Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Recap

Baby Gorillas-7
CO Yankees-2

And out of the cellar I go. After two straight weeks of decisive losses, the Gorilla's show that there is still some fight left in them as they look onward and upward. Notable was the stellar pitching performance from the Gorilla staff. The Verlander pickup has worked out swimmingly thus far (with Rick Porcello being a strong spot starter). Meanwhile the CO Yankees are 1 game away from the Cornholers in the cellar. Very tough week for his roleplayers (Cano, Cantu, Sizemore, and Dunn), which made all the difference in this matchup.

Client #9-5
Jimmy's Daddy-4

What looked to be a one sided matchup turned out to be an absolute nail biter, with the Daddy's not only picking up some slack, but also sending a message that they are one of the premier teams in PG Sportsworld. But the week goes to the Fighting Spitzer's, riding the hot hand of Clayton Kershaw, who redeemed himself from his first outing of the week by taking a no-hitter to the 7th inning yesterday. I would also like to point out that Ryan Zimmerman could be one of the best third baseman in Major League Baseball right now. Much better than The Sheriff, btw, why is he in your starting lineup?

The SwinGERS-1

Just utter domination. There's no other way to describe this matchup. Fenway Ed dropped The Ger to third place and perhaps even caused him to think about his lineup moving forward. Year2000!'s Shin Soo-Choo had a big week, as did Adam Jones, who has emerged as a late round fantasy steal for Fenway Ed. And his pitching rotation is nothing to sneeze at either. 6 wins this week, with Roy Halladay just mowing down the competition. You probably want to put Cueto and Schumacher into your rotation, Ger. Andrew Baily and Kyle Lohse are killing your team.

Clark & Addison-6

Ladies and gentleman, the first place team of PG East...Clark & Addison. Ladies and gentleman, the hard luck team of PG Sportsworld...the Cornholers. I'm glad that Tito Francona put Ortiz out of his misery before QBF did (I'm guessing J.D. Drew will take his place this week?). The difference in this contest was hitting, with QBF putting up better numbers than 3K (but not by much). The difference lies in one Torri Hunter. No Torri Hunter, no QBF win this week. 3K has to be frustrated. This match could have gone either way, as it was very close. Keep ya head up, brah.

Hoosier Heat-8
The Rockpile-0

Is this our first skunk of the season? All things pretty much remained a constant this weekend for Hoosier Heat. Still no power but hitting (and finishing) with a .400 batting average. What I liked here was the difference of home runs to RBI for Mr. Hackman. 3 homers and 42 RBI's. And what a week for David Wright. .556 batting average, 9 RBI, 5 stolen bases. Unreal. Rumor has it Rocky Mike addressed his squad late last night. I'll be interested to see if he gives a report on the blog today.

Tallcorn Cobras-8
Lawndale Longhorns-0

Ouch...the second skunk of the season. And it couldn't have happened to a better matchup. The trash talk come in hot this weekend, with Linc trading barbs with T-Dub like Mickey Ward and Arturo Gatti did. I'm really looking forward to a continuance today, as the Cobra's take their victory lap.

This week's matchups-
Client #9 at Baby Gorillas
Year2000! at The Rockpile
Cornholers at Jimmy's Daddy
Hoosier Heat at Lawndale Longhorns
Tallcorn Cobras at Clark & Addison
CO Yankees at The SwinGERS


Shades said...

An early battle of division leaders this week. Hopefully T-Dub's bats cool down, but nonetheless, I just hope to keep it close against such a dominating force.

Cornholers said...

What is really frustrating as a manager is that I had finally had enough of Berkman as he couldn't hit his weight. So I sat him, and he replies by hitting .400+ for the week. Dickhead.

This is what is great about fantasy baseball. It can make a very good player, that you have always liked and respected and turn you against him very quickly.

My team is reeling, and though I'm in the cellar it should be noted that I have more wins then the team I'm behind. Silly ties!!!

T-Dub said...

I welcome your challenge, QBF. Its nice to be off to a good start, but its a long season and I'm now officially nervous as I've enjoyed the last two weeks way too much and know it will most certainly end ... so I'll just be pleased with today.

And speaking of goose eggs, it just seems pointless to trash newLinc today, he's dealt with enough.

T-Dub said...

P.S. - I've never cheered harder for a SF Giants win (Matt Cain W = tie in wins) in my life ... reason #7,984 I love fantasy baseball ... I watched the entire Giants/Mets game for Christ sake.

Cornholers said...

I just spent an entire weekend with my 14-year old travel baseball club. Is it bad that I look at some of the players and imagine which ones would be fantasy studs???

That's how bad the Cornholers have it these days....I'm scouting 14-year olds!!!

NewLinc said...

I was THUMPED! Unlike T-Dub I watched the entire Giants/Mets game cheering for the Mike "3 Balk" Pelfry!

I shall remain silent until I climb out of last place.

Michael said...

anyone see #9's pickup of a college player? how long can he be on his roster, 2 years?

3k, i was not in favor of the ties change, and most of those would be wins for me... we might be battling for #1 pick next year

Mr. Hackman said...

Like T-Dub, I too sat through the entire Mets-Giants game in hopes that Wright would either get a HR, SB or both to give me a couple more wins, no such luck though, although he did try to run on Molina.
I do need my "power" hitters to start hitting HR's, but at least Bisho's "Worst pick of the draft", Victor Martinez, is turning out to be my best pick of the draft early on. (Although Wandy Rodriguez at pick #25 wasnt to bad either.)

Mr. Hackman said...

Pelfrey looked drunk out there. He was tripping and falling all over that mound. Watching him pitch was funnier than Dane Cook's new stand-up show on Comedy Central.
By the way, how about some props for the Indiana boys, myself and T-Dub. Last 2 Weeks, 40 Combined catergories and only 2 combined losses!

Cornholers said...

The only way that Strasburg helps Client#9 is if after he's drafted in June he's a straight shot to the majors. Otherwise I believe the rule dictates that #9 can forego his 5th round pick next season to sign Strasburg to a long-term contract.

Certainly a flyer, although I really am hesitant when there is so much hype surround a pitcher. So many times these hard-throwing ones flame out and get injured. Heck the hype around Mark Prior was so high that the Cubs passed on Joe Mauer for a kid who had PERFECT mechanics and would never be injured. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Michael said...

Speaking of drunk Pelfrey, 3 balks??? Are you kidding me? I needed him to come up with a good win last night.. nice work....

PG said...

Yeah, I'm questioning the Strasberg pick as well. Baby Bisho, do you really think he will be up in less than 3 years? What is the rationale behind that move?

And since you picked him up on the waiver wire, aren't you only allowed to keep him for this year (which, would inevitably lead to this question)- Do you really think he is going to pitch this year?

BabyBisho said...

Cornholers is correct...I'm anticipating him being in the Nats rotation after he is drafted. Nonetheless...If I want to sign him for the next 2 years, I'd need to forfeit my 5th round pick in the 2010 Draft

Edward said...

All reports seem to indicate that Strasburg could be in the rotation this year. Laynce Nix who played with him on the Olympic team said his stuff is nasty and major league ready. The Nationals are bad enough and will need something to entice people to buy tickets for their games.

Smart pick Bisho.

Cornholers said...

I'm not saying...I'm just saying - It's been nearly 10 days and absolutely no activity on this blog. The commish is draggin' ass and still hasn't deposited our checks.

Has anyone heard from him or did he make off to South America with the loot????