Friday, April 30, 2010

Gut Check Friday

Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-8
The SwinGERS-2

The Hot Dogs are firing away this week, putting together some decent numbers at the plate. Catcher Ryan Doumit has been on fire, showing Trevor Hoffman exactly why he should go into retirement. Colby Rasmus has been downright filthy, hitting .600 on the week with 7 runs scored. The SwinGERS are by no means out of this one. A little short on power this week, The Ger is looking to have a big weekend from top draft pick Matt Holliday, who has been silent this week. If Justin Mourneau doesn't get any at-bats this weekend (back injury), it could hurt the SwinGERS chances for a win.

CO Yankees-4

It looks like Yankee Mike has a few categories wrapped up (BA, HR, R) as does the Cornholers (ERA, SV), and the rest is up for grabs. 3K has to be concerned about a few of his big boppers not going yama this week (Morales, Lind), but I'm sure is pleaed to see Andrew McCutchen step it up. A big sigh of relief for the Cornholers as Jon Lester seems to be coming out of his pitching funk with a 2nd consecutive solid outing. Meanwhile, Yankee Mike owes a lot of his offensive success to early MVP candidate Robinson Cano. Two words describe the young man at this point in the season....white hot. And two words describe outfielder Grady Sizemore....white NOT.

Client #9-5
The Fenway Franks-3

Absolutely brutal numbers in this one as both squads hope to step it up going into the weekend. All eyes are on new #9 acquisition (and former Arizona State Sun Devil) Ike Davis, who is showing signs of future stardom. Rough week all around for the Franks, with Roy Halladay, Ben Sheets and Justin Duchscherer laying eggs and Matt Wieters and James Loney doing the same at the plate. Fenway Ed has to be happy about Kelly Johnson's continued production though. Sit back and relax, this baby is wide open.

Salt Creek Sluggers-6
Jimmy's Daddy-3

Counselor Bloomie has something to say to the citizens of Bloomington...there's a new fantasy team in town!!! And boy is he putting on a stellar housewarming party. .372 batting average, 2.04 ERA, he's doing it all. The Counselor is proudly saying to his neighbors, "Meet Carlos Gonzalez, he's hitting .636 on the week...oh, and that Kung Fu Panda you see in the front yard...all he does is rakes". Indeed, it's gonna be a tall order for the Daddy's. The key to Hef's comeback here is power. If he can produce a home run onslaught, the runs and RBI will come, and perhaps he can stave off defeat.

Clark & Addison-5
The Rockpile-4

The classic see-saw match of the week, with C&A winning at the plate and The Rockpile leading on the mound. With 5 starts remaining this weekened, Linc has a shot at picking off some of those categories. And don't make a call on the offensive stats either, all (save runs) are very attainable for Rocky Mike. Mark Texiera is finally off the interstate, and now that it's May, look for some big numbers out of him. The catching position continues to plague Linc, with Napoli sitting yesterday for a minor league call up. If Ryan Howard, Evan Longoria, and Shane Victorino can't start breaking some off, it may be curtains for Clark & Addison.

Hoosier Heat-7
Tallcorn Cobras-2

It's a offensive famine for T-Dub, who hasn't hit a home run yet this week (it's Friday, btw). He looks to have K's and ERA locked up (with only two more starts for Hackman), but he's gonna need a major turnaround at the plate if he wants to even make this thing close. The good news is, a few of his studs are hitting the ball well, with Pujols at .545 and Cruz at .500. It's only a matter of time before they start leaving the park. This would be a huge week for Mr. Hackman, who would love to get about .500 and start competing in PG West. David Wright and "PK" are hitting well, but where is the mighty A-Rod? And how is Hackman feeling about Trevor Hoffman? What a week!!


Daddy said...

Mattingly is still gay!!!

Counselor Bloomie said...

I saw Mattingly having coffee with Ricky Martin, Neil Patrick-Harris, and the Sex in the City girls at the Starbucks on South Veterans Avenue earlier this morning.

They all seemed to be having a lovely time.

Cornholers said...

I pretty much see my contest as wide open. I don't think a .308 to .271 avg. is a large enough disparity to call it wrapped up.

What is obviously true is that I need to change my team name to Wet Newspaper because that is what my guys swing. Ba-jeezus...where's the pop?

Anonymous said...

This is one match up where my trailing 8-2 isn't a death blow. Just need a good weekend and this thing could turn around and burn the hot dogs.

Mike said...

Honestly, Mark Texiera is not even close to hitting his fucking weight right now. Even when I am pulling for a Yankee, I end up grabbing my ankles.

And by the way, Kurt Suzuki cannot play because "his side hurts" meanwhile Miguel Olivo passes a kidney stone in the 8th and is back behind the plate for the 9th. I think we know who wears a skirt behind the plate and who has a beanbag.

Richardjzah said...

Mattingly is still gay!!!