Monday, December 21, 2009

Home Stretch

Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-100
Nigerian Nightmares-67

Carrying a 33 point lead heading into Monday night, PG and his Dogs are feeling guardedly optimistic, however this one is far from over. With Old Linc slating Jason Campbell (a must play, according to fantasy experts) and newly minted running back Quinton Ganther, there is plenty of room for catch up. Keep in mind the Hot Dogs will have tight end Fred Davis going tonight. If he has a decent game, chalk this one up.

CO Giants-104
Hoosier Heat-93

If I'm Giant Mike, I'm a little nervous going into Monday Night Football. Both teams seasons (and a trip to the fantasy championship) rest on the foot of Lawrence Tynes (a Hoosier Heater). If only I could be a fly on the wall at Giant Mike's castle and see him root against the New York Giants. Mr. Hackman needs 11 for the tie, 12 for the win. A tall order, keep mind Tynes has only achieved 11 or more points 3 times this year (weeks 1, 2, and 5). Interestingly enough, he scored 11 in week 1 against, you guessed it, the Washington Redskins. I told you this one was gonna be close.


Cornholers said...

I suggest we start the conversation about tie-breakers. If for some reason Tyne's ends up with 11 pts tonight that would result in a tie, we need to be able to make a quick decision on a tie breaker.

I would suggest that the tie breaker would defer to the point total of the reserves for each team.

Michael said...

I will stay out of tie breaker discussions.

This one should not be close, I did not go with my gut reaction to start Charles over Benson. And I was wavering about starting Steve Smith (carolina) over Sydney Rice, who btw, had his first fumble of his career last night. It is what it is and tonight should be fun.

I will be rooting for Giants TDs tonight. A good 21 - 0 victory will be nice...

Old Linc said...

Flacco has a career night while I fail to start Vince Young. If I would have, I'd be looking at an 8 point deficit going into tonight. It would then be Ganther vs. Davis for a trip to the championship.

I need Campbell to hook up with Ganther for multiple screen pass touchdowns. The Nightmare's stadium will be open to the public beginning at 4PM EST for game viewing.

PG said...

I will opt to stay out of the tie breaker discussion as well, because weighing in while I am still a contestent (that could be affected by a tie) is a clear conflict of interest. I'll abide by any call the Commissioner makes.

Tonight should be a great game to watch while we follow the semi-finals. I was very pleased to see
Joe Flacco finally come through. If anyone has been following the Hot Dogs this season they know the QB situation has been a disaster (ranked 12th in the league).

Jay Feely and the Jets, however, almost drove me to drink yesterday. Feely ends up with 1 point, and was 0 for 3 on field goals (bad snap, pooched kick, and block). Unreal.

Best of luck to everyone tonight, looking forward to relishing victory.

Cornholers said...

So I'll call it right now. The very first tie-breaker will be reserve point totals. That should be all that is needed, so I won't go into a 2nd tie-breaker discussion.

Also, remember that the losers of the semi-finals will matchup in Week 16 in the consolation game. Winner of this matchup walks away with 10% share.