Monday

Does anyone else think it's funny that a guy who is standing on the sidelines in street clothes is passing judgement? Just checking...

Perhaps 3K should change the name of his league, from This Time We Get Paid to We Don't Even Know How Much OR Make The Rules Up As We Go Along OR...wait for it....Regular Season Don't Matter With An 8 Team Playoff. Lots of questions to be answered (questions that should have been addressed prior to the beginning of the season). GM's are abuzz at the confusion. But hey, I'm not the commissioner. You out there, 3K?

Now, onto the recaps-

Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-110
Chimps Gone Wild-91

Big win for the Hot Dogs, who roll with a head of steam into the playoffs. And how about that Robert Meacham? What a free agent pickup that was. If the Hot Dogs receiver corp can keep this up, perhaps they can make up for the poor production from Jay Cutler and their depleted running back corp.

The Goat Locker-108
CO Giants-103

This one is going down to the wire, but it's looking like The Goat Locker is going to pull of this one and win the division. Too bad, Giant Mike, I was really rooting for you to finally win something outright. It's the battle of the Mason's (Crosby vs. Derrick) with The Goat Locker having a 5 point cushion. Whoever wins plays the 8seed!!

Tallcorn Cobras-76
Lawndale Longhorns-63

Another nailbiter, what a league! With Lawndale's Aaron Rodgers going tonight, T-Dub might be kicking himself for not subbing Darren Sproles for DeAngelo Williams. Both teams will make the playoffs. The winner will get the 5 seed and the loser will most likely get the 7 spot.

Berwanger's Brawlers-98
Jimmy's Daddy-85

Big win for the Brawlers, who are scratching and clawing to finish strong. Riding high on a big Tony Romo week, newbie Knowshown Moreno has been a welcome elixir for The Ger's running troubles. Meanwhile The Daddy's loss won't mean much for playoff implications, but nobody wants a loss before going into the playoffs.

Nigerian Nightmares-106
Hoosier Heat-63

If Hoosier Heat's Greg Jennings goes for 260 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns, he's got this one in the bag! Otherwise, Old Linc picks up his 7th win of the season and could sneak into the playoffs with a Trombone loss.

The Rockpile-84
Rusty Trombones-71

Congrats to Rocky Mike for picking up a moral victory, and the Rusty Trombones finish 1 game under .500 for the regular season. Even if 3K started Marshawn Lynch, it wouldn't have been enough. Rocky Mike can personally thank both Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin for the victory, the two shining lights in an otherwise tough week. This loss for 3K means the difference between a playoff bid and going home early. Tough pill to swallow for the defending champions.


Cornholers said...

The intro to this recap is just funny. Especially because PG has been the only one requesting payout information, though he has no chance in hell in the post-season.

Furthermore, when information was sent out to all owners last Wednesday, the majority of owners responded....well with the exception of PG he flat-out ignored emails and texts.

Hey PG, it ain't our fault you ignore the rest of the world because you're too busy still calculating the payouts from the baseball league that finished 2 months ago!!

Michael said...

I am just pissed off that Favre was playing with one minute left in a no chance in hell to win a game spot. And of course he throws to Harvin for a long TD. Garbage time is for backups. I with Favre would have got hurt. Goat was down by 12 at that point, with me feeling good going into tonight's matchup. You suck Minnesota.

PG said...

Hey, I may not have a chance in hell in the playoffs, but at least I'm at the dance!!!

Perhaps if you spent as much time throwing bombs as you did with your commissioner duties, we wouldn't be in this position and you wouldn't be left answering questions about the rules in week 13.

Cornholers said...

Hey, at least I'm a commissioner that is willing to communicate to the owners, stay active in pursuing the money and will eventually PAYOUT to the champion of the league.

Not like that fuckin' tee-ball league we played in last year where essentially everyone was a winner because no one got paid!!

PG said...

Yeah, you are willing to Week 13.

The league didn't know what the payout was, what the playoff format was (btw, 8 teams, what is this, amateur hour?), and the fact that it was declared a keeper league a few weeks back.

Why don't you just adjust the rules again so your team can make the playoffs.

And since you're blasting every GM in the league for not sending in their checks...that so-called t-ball league last year? I don't recall you ever sending in a check yourself. I must ask you, have you cut a check for your own league yet?

Michael said...

Thanks for rooting for me PG, I think your thoughts powered Mason Crosby to win it for me tonight.

Cornholers said...

PG comes in and out of communication much like this blog goes dark for weeks at a time. If he wasn't so random with his attention he would know that the football league is not a keeper league.

Speaking of keeper leagues and commissioners maybe the commish from the baseball league (who supposedly is sending out the winnings??) will enlighten us with some winter info. on the upcoming fantasy league for our keeper league.

Michael said...

