Friday, April 23, 2010

Gut Check Friday

How does everyone like the new live scoreboard on the CBS website? I like it, more user friendly and easier to follow at the top of the page.

Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-6
Jimmy's Daddy-3

Still very close matchup here, although I do believe that batting average is locked up for the Hot Dogs and stolen bases are locked up for the Daddy's. And if Andy Pettite and Rick Porcello don't have great outings this weekend, the Daddy's can claim ERA and WHIP (which he is now leading heavily). Big bounce back week from Colby Rasmus, who is hitting .500 with 2 bombs, 4 RBI, and a stolen base. It's a shame Chris Young has returned to his boring, mediocre self. I'll tell you who is the opposite of mediocre...Ryan Braun. What an animal, hitting .636 with 2 bombs and 8 RBI for the Daddy's. Great pitching too from Jered Weaver, Randy Wells, and C.C. Sabathia (great numbers, however no wins). Keep close tabs on this one down the stretch.

The Rockpile-7
Salt Creek Sluggers-3

With the first pick of the 2010 draft, The Rockpile selects....another rock. Sorry Rocky Mike, had to get the dig in. Big week for The Rockpile as they continue to pile up offensive stats. Carl Crawford showing just how valuable he is, with power, speed, and an ability to score runs. Even Kurt Suzuki is getting into the mix, lauching a three run jack off C.C. Sabathia. Counselor Bloomie has plenty of time to make this a match, as the majority of the categories are stil open (and both teams are putting up subpar pitching numbers). He certainly has the tools, with Utley, Kung Fu Panda, and BJ Upton putting in solid performances. If they continue their pace, and Carlos Quentin can get into the mix, we might see a totally different story come Monday.

Tallcorn Cobras-7

Mr. 3000 is left scratching his head, wondering when the power outage exactly occured. 1 homer, 5 RBI, an offensive meltdown. With Co-Jack on the DL, first round selection Adam Lind in a slump, and Gordon Beckham stalling, the Cornholers are staring down the barrell of a 3 week losing streak. T-Dub must be loving that Nelson Cruz pick. Cruz is tearing up PG Sportsworld, showing ridonkulous power and even speed (with 5 stolen bases this week!!). The Cobras are also enjoying some good numbers on the mound, with solid performances by Scott Kazmir (about time), Matt Cain, and his bullpen. Although 3K has 5 more starts this week, and could make take a few pitching categories to make it close.

Client #9-6
CO Yankees-4

Very close matchup, and I'm sure we'll see this thing change a few times before all is said and done. Great week at the plate for Client #9 (especially a healthy Jose Reyes) including Matt Kemp, who is using 2010 as his coming out party. Yankee Mike must be dumbfounded by the production of Grady Sizemore, who is on the interstate this season with virtually no positive contribution thus far. Josh Hamilton seems to be picking up some slack for the outfield corp. If the CO Yankees want to win this game, he's gonna need Alex Rios to pick up the pace as well.

Hoosier Heat-6
Fenway Franks-4

A classic two-sided contest, with Mr. Hackman leading at the plate, and Fenway Ed dominiating the mound. Take special note of Fenway Ed's pitching performance thus far, wow! 3 wins, a 0.66 ERA with a 0.84 WHIP...very impressive. Even Nattie's reliever Matt Capps is getting into the mix, with 2 saves on the week. Despite the unbelievable performance the Franks are putting up on the mound, they are not running the table like the Heat are at the plate. With Jose Valverde and Fernando Rodney's 4 saves, Mr. Hackman is playing the role of fireman. At the plate, the Heat are enjoying Alex Rodriguez's nice week, along with Bobby Abreu and V-Mart. The offense is by no means closed out. If Fenway Ed can hit like he pitches, watch out!

The SwinGERS-6
Clark & Addison-4

After a heartbreaking loss last week, Linc is looking to redeem himself and put his squad back in the right mindset. As of press time, The Ger has different plans. The SwinGERS have unleashed an offensive onslaught that is unrelenting. 8 bombs (4 by Andre Ethier and Ryan Ludwick alone), 21 RBI, and a .338 batting average. That is what you call firing on all cylinders. A silver lining in Linc cloud is his pitching, which is pretty solid this week. Brad Penny had a great outing, stabilizing not only staff numbers, but the overall score. But to come close, he's gonna need a Nientendo weekend at the plate.


Cornholers said...

What's worse, watching Nelson Cruz pick up 5 SBs on the week or knowing that you're the owner who traded Nelson Cruz to his current team last season!

Edward said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence PG, always feels good to know someone believes in the Frank Nine!

Jim said...

Interesting stats of the day.

Top 5 Batting Averge
The SwinGERS- .302
Jimmy's Daddy- .290
Tallcorn Cobras- .285
RV Hot Dogs- .282
Client #9- .281

Top 5 Home Runs
Client #9- 25
Tallcorn Cobras- 23
Salt Creek Sluggers- 22
The Rockpile- 21
SwinGERS- 17

Top 5 ERA
Fenway Franks 2.86
Client #9- 3.10
The Rockpile- 3.24
Salt Creek Sluggers- 3.44
CO Yankees- 3.64

Top 5 Wins
The Rockpile- 11
Salt Creek Sluggers- 11
Fenway Franks- 9
Hoosier Heat- 9
3 Teams Tied-8

Linc said...

Clark & Addison is a noticeable absence from those "Top 5" lists.

Wade said...

I love the new scoreboard (chiming in late as always). Nelson Cruz is on the most ridiculous pace ever, will it be his elbow, shoulder, knee or back that puts him on the DL for 60 days soon? Should consider a poll on the topic.

Tell you what fellas, I couldn't have felt better after the draft ... now I feel like the buddy that thinks he has the best set of baseball cards but the whole time his other buddies are sitting on way more value because they aren't using their fan-goggles. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think I have some gaps.

Jim said...

T-Dub, are you saying my vast collection of Dave Winfield's are worthless?

Wade said...

Sounds about right, PG.

Jim said...

I should probably not put too much faith in my collection of Gregg Jeffries cards either (remember how big his rookie card was?).

Wade said...

Or perhaps my Jerome Walton gems?