Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Playoff Time

Here we go, first week of the playoffs. Here are the matchups-

CO Giants vs. Tallcorn Cobras
This is looking like a very good matchup right out of the gates. Who could forget the big Cobras victory over the CO Giants in week 8? That week saw huge production out of the Bears defense and DeAngelo Williams for the Cobras. Since then, the Bears defense has floundered and DeAngelo Williams is inactive (enter Tim Hightower?). Tom Brady will not have a bye week and will be available for the Cobras this time around. Giant Mike's anchor, Chris Johnson, has been the top running back in the league this season and Cedric Benson will be rounding out his corp this week. Add Philip Rivers and the Ravens defense (against the abysmal Detroit Lions) to the mix, and you have a solid foundation. I predict a Giant cake walk.

Lawndale Longhorns vs. Nigerian Nightmares
No playoff scenario would be complete without a good old fashioned family feud. And a pretty evenly matched family feud at that. New Linc has the bragging rights, having defeated the Nightmares in week 3 by a score of 104-72. Both squads have new quarterbacks, but the faces remain relatively the same. With DeSean Jackson coming back from a concussion, it is likely Old Linc will start Santana Moss against a poor Raiders defense. Last week's output but Longhorn's Ray Rice and Maurice Jones-Drew should worry New Linc a bit, but all indications are they will return to form. Should be interesting to see if receiver Braylon Edwards remains on the sidelines (Kellen Clemens behind center doesn't help matters). My prediction? A nightmare for the Longhorns as Old Linc walks away victorious.

Roscoe Village Hot Dogs vs. Jimmy's Daddy
You can't beat a PG North grudge match!! Nor can you beat a re-match from Week 3's brouhaha. The Hot Dog's won that game 93-69, but this is an entirely different scenario. There is not one week 3 Hot Dog that is starting this weekend. Grab a beer, Mr. Cutler, you're sitting this one out. You're looking at a totally revamped and reengergized Hot Dog squad. The Daddy's look a bit different as well, but his foundation (Drew Brees, Randy Moss, and Antonio Gates) remains. According to reports, Hef believes he needs big weeks out of all three players if he wants to advance. Look for Pierre Thomas and the Steeler's D to put up decent numbers as well. Hef has a distinct advantage with QB, TE, and DEF while the Hot Dogs are getting the upper hand at receivers and running backs. I believe the Hot Dogs will advance in a nailbiter.

The Goat Locker at Hoosier Heat
I like this matchup, both teams are in second place, both slugging it out to get to the next round. Mr. Hackman hasn't scored as many points at The Goat Locker, but he sure did in week 11 when he defeated them 100-89. Granted, The Goat Locker started Ryan Moats who came up with bupkiss, but a win is a win. The Goat Locker touts the best passer in the league and has an impressive array of receivers. The Heat are looking at a formidable running back corp (led by Adrian Peterson) and a stellar defensive in the Patriots. The outcome? The Goat Locker should demolish Mr. Hackman's Heat and move one step closer to the 70% payout.

That's right, first place gets 70% of the take, 2nd gets 20%, 3rd gets 10%. Man up, it's playoff time!!!!!!!


Michael said...

I am confused, how does a 6-7 team get a better seed than a 7-6 team?

Michael said...

never mind, went back to the old post and found my answer...

PG said...

Giant Mike, are you scared to take on T-Dub in the first round?

Michael said...

I would rather have beaten you in the first round.

T-Dub is a formidable opponent, but the CO Giants are looking for revenge..

Cornholers said...

Transaction Fees:

I haven't collected for these yet because I was waiting til close of playoffs. My concern is that we still have a handful of team owners who have never bothered to get their league entry fee into me.

I put it to the league. Do you want me to collect transaction fees? It will more then likely delay payout of the pot, as it seems the majority of team owners still use the Pony Express as to deliver their monies. As of right now it looks to add an additional $150-$175 to the split.

Michael said...

I don't really care about transactions fees. Just my humble opinion.

Cornholers said...

Majority rule will be needed here. We have 2 votes to waive transaction fee collection and dispursement. Need 5 more votes to pass.

PG said...

My vote is for transaction fees.