Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trash Talk Saturday

And A-BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!! From A-ROD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only he wasn't such a douche.

How in the world am I losing to the Daddy's? I have 41 RBI for God's sake!! If only Hanley and Pedroia didn't combine for 8 hits yesterday.

Hey 3K, you starting to regret giving up Verlander? I will give you kudos for the Mike Lowell pickup though. All you need to do now is sit Josh Fields and you'll be in good shape.

I would put #9's pitching staff up against anyone in this league (as well as Major League Baseball). But I'm sure Hoosier Heat would try to argue that point, what with the performances of CC Sabathia, Trevor Hoffman, and Wandy Rodriguez last night. That was sick.

I never thought I would say this (and it's a little easier now knowing that ManRam is a fraud), but Jason Bay was the perfect solution to Boston's Manny problem. I'm a Yankee fan, and think Theo is a total cheeser, but he knows what he's doing.

Hey T-Dub, did you throw a tantrum similar to Cliff Lee last night?

I know Mark Texeira is a notorious slow starter, but this is getting ridiculous. If I had a dollar for every Tex strikeout, I'd be a rich man. I would be very interested in hearing Yankee Mike's frustration (or opinion).

What is Jonathan Papelbon better at? Saving games or talking shit ad nauseum?


Edward said...

Thank you PG - I spent a considerable amount of time last year saying Bay was good pick up and got nothing but shit from everyone. Still not as good a hitter and for all we know he could be on the juice too but given the shitty situation, Theo did ok.

With that said, I would love to know how long Manny has been taking PEDs. His production had started to decline before the trade and then all of a sudden it took off. For a guy his age that seems kind of fishy. At the same time, I would not be surprised if it starts to come out that he has been taking it since high school.

Michael said...

You describe Manny's PED use just like how Ortiz suddenly became a HR hitter when acquired by Boston...

I am frustrated by Tex, but I know he is not an early starter by any means. (I have had him on my fantasy squads in the past and I have not minded) That being said, it is now time for him to start hitting, especially at home in clutch situations. Yes he had a bases clearing double to tie up the game the other night, but then in extras with risp, he wiffs...

But I am more pissed off by the inconsistent pitching. Hughes just got shallacked and we have another huge inning by an opponent. Some questionable plays by the defense and the runs just pour in. We have a great game last night by CC and then blown away. Maybe they can come back in this one.

And what really pisses me off is the inconsistency in my fantasy squad, last week they tore the cover off the ball, this week, just pathetic display. Last week, I had 6 saves, this week 1.. WTF????

Daddy said...


You make it sound like it is even are getting worked for the second week in a row.

As I said the other day, maybe fantasy baseball is just not your thing...

Why don't you organize a spelling could keep the blog and have a word of the day

You have to be a better speller than you are at this...

PG said...

WOW, some weekend heat from the Daddy's. Well played, sir.

The way I see it, I will reclaim HR's tomorrow, and Brett Myers will outperform Barry Zito, I will pick up the K's category and a Myers win (and a Zito loss or no decision) will tie the wins category.

Final score...Gorillas 5, Daddy's 4, Tied 1.

Book it.

PG said... did that Lester outing taste?

Daddy said...

Zito doesn't pitch tomorrow...again, maybe you would be better at a spelling contest

With the save tonight, it is not incomprehensible that you lose 9-0-1...regardless, 7-3 is as close as you get and that is not close

PG said...

My bad, Hef, I meant Joba. Either way, you're going down.

Daddy said...

I thought it was Mommy's Day...the way PG finished makes me think it was Daddy's Day!!!

Thanks Jimmy...Daddy loves your style

Edward said...

Yankee Mike I sense some hostility on your part...I will chalk that up to sleep deprivation caused by the little bambino.

Edward said...

Because I am all about fair play and I know it would cheer up at least two guys on this board who have been taking a beating for the past several years - Check out the entry for May 9th with Lou Merloni. This site is owned by the Boston Globe.

I guess more info is slowly coming out about the Sox's involvement with PED...

Michael said...

Yes, a little sleep deprivation causes some grumpiness...

Nice website, but not a surprise, Gammons is a tool for saying that the Red Sox didnt think Manny was on roids while with them..

I just got whalloped this week, I mean Tallcorn Cobras just put the smackdown on my team. The cobras hit 307, 21 bombs, 59 RBIs, and 47 runs scored.. come on...

BabyBisho said...

5 week Check up fellas...This was my projected order circa March 26th. Number in parenthesis is current standing by winning %

Have 3 teams pretty spot-on, the rest is a grease fire

Projected Final Standings for Year #1
1. Lawndale Longhorns (9)
2. Client #9 (2)
3. Year 2000! (8)
4. Baby Gorillas (10)
5. TallCorn Cobras (1)
6. CO Yankees (11)
7. The Rockpile (6)
8. Jimmy’s Daddy (3)
9. Clark & Addison (5)
10. The Swingers (4)
12. Hoosier Heat (7)

Edward said...

What's the saying? Even a blind dog find's it's dick every now and then?

Cornholers said...

My weeks are just becoming ridiculous. I think I'm actually longing for the days when all fantasy players were on PEDs and much more consistent at the plate.

I mean come on, Berkman hitting .185 this year. Rollins hitting a .195 this year (with 1 HR and 1 SB). It's friggin' pathetic. Those two should be ashamed of themselves for even putting on the uniform.

At this point I'm willing to listen to offers for nearly anyone. No one is untouchable! That's right, I'm pissed...I just turned over the pre-game buffett in the locker room. Got to get these guys going somehow!