Friday, May 15, 2009

Gut Check Friday

Baby Gorillas-6
CO Yankees-3

The battle of Brooklyn. Bay Ridge vs. Bensonhurst, McWop vs. Pizza Bagel. Let's get it on. This one couldn't get any closer if it tried. Looks like it could be a photo finish. AN A-BOMB.......FROM A-GON!!!!!!!! Is this guy serious? Despite Yankee Mike's great pitching performances this week, so far he's come up goose eggs. Hold onto your butts, fellas, this is gonna be an exciting one.

Client #9-6
Jimmy's Daddy-3

We could be seeing a potential PG Series matchup early in the season. The Daddy's are hanging in there (albeit by a very thin thread). His Gavin Floyd outing could have potentially knocked him out of the week entirely (as there is little room for error going up against #9's staff), but luckily Jordan Zimmerman and Clayton Kershaw got touched up a bit. If A-Rod wakes up and smells the PED's this week, we could see a nail biter down the stretch. #9 has had a bit of a power loss this week, but there is plenty of at-bats to be had (and his hitters at least seem to be in a zone).

The SwinGERS-2

Sometimes life gives you the yin and the yang. Yin for Fenway Ed (leading against a top contender in PG East), yang for Fenway Ed (Boston Bruins embarrassed themselves and are out of the playoffs). Yin for The Ger (Hawks in the conference finals), yang for The Ger (embarrassing himself in fantasy baseball). One homer, that's all you have, one God damned homer? You can't say God damned on PG Sportsworld. Who cares, nobody's reading. If Fenway Ed expands his lead in runs or K's, call a cab because this one is over.

Clark & Addison-6

Ladies and gentleman, we have a PG first. Congrats to QBF for being the first general manager to manage his team from overseas in the motherland, Ireland. Oh QBF, the pipes, the pipes are calling, from glen to glen, and down the mountainside. Much like when the Irish suffered through the potato famine, both teams are suffering from the production famine. Just miserable numbers across the board. Now that you're back from Dublin, QBF, will you finally put David Ortiz out of his misery? Hey 3K, great production from Russell Martin (wink).

Hoosier Heat-9
The Rockpile-1

Whichever way you cut it, having a .440 average going into the weekend is flat out filthy. Not a lot of power from Hoosier Heat, but by God are they hitting that ball. And I'm sure Mr. Hackman was happy to see the performance by C.C. last night. Meanwhile Rocky Mike is scratching and clawing to make this a game. I know Rocky Mike, and he will not put up with a loss like this. I can envision him checking the scores on his computer, seeing the 9-1 score, getting up and throwing his hat as hard as he can across his house. Don't count him out just yet. There are enough categories still in play to completely change the complexion of this matchup.

Tallcorn Cobras-7
Lawndale Longhorns-2

We've been waiting for this matchup for sometime now. Two heavyweight trash talkers lobbing gay bombs at each other like the battle of Stalingrad. Be sure to check back frequently today...I have a feeling we're going to see an epic battle waged by two stellar wordsmiths. And thus far, T-Dub clearly has the advantage. Mr. Consistency is just maintaining atop first place of PG West. He's not giving up the top slot without a fight, and it's now a test of wills to see who blinks first. Brad Hawpe? Seriously...Brad Hawpe? The Carlos Quentin heel injury is clearly hurting Linc (and I'm sure a sigh of relief was breathed after Geo Soto hit his first homer of the season). Things could be worse, Linc, you could be your brother and have David Ortiz.


Cornholers said...

Well I think it's only fair that Jon Lester come up big for me in his start vs. Seattle today. I mean I traded PG Verlander for him and Verlander has turned into Cy Fuckin' Young since I traded him. Well played PG, well played....

T-Dub said...

I love the Uecker parody you played, PG. One of my favorites.

Cornholers said...

He's not the best color-man in the league for nothin'....

Nick Nameless said...

Fly ball...caught

T-Dub said...

Dynamite drop in, Monty, that broadcast school really paid off.

McSizzle said...

Tis true, this lad recently returned from the Emerald Isle. While overseas I really only did two things, 1) drank my face off and 2) beat Gerwig's ass.

Cornholers said...

Where's the TDub/Linc bash fest that I was promised this morning????

PG said...

I am very disappointed by the lack of fireworks as well, 3K. Perhaps Linc is out of pocket (as I have not seen him on the blog all day long)?

T-Dub said...

I was waiting on him to take the first swing ... that motor just wasn't turnin' over this morning, couldn't find that good quality material with his commanding position this week ... what with all two points mounted in Lawndale's corner.

Let's throw some cliches out, I'll expect some help from the crowd:

newLinc, put your money where your mouth is!

(I know, not the best ... now its your turn.)

McSizzle said...

Accepting the award for Worst-Cliche-to-Jump-Start-a-Feud...T-DUB!

Let's cut live to T-Dub's acceptance speech...

"I just want to thank everyone here at work who kept me busy and didn't allow me to put one second of thought into this post. I'd especially like to thank the Cornholers. Without their urging, I wouldn't have felt obligated to post when I clearly wasn't ready. Did you see what else I did? I asked the crowd to get involved in my post! Isn't it great when everyone chips in?"

Anonymous said...

Is's QBF blindsiding T-Dub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T-Dub said...

I just take this blog one day at a time, QBF ... look, my back was against the wall, but I stayed hungry and just never gave up. I guess I just had to give 110% to the post, and knew I had to execute. newLinc is a great opponent, and we knew that we'd have to play within ourselves and I think my guys have just wanted it more this week. Long weekend of baseball left.

And speaking of busy at work (as I threw up in my mouth writing that paragraph), what kind of employee must the state have in QBF that he can go 10+ days out of the country (type in a douchey Irish accent as though he found himself) and come back with all the time in the world to stew over his brother's honor and craft such a post on this blog? Spend that same time on your squad, bro-zo. God knows newLinc was posting anything, but who could blame him ...

PG said...

(standing applause while smiling approvingly)

New Linc said...


I swear T-Dub after that weak attempt it is clear to me that the state of Indiana should pass a law favoring abortion in the case of incest! Such a law back in the late 70s would have saved many a fine resident of the Hoosier state the shame of calling you a neighbor and would have saved the members of this league the 3 minutes of their life they now won't get back after having read your post.

You are to trash talk as Gary Del'Abante is to ceremonial first pitches.....LAME!

You are to the male gender what George Micheal is to public bathrooms....GAY!

You are to fantasy baseball in August what my brother is to his wife's sexual fulfillment....IRRELEVANT!

T-Dub said...

Assuming they still have a football team, you are the Prairie View A&M Panthers to my USC Trojans ... MEAT!!



Michael said...


And, can someone tell Adrian Gonzalez to stop hitting HRs. I think he has all of Baby Gorillas HRs this week.....

I heard the original baby gorilla was at the Yankee Game tonight..

T-Dub said...

Two things, could we see our first shutout this week? Hackman looking at a 10-0 mark for the week, that would be something ... and two, PG, you called for QBF to sit Ortiz and ole Terry must've been reading the blog. Oh how the mighty have fallen, Ortiz sits for an entire series after an 0-7 day where he left the equivalent of a school bus full of migrant workers on base.

Has everyone paid, PG?