PG, will you be shifting your "attention" now to Afghanistan?

With the winter meetings here, baseball league info would be great.

3K - is the playoff schedule set?

PG said...

Winnings have been sent out, 3K, don't use misinformation to shift focus from your abysmal failure as commissioner of the fantasy football league.

My so-called random communication is comensurate with my work. I would love to update every day, I simply don't have the time.

So now you're backpeddling on your 11th hour suggestion to change the rules and make this a keeper league? I always thought changing the rules in the middle of the league was your thing......hmmmmm.

For anyone that would like winter baseball info, might I suggest logging onto . I hear the Yankees are working a three team trade for Curtis Granderson.

PG said...

I would also like to point out that it is December 8th and we still don't have any information on how much the winner of the league wins (or 2nd place, or 3rd place). Shit, knowing this league, since everyone practically makes the playoffs (except 3K, who's team wasn't good enough), maybe everyone gets some winnings as well?

PG said...

Also, just visited the league website and noticed that this weeks schedule hasn't been updated yet? Who am I playing this weekend 3K? Take your time, it's Tuesday, games don't start until.....well....Thursday.

So, let's schedule 48 hours before gametime, no payout info?

You're doin a hell of a job, 3K.

Wade said...

FYI, you can't change your line-up after first game of week in this league. Therefore, full-knowing DeAngelo would be inactive hrs before the kick-off, I had to sit tight ... painful.

PG said...

Point taken, T-dub. Totally forgot about the Thursday game. In hindsight, that Thursday game can really screw a team up.

Daddy said...

I am not one to stick up for PG but I have to agree that this fantasy football stuff is a little ridiculous.

I know how hard it is to be a commish and I appreciate 3K stepping up to run the league but I don't know about all this.

First, I didn't even know this was a $$$ league until a few weeks ago. I was leading my division but if I wasn't I probably would have been pissed.

Second, we have never received details on how much it actually costs, transaction fees, payouts, etc.

Finally and most absurdly, we didn't know the format of the playoffs until last week (one week before the playoffs started) and we are doing an 8 team playoff ?!?!?!

I have been in a lot of fantasy leagues but I have never seen an 8 team playoff. Why play the regular season if almost everyone makes the playoffs? There is almost no benefit to winning your division and don't say you play a low seed...any asshole can get lucky in the playoffs...the top two should at least get a first round bye.

And I am certainly not calling the commish's character into question but it does look a little questionable when the commish unilaterally goes to this weird 8 team playoff with his team teetering outside of the top 6 but within striking distance of a top 8 spot with less than 2 weeks to go.

I don't personally know 3K but I do know you are a very dedicated fantasy player/commish. However, by not posting rules/procedures way ahead of time and changing from past year/leagues rules, it brings everything into question and allows sore losers like PG to take shots.

Just my .02

Anonymous said...

Dumb question, but is our regular season over?

Michael said...

maybe its dumb, but I supported an 8 team playoff. thought it would be more fun for everyone.

Daddy. said...

I don't think it is necessarily "dumb" but it is a much different way of doing things as compared to the last few years of fantasy baseball/football and it does take any incentive away from having a good year.

If we were just playing for fun, I think 8 teams would absolutley make sense.

Really it is just the totality of the circumstances that bothers me.

And I should note that I would not have a first round bye in either format so this has nothing to do with my team.

Now I need to turn my frustration to the potential Carlos Silva - Milton Bradley trade --- please please please Jim Hendry do not do it

Michael said...

Also, with 8 teams you could do a winner/loser bracket. I am sure 3K will have something out today.

Cornholers said...

Wow, I just got blasted and I'm coming into the party 3 days late. Hahah

I don't want to hear shit about not knowing this is a PAY LEAGUE. Since Week 1 it has been up on the home page of the league website that it was a $100 entry. My name and address was posted there and it has not been removed all year. The fact that most people never looked, or bothered to pay is not my fault.

This blog was meant to be the sole communication for the league, and regrettably I was relying on PG to relay much information, as the mouthpiece for the league. Of course relying on PG for communication purposes is like relying on the GOP to support a strong candidate.

As for the 8-team playoff format it was supported by the majority of the league. Texts were sent to all owners that I had cell #'s for. That was requested prior to the season so if I didn't have your phone number then you didn't get a text. The majority of owners supported the 8-team playoff format. This also allows for 3 teams to win money, with a consolation game determining a 10% share of the pot.

Hey, I'm not perfect and this was my first time commishing a league, but give me least the winner of the league will get paid a nice share (70%). Better then last years league, in which I friggin' smoked the competition and what did I have to show for it....NADA!

Might I suggest the commish for the 2010 season be this years winner. This way we can have rotating commish's year-to-year and winning the league gives you the right to run the league the next season.