Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recap Tuesday

I apoligize for the lack of blogging, I was trying to find a good enough excuse to use, but I simply couldn't come up with one (well, one that was believable). Here we go...

Baby Gorillas-5
Client #9-4

I would totally spill victory if my hitting wasn't abysmal. Ah, fuck it. My pitching was STELLAR. I have two Tigers pitchers throwing like Nolan Fuckin Ryan. Suck it, Bisho!

The Rockpile-6
Year 2000!-4

Big win for Rocky Mike, who despite the sub .500 record, stands 4 games out of first place. The .291 battting average, 14 HR's, and 7 stolen bases should be noted. Fenway Ed, how quickly we fall from grace. 2 losses in a row, hmmmm.

Jimmy's Daddy-1

Heff should change his name to 3K's Bitch. Hitting categories were fairly close, but the Cornholers absolutely DOMINATED on the mound (even Lester paid some dividends). It certainly gives 3K a little hope as he makes his climb back to .500.

Hoosier Heat-7
Lawndale Longhorns-1

The Indiana contingent of Sportsworld continues to impress, as Baby Bisho is only 3 games in front of Mr. Hackman in PG West. Meanwhile Linc continues to have a rough go of it as he sits dead last in the division. Don't worry, man. We're like the AL West...you could be 20 games under .500 and still be in the hunt.

Tallcorn Cobras-8
Clark & Addison-2

Last time a pair of brothers got beat so bad by one guy, Brett Hart was dominating the Rougeau Brothers in the WWF. T-Dub cemented his status as premier fantasy team of PG Sportsworld. If there were power rankings, the dude who looks frighteningly like Michael Schofield from Prison Break would be #1.

CO Yankees-5
The SwinGERS-4

A win is a win, Yankee Mike, whether it's 5-4 or 10-0. And to win against a contending team (who, some would say, is on the wane) is big as well. Psychologically, this has to help you. And with having an infant in the house, winning is hard to come by. Savor this moment. Ger, you haven't won since week 3. But you beat me in said week, so I'll shut up now.


T-Dub said...

PG, you seem so down about having to post. Chin up, pal, the Yanks are on fire ... artie's off heroine and looking less like a gorilla every day ... Cutler is still healthy, think of all you have to be thankful for today.

Cornholers said...

Getting a recap post out of PG is like pulling teeth. Geez, man have a little respect for the league.

With that being said, a stellar installment of weekly update. Short, to the point and most importantly not even once did you talk about how it was my official first win of the season. Thanks man.

PG said...
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Anonymous said...

My team has been struggling, no doubt. This week is off to a promising start, let's hope it holds. That video is classic too.

PG said...

Here's a good analogy-

Getting a recap post out of PG is like getting a win out of 3K.

Cornholers said...

Here's an analogy for ya...

playing in this league is like living with a Republican administration. You continue to pay your taxes, yet you never see your money put to good use!!

Edward said...

Two losses in a row PG? My team got off the schneid with a 9-1 pasting of the Ger-man last week!

New Linc said...

I SUCK.........HARD!

C- Soto (Fat!)
1B - Pena (Too Swingie)
2B - Utley (Hung Over)
SS - Furcal (Bust)
3B - Davis (Way Too Swingie)
OF - Rios (Asleep)
OF - Upton (Bad)
OF - Quentin (Hurt)
SP - Kazmir (Zero Command)
RP - Ryan (Zero Velocity)

Lawndale sports radio has been flooded with callers requesting I step down as GM or initiate a series of white flag trades and rebuild around my young pitching talent.

T-Dub said...

I love both analogies ... well done. Let me try.

Playing the McCreery brothers is like playing lawn darts with the retarded neighbor ... you can't help but laugh.

(Do they still make lawn darts?)

PG said...

First of all, I played lawn darts a few years back, and let me say, it is fun, fun, fun (especially after you've drank 145 beers). If I had a lawn, I would be throwing darts constantly.

Second of all, your taxes under a Republican administration payed for 2 wars, the waterboarding of untold numbers of people, the wiretapping of your telephone, a mercenary army called Blackwater, a juggernaut called Haliburton, a pretzel that nearly killed the President by asphyxiation (sp?), and a baseball field on the grounds of the White House complex.

Cornholers said...

My point exactly!

PG said...

BTW, gettin a little mouthy now that you won, huh 3K?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ed..hahahahahaah

Michael said...

I will take the win PG. It was a good week, a win against the Ger, a loyal Red Sox follower, watching Papi get benched and now dropped to 6th and the nice win streak by the Yanks...

Plus, Baby Ruth is now smiling, especially this last week with all the walk off wins...

PG said...

I was watching Chris Davis last night (where he hit 2 bombs) and his swing is comical. He looks like a 7 year old swinging the bat as hard as he possibly can.

T-Dub said...

did you guys see Big Z ... whoa!!