Friday, December 11, 2009

Jimmy's Daddy-10
Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-0

This was a chance for Hef to come out of the gates strong, establish himself as the aggressor, and pave the way to victory. Unfortunately, the mission was not accomplished. Running back Jerome Harrison came up with one point, and the Pittsburgh Defense/Special Teams was left with 1 sack, 13 points allowed. The battle is going to be uphill for the Daddy's, as the Hot Dogs feel more and more confident. If Ricky Williams and Thomas Jones put up big numbers, it could be lights out. Who knows? Perhaps the Hot Dogs will morph into "Hef's Daddy"?

CO Giants-9
Tallcorn Cobras-0

Giant Mike had Santonio Holmes put up 9 points (0 TD's). The CO Giants wanted to come out like an M-80, instead he had to settle for a firecracker. Still not a bad showing, though. T-Dub is gonna need some monster numbers out of Rowdy Roddy, TO, and TJ Howsyamutha to make up for the Chris Johnson/Cedric Benson juggernaut.

The Goat Locker-6
Hoosier Heat-0

It's Christmas time, so I suppose Mr. Hackman's prayers have been answered thus far. Goat Locker receiver Percy Harvin is dealing with a migraine, and so is Goat Locker, as stink bombs were layed by both Heath Miller and Mike Wallace last night against the Browns. The key to this game are The Goat Locker's receivers. If they put up Mike Wallace numbers, you'll see Hoosier Heat standing proud in the second round.

Nigerian Nightmares-0
Lawndale Longhorns-0

All is quiet on the Central Illinois front. Gonna be a showdown at high noon on Sunday. Family Feud style!!!


Cornholers said...

I'm enjoying the playoffs thus far, as it also seems this blog has come down to me, PG and Yankee Mike making comments. 1 deserves to be in the playoffs, 1 doesn't and 1 isn't.

Michael said...

I going to assume I am the one that deserves to be in the playoffs. That leaves some fun interactions to come from you two..

I think we have a good group here, but some are probably timid to comment or talk trash to those they dont know. This is my okay to please go ahead and do that with no hard feelings. It is all in fun.

PG said...

If you are referring to my 6-7 record as a reason why I don't deserve to be in the playoffs, I take exception. I have done an exceptional job of assessing my teams shortcomings, and through free agency and the trade market, have evolved. A once mediocre (Rusty Trombonesque squad) has turned into a serious contender. I'm in it to win it.

Brownsville's in da house!!! Brownsville's in da house!!!

Mr. Hackman said...

T-Dub and I will be in Chicago this Sunday for the Packers-Bears game. Come out and have a brat or burger and a cold one!

Wade said...

PG, I LOVE the roll call, Ass napkin Ed is in the house!!

Cornholers said...

NOTE: The below was posted in a previous post that I saw 3 days later. I wanted to bring it to the top of the blog so everyone can see it.

Wow, I just got blasted and I'm coming into the party 3 days late. Hahah

I don't want to hear shit about not knowing this is a PAY LEAGUE. Since Week 1 it has been up on the home page of the league website that it was a $100 entry. My name and address was posted there and it has not been removed all year. The fact that most people never looked, or bothered to pay is not my fault.

This blog was meant to be the sole communication for the league, and regrettably I was relying on PG to relay much information, as the mouthpiece for the league. Of course relying on PG for communication purposes is like relying on the GOP to support a strong candidate.

As for the 8-team playoff format it was supported by the majority of the league. Texts were sent to all owners that I had cell #'s for. That was requested prior to the season so if I didn't have your phone number then you didn't get a text. The majority of owners supported the 8-team playoff format. This also allows for 3 teams to win money, with a consolation game determining a 10% share of the pot.

Hey, I'm not perfect and this was my first time commishing a league, but give me least the winner of the league will get paid a nice share (70%). Better then last years league, in which I friggin' smoked the competition and what did I have to show for it....NADA!

Might I suggest the commish for the 2010 season be this years winner. This way we can have rotating commish's year-to-year and winning the league gives you the right to run the league the next season.

Cornholers said...


This is NOT a Keeper League. It never has been. A owner simply asked the question if this was a keeper league and the answer at that time was clearly NO.

Baseball is a keeper league!

Michael said...

Chole, I actually have to agree, at least from my perspective, I knew it was a money league and I know you said no on the keeper league.

I feel sick after watching the Giants just blow a shot at first place, but my fantasy score is what is going to let me sleep well tonight...

Cornholers said...

Michael, that's because you stay involved and are a regular on this blog.

PG said...

I hear a few teams aren't participating next year. What if the winner of the league is one of those people?

Anonymous said...

I gotta be honest, I don't see getting to run the league as a real incentive to perform well. Although given my poor showing at fantasy sports, that's not something I have to worry about.

Michael said...

how about the worst record has to run the league?