Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Who's Hot, Who's Not

Quick reminder for everyone to get their checks into Mr. 3K as soon as possible. We wouldn't want a delay in payment at the end of the season, right 3K?

Also, if 3K could indulge us on how the playoff scenario is going to work in the comments section, that would be great (i.e. how many teams, etc).

Here's a listing of the hottest fantasy football players for the last 3 weeks.

1. Drew Brees-Jimmy's Daddy-85 points
2. Brett Favre-Goat Locker-84 points
3. Aaron Rodgers-Lawndale Longhorns-75 points
4. Chris Johnson-CO Giants-74 points
5. Philip Rivers-CO Giants-56 points
6. Ricky Williams-Hot Dogs-55 points
7. Tom Brady-Tallcorn Cobras-54 points
8. Sidney Rice-CO Giants-48 points
9. Terrell Owens-CO Giants-48 points
10. Tony Romo-Berwanger's Brawlers-47 points


Michael said...

TO is not on my squad...

Cornholers said...

Well playoffs would start in Week 14. Meaning that this week is the last week of the regular season.

Does the league want a 6-team or 8-team playoff format?

Cornholers said...

So no one has responded here, all day. PG has entirely ignored emails and texts, so I have moved forward with the playoff format which received the majority of votes.


Week 13 will be the final week of th regular season, with playoffs starting in Week 14. Top team from each Division get 1-3 ranking. 2nd team from each division get 4-6 ranking. Next 2 best records will get the 7th and 8th Wild Card entrants.

Tiebreakers, in order will be:

If the season ended today - there is still one more week - then here is how the playoffs would be seeded:

1 - COG
2 - HEAT
3 - Daddy
4 - Goat
5 - Lawn
6 - Hot Dog
7 - TallCorn
8 - Rusty

1st Round:

1 vs. 8
2 vs. 7
3 vs. 6
4 vs. 5

2nd Round:

Winner of 1 vs. 8 against winner of 4 vs. 5.

Winner of 2 vs. 7 against winner of 3 vs. 6.


Self Explanatory.

Cornholers said...

I goofed that up on Tiebreakers. In order:

1) Division Record
2) Points For
3) Points Against

Cornholers said...

I goofed that up on Tiebreakers.

In order it should be:

1) Division Record
2) Points For
3) Points Against

Michael said...

sounds good 3K.

PG said...

Not that easy being commissioner, is it, 3K?

Wade said...

Deciding playoffs during final week of the "now" regular season? ... priceless.

Wade said...

I'm fine with it ... just giving ya some shit, bruva.