Friday, May 1, 2009

Gut Check Friday

Lawndale Longhorns-5
Baby Gorillas-3

What can you say? With the exception of the wins category, this matchup is completely up in the air. Meanwhile I want to punch J.J. Hardy and Chris Young as hard as I possibly can. My guess is Linc feels the same way about Alex Rios.

CO Yankees-7

If you look up the word "anemic" in the dictionary you'll see a picture of Mr. 3000 holding a bat. Meanwhile, Yankee Mike is putting up some pretty decent numbers this week. Jorge Cantu has established himself as a top fantasy threat in this league. As the rest of the league is scrounging for saves, Both 3K and Yankee Mike has a combined 9 saves. Unreal. Unless ARodsACyssy does a complete 180, he'll be the newest cellar dweller in PG West.

Client #9-7
Hoosier Heat-2

Mr. Hackman has a tough road to hoe if he wants to walk away a winner this week. Client #9's pitching staff is coming up, in the words of Paris Hilton, HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. So far, 5 starts, 5 quality starts, 41 K's, a 1.20 ERA and a 0.91 WHIP. How do you compete with that (much less beat it)? Hoosier Heat can stop the bleeding by swinging those bats. David Wright and Pat Burrell look to be key.

Jimmy's Daddy-5
The SwinGERS-5

Classic split match. The Daddy's are dominating hitting, while The SwinGERS have the lions share of pitching categories. I always admired Raul Ibanez, and wanted to draft him, but Hef beat me to the punch. Looks like it paid off. The Ger is enjoying Dan Haren's dominance this week, what a shame he can't get that performance from Josh Beckett.

The Rockpile-6
Clark & Addison-4

Looks like pitching and speed is saving Rocky Mike this week, as Clark & Addison continue their offensive onslaught. David Oritz is...wait...he's on the bench. Garret Atkins is simply...oh..wait..he's on the bench too. There are only 3 players in QBF's lineup that are hitting under .300 (and yes, Torri Hunter is one of them). Rocky Mike is getting awesome production out of his staff. The weirdest looking man on the planet, Edinson Volquez, pitched 8 strong for a win. King Felix threw 8 strong for a win. Even Joe Saunders is getting into the act. The key to this week is stolen bases and saves. QBF will live or die by those categories for the next 3 days.

Tallcorn Cobras-7
Year 2000!-1

Hey Fenway Ed, your 15 minutes are up. Proceed directly to 3rd place. T-Dub is coming through. This is not only a coronation matchup, it's an absolute message sender. Or, as they say at Fenway...a message senda!!!!! Time to regroup, Year2000! How do you like those apples?


ARodsACyssie said...

How is it possible that my hitting is anemic and COYankee is putting up decent numbers?

His team is hitting .267. Mine is hitting .242. Neither are too impressive but it's still pretty darn close going into the weekend.

I think pitching is entirely up for grabs in this contest. And how unreal is it that the Wins category is tied because neither team has wanted to grab a W. Pitching is ridiculous!!

Edward said...

PG I think you are getting a little lazy in your analysis. Yeah the score is way lopsided right now but I am only getting killed in two categories - HR and RBI. I have Halladay, Harden, and Lowe going tonight and all of the other categories are close.

So my question to you, sir, is isn't it better to finish strong than start fast? As a Yankees fan you should appreciate that after your boys coughed up two games they should have won last week in Fenway.

PG said...

Let's start with 3K. Well played by ONLY comparing batting average. Let's take a closer look. 8 home runs to your measley 2. 25 RBI to your measley 8. 16 runs to your 10. That, combined with Yankee Mike's higher batting average, constitutes decent numbers. Or maybe Yankee Mike's numbers were deemed "decent" because yours are clearly "dogshit".

Fenway Ed, you're getting killed in 3 categories. There is no way on God's green earth you make up the 8 run deficit (in the rusn category) you're losing by (especially with the production the Cobras are laying down). As for your horses, I'll give you the Hallady start...but in case you haven't been watching, the Cubs (save Tuesday) haven't exactly been hitting the cover off the ball. If you're expecting a win for Harden, you may want to call the Cubs clubhouse and have them stop throwing up goose-eggs. Despite the man-love you have for a former Red Sox pitcher (and the good start Lowe has gotten off to), Lance Berkman, Miguel Tejada Carlos Lee, and Kaz Matsui all own Derek Lowe. Look for him to pick up his 2nd loss of the season.

Hey, I look at your performance, your opponents performance, the trends, and make an educated prediction. And my prediction for you is this....take a photo and savor the moment you're in first's about to come to an end.

Edward said...

We will see PG, we will see. The Cobras are doing well, so no disrespect to them.

BabyBisho said...

Just FYI -

Russell Martin went hitless in a third straight game on Thursday, dropping his average to .205.

