Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gut Check Thursday

The Rockpile-6
Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-2

The matchup is a heck of a lot closer than the score suggests, but The Rockpile is sending a clear message that he intends to pick up where he left off last season. Touting what is agruably the best pitching rotation in the league, Rocky Mike is looking to shut the door on the Hot Dogs on the mound (and with the help from a few of his friends at the plate). The Rockpile is getting some much needed production out of their second-tier players while their top tier decides to take the first week off. But you couldn't ask for better production out of John Lackey, Tim Lincecum, Ubaldo Jiminez, and Jon Rauch. Meanwhile the Hot Dogs need some big starts out of Rick Porcello and Jonathan Sanchez tomorrow, or else stick a fork in em.

Hoosier Heat-6

I can't tell if Mr. Hackman is leading this because of good pitching on the Heat's part, or because of the piss poor pitching on the Cornholers part. I think it's the latter (with Mark Buehrle being the only bright spot in Mr. Hackman's rotation thus far). Let's face it, both teams are hitting the ball well, and both GM's should be very encouraged with what they're seeing. 3K is looking like Einstein with that Placido Polanco pickup, and Andrew McCutchen and Adam Lind are sending the message that they know their way around a batters box. And Hackman's boys aren't slouches, either. Hideki Matsui showing that his knee isn't ready to be carved up and served in a California Roll. And whattdya know? David Wright can hit home runs in Citi Field! The good news for 3K is he still has Danks, de la Rosa, and Huddy going tomorrow night. I'm looking foward to seeing these two very promising teams going at it down the stretch.

The Fenway Franks-7
CO Yankees-3

Yankee Mike isn't coming close to mimicking the reality of the Yankees series win over the Red Sox at Fenway this week. But there's still time left. Meanwhile, Fenway Ed is unveiling his newly established power company. While most people are fawning over Jason Heyward, shouldn't they really be fawning over Harvey, Illinois' own Garrett Jones? I like this team, chock full of young talent, and while Fenway Ed is rebuilding for next year, I would argue he could be in the thick of it this year. Yankee Mike is pacing the Franks on the mound, but he has to start making some noise at the plate. I'm calling it right now, Yankee Mike is going to regret keeping Josh Hamilton. Yeah, I said it.

The SwinGERS-7
Jimmy's Daddy-3

Who's your daddy, Hef. Well, it appears to be The Ger, that's who! Take away Big Z, and The Ger is putting together a pretty nice week. Mourneau has launched two, and the size of the baseball Miguel Cabrera is hitting big as Miguel Cabrera (WTF, buffet boy?). Hef has literally stalled out of the gates. The reigning champ is looking more like the reigning chump. Most of his hitters are on the interstate (some haven't even gotten to the on-ramp). And 1 homer? Pick it up,'re tarnishing your legacy.

Salt Creek Sluggers-5
Clark & Addison-4

Gotta love the Battle Of Lincoln in week one. Sunday dinner should be interesting. Both teams pretty much pacing each other, with the exception of the home run category. Linc is scratching his head, wondering when his squad is going to join the long ball parade. Come on, Linc, you have Kung Fu Panda!!!!! We could see a photo finish here. If Clark & Addison puts together a solid pitching performance the rest of the week, I believe he'll be victorious.

Tallcorn Cobras-8
Client #9-2

A very even matchup thus far, but T-Dub has the magic stick going. 8 bombs and counting!! Curtis Granderson already paying dividends for the Cobras, with Nelson Cruz and Albert Pujols doing what they do. Believe it or not, I like Client #9 in this one. And the difference, in my humble opinion, will be pitching. Anderson and Billingsley today, Greinke and Gallardo tomorrow. Game, set, match.


Cornholers said...

All I can hope for right now is a split in this contest because my pitching has been horrid so far.

Pretty much what I expected out of Lowe. Get the W with some poor peripherals. But Lester...where's the K's man.

Having Mike Gonzalez blow his first Save chance in a Baltimore uni didn't help and I have to admit that Jenks looked like crap last night.

Anonymous said...

So good to have the wrap ups back.

Edward said...

I agree. Highlight of my week until Monday...

Cornholers said...

I concur. A week without a Gut Check Thursday doesn't feel complete to me. PG...stay on top of that!

Mike said...

Well done PG.

Does Big Tex always crap himself during the first week?

Michael said...

Big Tex will crap himself all April.. does it every year...

Bold predictions on Josh Hamilton after 3 games...

love the gut check.. keep it going

PG said...

The Josh Hamilton prediction isn't just based on 3's a rollover from last year.

Cornholers said...

Big day for the Cornholers today. Danks, DLR and Huddy all taking to the bump.

Oh yeah, and today marks my official debut as manager. Opening Night under the lights. Wish me well and lets hope I don't strangle a kid and/or their parent

Michael said...

over under on how many games until he gets thrown out...

Mike said...

3k gets the thumb before July 4th.