Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Aftermath and Run-Up

Hope everyone is happy with their draft results and new team members. I apoligize for some of the confusion (as it certainly wasn't me intent). I manually input the draft order and for some reason, CBS Sportsline kept the non-drafting team icons up. I completely understand why everyone was so confused (I was literally panicking because I didn't know what was going on). Between that and the 2 minute clock not showing up made for a bumpy ride. But it turned out well in the end I thought. Now, the aftermath.

Make sure everyone gets me your contract years for your new draftees by tomorrow. We don't want a situation where someone gets hurt on Saturday and a GM hands in a late roster with said player signed to a one year contract.

Also, get your checks in...rosters will be frozen after week 1 for anyone who has failed to pay.

I'm going to go ahead and turn waivers on Saturday. Last year, we waited until after Opening Day, but I thought since we have players currently under contract, it'll give everyone some flexibility. But first, you MUST hand in your rosters with contract years assigned (I'm not going to make it that easy on you).

Feel free to gripe in the comments section.


Michael said...

I need a refresher if you dont mind on how we treat the contract years moving forward.

Can we just assign the newly drafted guys any contract year up to 3 as long as we do not go over 50? (or whatever our contract total is)

Also need your address for my check...

Wade said...

And the other question, just to clarify, if we use under 50 credits does it somehow go to offsetting a dropped player, etc, through the year?

I know you can't carry more than 50 into the draft, yada, yada, but if you only sign 46 credits, are there 4 then that could act as a cushion for a dropped 2-year, for instance?

As I look at my arrangement, without getting into details, I can honestly say I don't think I want to use 50 credits.

Wade said...

PS, this is what I left the message about PG.

Bish, anything like that in your league that has come up?

Cornholers said...

Off the top of my head I recall something in the rules requiring each owner to use ALL 50 credits after the draft.

The original draft had credit limits through certain rounds, but I'm not sure about subsequent years. I'll attempt to reference the Fantasy Bible today and get back at ya....

Wade said...

I have 22 credits available for the 8 players, FYI. I'm not sure I want Vlad to a 3-year when he's likely to be in a wheel chair before 2013, for instance.

I imagine going short of 50 credits isn't an issue, I was just checking to make sure there wasn't a loop hole that gave me the right to place 48 credits and cut a player during the year where it wouldn't hurt me because I was short of the 50, etc.

I highly doubt it ... but worth the question because I don't necessarily "want" to use 50.

Cornholers said...

Wade, I don't see anything in the rules that states you have to use all 50 of your credits. If you decide not to use all 50, however, you can't use the extra credits to off-set a dropped player.

We might want to address, and clearly define, exactly how dropped players affect an owners cap:

"An owner is free to cut any player that they like. If an owner decides to cut a player that is not in the final year of their contract the remaining years on the player’s contract will count against the owner’s cap of credits in future drafts.
For example, Team A drafts Dave Dravecky (DD) and decides to sign him a 3-year deal. In the middle of Year 1 his arm falls off. If the owner decides to release him from his team at the conclusion of the draft the following year (the year in which DD would have 2 years remaining on his contract) the owner will only have 48 (50-2) credits to sign all 25 of his
players (and 49 credits the year after that). If DD was in the final year of his contract, there would be no penalty for dropping him."

PG said...

No, you do not have to use all 50 credits in the draft. So Wade, the answer is, if you don't use them, they'll just sit there idle.

T-Dub, right now, you have 47 active credits to play with. If you use 45 (with two in reserve), that is fine. In the course of the year, if you drop a 2 year player and incur a penalty, you will lose the requisite credits (which will be assessed at the end of the season).

Wade said...

Yep, what I thought. Ok, thx for clarifying.

PG said...

Here are my contract signings-

3 Year deals-Aaron Hill, David Aardsma, Julio Borbon, Desmond Jennings, Carlos Santana,

2 Year deals-Michael Bourn

1 year-Manny Ramirez, Octavio Dotel, Johnny Damon, Hiroki Kuroda, Andy Pettitte

Michael said...

Here are mine:

3 year deals: JA Happ, Jesus Montero, Alex Rios, Ricky Romero, Chris Young, Michael Young,

2 year deals: Jorge Posada, Jason Fraser,

1 year deal: Javier Vazquez

Also, you have Josh Hamilton listed as a 1 year, but he should have 2 left on his deal - he was my keeper.