Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Wrap-Up

Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-4
Jimmy's Daddy-4

You know your matchup is neck and neck when you're following every at bat and incessantly texting your opponent on a Sunday afternoon. Unbelievable! The Daddy's got off to a roaring start Sunday, taking the overall lead by claiming the runs category out of the gates and tying the wins category with a superb Randy Wells outing. The Hot Dogs responded with an onslaught of their own, hitting .428 on the day and scoring 7 runs. Chris Young scored a run late Sunday afternoon which allowed the Hot Dogs to tie the runs category with the Daddy's (thus, taking away a Daddy victory). Exciting matchup, looking forward to the redux.

The Rockpile-6
Salt Creek Sluggers-3

Solid victory for Rocky Mike, who stands solely atop PG East. Kudos to Kurt Suzuki, who played the role of Kung Fu Panda for The Rockpile, belting 3 homers and driving in 7RBI on the week. Counselor Bloomie picked up some much needed pitching categories (which, against The Rockpile, is no small feat), but wasn't able to run teh table, as Rocky Mike's big three (Lincecum, Jiminez, Felix) were able to shore up wins and the pen walked away with the category without a fight. Since I like saying Kung Fu Panda, I'm gonna mention he went off this week, belting 10 hits (including a homer). Nice job, Kung Fu Panda.

Tallcorn Cobras-8

A nice week for T-Dub, who didn't put up overly impressive numbers, but was the benefactor of 3K putting up brutal ones. 3K was able to pick off a few pitching categories (in large part, due to the 256 starts his staff had this week). Funniest part of the week was seeing Cobra's pitcher Scott Kazmir intentionally hit Robinson Cano in the ass (after Cano went 4 for 5 the previous day), then Jorge Posada belt a 430 bomb the very next pitching. Galling that Kazmir picked up the win. I'll see you in hell, Scott Kazmir.

CO Yankees-6
Client #9-4

Very interesting scenario here. Can you picture Yankee Mike singing the praises of Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey this morning? Should his nickname be changed to Flushing Mike? The Pelfrey win Sunday night finished Client #9 off, and boosting the morale of the CO Yankees with a big win. Looking forward to the trash talk on this one.

The Fenway Franks-6
Hoosier Heat-4

Fenway Ed putting a win on the big board. Had a nice finish at the plate, and was able to wrestle some hitting categories away. Welcome to the show, Kelly Johnson. The Franks 2nd baseman went off and was the differenc maker, hitting .375 with 4 bombs and 7 RBI. Tough loss for Mr. Hackman, who had a slight power outage which contributed to the loss (especially David Wright, with 0 homers and 10 punchouts). Brutal.

The SwinGERS-6
Clark & Addison-3

The Nientendo week never came for Linc, and he falls to a surging SwinGERS, who trails The Rockpile by 2 games in PG East. The Ger was able to steal away the strikeout and saves category to seal the deal. His rotation was pretty shaky, but his bullpen was able to bring some levity to his overall pitching performance and hand The Ger the win. Clark & Addison's struggles continue, as he steps into the abyss of PG East.


Cornholers said...

I'm the laughing stock of the league. I just can't put it together. My team lolly-gag's around the bases. They lolly-gag around the dugout. You know what that makes them......

Mr. Hackman said...

If I ever become a manager, I am hiring Anthony as my bench coach...hands down!

Anonymous said...


Jim said...

Here's your weekly Sportsworld Superlatives. Best team in each category.

BA-Hot Dogs .331
HRS- SwinGERS 10
RBI- CO Yankees 40
R- The Rockpile 35
SB- Tallcorn Cobras 8

W-Cornholers 6
K-Cornholers 73
ERA-Fenway Franks 1.32
WHIP- Clark & Addison 1.05
Saves- Tallcorn Cobras 7

Mr. Hackman said...

I think its about time for T-Dub's first power rankings of the year...By the way, good luck T-Dub in the years first Mattingly Bowl.

Cornholers said...

Has everyone heard the rumor that Mattingly is gay???

Jim said...

Did someone say Mattingly?

Michael said...

Bisho sucks!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

I have dying to do that all week..

Wade said...

Early candidate for player of the year ... Trevor Hoffman???

Mr. Hackman said...

Why dont you blow me Wade...