Friday, May 8, 2009

Gut Check Friday

Jimmy's Daddy-6
Baby Gorillas-3

Don't nobody go nowhere, the Daddy's and Gorilla's are putting on a hitting display. The Gorilla's were shot out of a cannon at the beginning of the week but amazingly Hef's squad caught up. The Gorilla's are paced by it's secret weapon, Jayson Werth, who I believe is a late round diamond in the rough. Jay Bruce seems to already be paying dividends for the Daddy's (and one third of the Flying Molina's hitting two long balls yesterday). This matchup will come down to how the Gorilla's pitching staff does this weekend (who has 4 starts left). Stay tuned.

Client #9-7

The team name change certainly hasn't helped thus far for Mr. 3000, but there's still a lot of baseball to be played. With the exception of stolen bases and saves, this game is still in play. Fitting that Russell Martin is having a great week against the team that has villified him from day one. Client #9's staff continues to put up stellar numbers, with Zach Grienke still throwing like Cy Young. It was nice to see Buehrle flirt with perfection last night too. Danks, Lester, and Vasquez are crucial to the Cornholers victory but if Grienke and Gollardo have their usual outings, it's lights out for 3K.

Hoosier Heat-7

The downward spiral continues for Fenway Ed, as Mr. Hackman takes a commanding lead heading into the weekend. With four categories all but sewn up, Hoosier Heat looks to deal Year2000! a death blow that could sink them into cellar dweller territory. Meanwhile, Hoosier still struggles to get to .500. With Greg Zaun on the interstate, it's only a matter of time before Matt Wieters is a big leaguer. Cross your fingers, Fenway Ed.

The Rockpile-7
Lawndale Longhorns-2

Can we call this matchup the offensive "toilet bowl"? This is underpeformance at it's finest. As a matter of fact, I'm ashamed that I lost to this Longhorn offense last week. When your leading hitter is throwing up a .266, you know you have problems. Someone better start hitting, and quickly. Meanwhile, both teams are enjoying a fine week on the bump. Quality starts from the Rockpile's Lincecum, Saunders, Volquez, and Jiminez have translated into stellar numbers. And let's not count out Matt Garza and Jair Jurrjens from the Longhorns. The score looks very deceiving...look for a split decision.

Clark and Addison-9
The SwinGERS-2

Hey, check out that, she's fat....wait a she singing? Yup, she sure is!!!!

Tallcorn Cobras-7
CO Yankees-3

T-Dub has been on a statospheric climb, just a smidge behind the first place Fighting Spitzer's. And that climb continues, as he sends another message this week against the CO Yankees. With 5 categories already wrapped up, the Cobras look to put the finishing touches on the fledgling Yankees. PG West may turn into a 2 team battle, and it's gonna be fun to watch.


Edward said...

Yeah, my team sucks at the moment. I need the NHL Playoffs to end in a jiffy because I obviously am not paying enough attention to the 2000's!.

Cornholers said...

Wow....excuses like that are just silly.

PG said...

Hey 3K, how can I get my hands on a Cornholers jersey t-shirt?

Cornholers said...

Bend over and I'll show you...

PG said...

You've got real nerve speaking to me like that.

Edward said...

You mean like changing the name of my team in-season?

Baby Bisho said...

Whenever the opportunity arises to poke a little fun at Russel Martin, believe you's coming like a heard of cocks at Don Mattingly's baloon knot: Please see the MLB "play by play" data below...noting how Martin got out:

Los Angeles - Bottom of 6th
Barry Zito pitching for San Francisco SFO LAD

M Kemp reached on infield single to shortstop

R Martin singled to left, M Kemp to third, R Martin out stretching at second

M Loretta struck out swinging.

Cornholers said...

I'm starting to get the feeling the J.Martin slept with Client #9's mom or something??