Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Wrap-Up

The Rockpile-9
Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-1

In a Rocky Mike comes flying out of the gates and declares to the rest of the league that The Rockpile is a force to be reckoned with. Let's face it, this wasn't a slugest by any means. The Rockpile won with speed and pitching. Tim Lincecum and Ubaldo Jiminez led the rotation with 4 combined wins and 30 strikeouts. And where did Jon Rauch come from? 4 saves, WOW! If Rocky Mike can figure out his hitting situation, he'll certainly be in the conversation during championship week.

Hoosier Heat-6

Mr. 3000 was huddled next to his 52 inch plasma last night, hoping Yunel Escobar would be his savior. Instead, he came up with goose eggs and Mr. Hackman emerged victorious. Decent contest, though, as both teams kept it close. Who said Hideki Matsui's career was finished? He's proving to be an asset to both the Anaheim Angels of Orange County-Los Angeles-Californa...and to the Hoosier Heat as well. Mr. Hackman's confidence level certainly has to be high right now (especially with Mark Buehrle and A.J. Burnett leading his rotation). Meanwhile, 3K will regroup and give it another go this week. It'll be interesting to see what substitutions he'll make (if any). He can't be too happy with Chris Coghlan and Nolan Reimold (and, of course, Yunel Escobar). But hey, it's only been a week.

The Fenway Franks-6
CO Yankees-3

Big win for Fenway Ed, whose new look Franks are relishing victory this morning. The Franks showed some power as well as pitching prowess. His 47 total strikeouts should not be overlooked. He'll definetly be keeping an eye on that batting average, who dropped to a dismal .217 by weeks end. Matt Weiters is a great foundation to build on, who threw up a very impressive .409 batting average with one bomb. Hey Yankee Mike, good thing our league doesn't keep stats for defense. If so, Jorge Posada would be a disaster. Instead, he comes out smelling like a rose, with a great week at the plate. Robbie Cano had a great week as well, showing the consistently that makes him a top tiered second baseman. How fitting that the only two players for the CO Yankees that hit over .300 this week were..well..Yankees. Hey, Yankee Mike, can I borrow some of your saves (7, wow!!).

The SwinGERS-7
Jimmy's Daddy-3

I received a few irate IM's from Daddy's GM Hef after Gut Check Thursday. Prognostication affirmed, Hef, The Ger was the better team this week. Great offensive production all around for The SwinGERS. First round Matt Holliday pick is already paying big dividends, as expected. And dough boy Miggy Cabrera feasted on opponents pitching (as well as the pre-game buffett). The Daddy's pitched very well this week, putting up a very impresive 1.0066 WHIP. When you have C.C. Sabathia taking a no-no into the 8th inning, that'll happen. PG East is looking pretty strong this season, and these two teams will be fighting for the top spot.

Salt Creek Sluggers-6
Clark & Addison-4

Very nice win by the Salt Creek Sluggers this week, solid overall performance. Kung Fu Panda answered the call by hitting a bomb and the pitching was solid. As I predicted, a Salt Creek win. Anytime a team can put together a .300 team batting average, you've gotta feel good. What doesn't feel good is the Carlos Gonzalez hamstring injury, what a blow! I wonder if Clark & Addison is in panic mode after catcher Mike Napoli only gets 9 AB's this week (with a backup that only got 12 AB's)? His pitching was sub-par at best (with the only silver lining being his bullpen). There's plenty of season left, and one week isn't a good enough sample to go on. Week 2 will be more telling, I'm sure.

Tallcorn Cobras-6
Client #9-4

The first prediction doesn't ring true, as T-Dub defies the pundits and comes out on top. The problem with my forecast was that I wasn't planning on the Cobras hitting another 8 home runs (for a total of 16). Albert Pujols and Nelson Cruz let the poison out this week, belting 4 a piece. The Cobras lineup is flat out potent, and it'll be fun to follow them this season. I'm gonna say it right now, Client #9's pitching staff is a problem. Outside of Zach Greinke, I don't see any stability. And where's the bullpen? I'm sure Baby Bisho is thanking his lucky stars that Neftali Feliz will be closing for Texas for the next few games.


Cornholers said...

Wow, not only do I lose a close contest to Heat, but I obviously lose the right to my team name!!!

Mr. Hackman said...

One of my closers, Frank Francisco, lost his closers role for Texas already?!?! Ron Washington must be on crack!....oh wait....

Anonymous said...

The Monday Wrap Up...why Mondays were made!

Jim said...

Monday update corrected, Cornholers has been added. Sorry for the insult, T-Dub.

Michael said...

love the wrap up.. dont like the opening series loss.. franks cooked me this week...

Cornholers said...

Wow!! Insult to injury and then insulted when laying on the gurney. Man, PG has it in for me!

PG said...

No harm intended, 3K. Just joking around. How could I insult the most loyal reader of the blog?

T-Dub has been eerily silent. Perhaps the barbs should go his way.

Cornholers said...

Quantity over quality....story of my life.

T-Dub said...

I'm thinking of starting my own business. Why, you ask? Because if corporate america says I can't blog pgsportsworld during work hours, then I don't belong there ... its devastating, fellas. Just devastating.

I'll say this, late, I know ... but I'll say this. I went to opening day here in the Lou, and the Cards proceeded to get 1st and 2nd three times in three Pujols at-bats ... result? Single, HR and walk to load the bases for Holliday. That guy is just sick good, and I don't think I have ever watched anything like it every couple days live.

That all said, Bisho has gone radio silent ... I was expecting pics from the Masters and instead, he's crawled in a hole (not 3k's cornhole, sources confirm) but in a hole from his narrow 4-6 loss at the hands of the Cobras. Its not such a bad start ...

And PG ... is that about like the start of MPC? You just hope to be there, but whammy, he hands you a 1-9 start to the young season.

Last note, thank god for MLB extra innings. I literally don't watch anything else. I work or watch baseball (play a lil golf) ... but its an absolute dream, my point.

Cornholers said...

Thanks for the monthly chime-in TDub. It's always nice to read comments about baseball from a week ago;)

I do concur on Extra Innings. I actually removed my subscription back in February from my account, figuring that MLB Network would have me covered. Come end of March imagine my surprise when DirecTV charged me for the 1st month of Extra Innings. I just didn't have the nerve to contact them to correct them. Another year of Extra Innings. Schucks...