Martin' four-RBI game Sunday wasn't the start of a turnaround, as he's just 2-for-20 since. He's still without a homer or a steal after 78 at-bats, so he's been a complete bust as a fantasy catcher.

PG said...

Did anyone get hit with the shrapnel from that bomb that just dropped?

Anonymous said...

I'm sweating the outcome of my match up...hitting has been my bread n butter early in the season, and Beckett laid an egg for me (again) last night.

ARodsACyssie said...

Well played Bisho...well played. I've been counting the days you were going to bring up Martin as I was hoping it might slip your memory.

Although in his defense there are plenty of guys around the league that were fantasy studs last year and are duds this year:

Lance Berkman - .162
Jimmy Rollins - .207
Prince Fielder - .233
Grady Sizemore - .239
Matt Holliday - .240
BJ Upton - .177
Troy Tulowitzki - .200
Curtis Granderson - .241
Mark Teixeira - .200
Dan Uggla - .218
Magglio Ordonez - .240
Alexei Ramirez - .214
Josh Hamilton - .242

It should come as no surprise that the majority of these players also sit on rosters of the fantasy teams that find themselves struggling early in the season.

I think it's safe to say that guys like Berkman, Rollins, Sizemore, Teixeira and Hamilton will heat up as the weather starts to heat up and will then be carrying their respective teams.

As for PG, yes I only discussed the BA in my matchup, but you using a word like "anemic" for my offense while in the same sentence stating the opponent is putting up decent numbers is laughable. Call it what it is, the two worst teams in the league barely being able to beat each other!!

Edward said...

Do we need to remind everyone that it is only the 4th week of the season? Labeling a guy who is off to a slow start as a bust at this point might be a tad rash.

You don't hear anyone saying Zach Greinke is the greatest fantasy pitcher and will keep this up all year do we?

BabyBisho said...

Zach Grienke is the greatest fantasy pitcher and will keep this up all year, and win the AL CY YOUNG

PG said...

Tulowitzki was a fantasy stud last year?

3K, you have two home runs to Yankee Mike's 8. Two home runs, man! One....two. Uno.....dos. In a matter of 4 games, your 9 hittes have two home runs. In 99 total at bats, you have two home runs. That is the very definition of anemic.

And don't get me started on your 8 RBI.

Michael said...

"Barely able to beat each other"?????

3K, as of right now, you are getting worked... My overall offense is killing you. The only catergory you really have me beat is K's. That all could change by the end of this weekend, but my man Cantu is starting the day off right.

Bisho - before you start bragging about calls, how about my worst pick in my draft Robinson Cano??? eat that one please...

Way too early to call draft studs and busts...

ARodsACyssie said...

Como, I just watched Cantu get another RBI because he got beaned with a pitch with the bases loaded by Rich Harden. Oh yeah, Fenway Ed, the same Rich Harden who looks like absolute garbage today hitting guys and walking in runs. Hope you have better luck with your other pitchers.

Back to my contest, keep your precious HRs and RBIs. I plan on taking back Runs, ERA, WHIP and Wins. That's 4 categories that are very open heading into weekend contests. Oh yeah, and BA and Saves are entirely open. So 6 out of 10 categories. Oh wait, I only have SB and K's by a slim margin so 8 out of 10 fucking categories are totally up for the taking.

Yeah, I'm fuckin anemic!!

Michael said...

Well, you do have 4 more starts this week compared to my 3, so you could pick up in ERA and WHIP and Wins. or you could falter even further behind.

It is crazy how neither of us has any wins, but that should be remedied this weekend.

I dont think you will catch me in runs, and I probably wont catch you in Ks.

SB and Saves are the ones that I feel are totally up for grabs, so it will be close.

But like I said, as of now I am working you...

Edward said...

Thank you Bisho...

As for Harden, oh well...

PG said...

Keep in mind, gentleman, we use PG nicknames on this blog...not the ones our folks gave us.

Thank you.

ARodsACyssie said...

How many times am I going to be reprimanded by the Commish? Geez.

Well there is no doubt YANKEE MIKE that HRs and RBIs are pretty out of reach. Although I think K's are closer then you think. I really just have to hope for decent starts from my guys and K's will take care of itself.

As for Wins I'm hoping to snatch tonight with a Buehrle start in Texas, hopefully it won't be a typical Texas Shootout and he'll also get me closer in ERA and WHIP.

I am just marveling at the fact that neither of us have a win but we're taking it to the house on Saves.

I'm sure I'll be out of the loop on baseball tomorrow because Game 7 of the Bulls will have my attention and a little Pacquiao/Hatton action!!!

Michael said...

Wow, I didnt read that rule ever, no real names????

The commish sure can come down hard sometimes...

Good luck in that game 7, dont like the Bulls, but of course I really dont like the Celtics...

PG said...

Reprimanded? Fuck you, my man.

Who was the one that was slammed in the first two posts of the morning? Who gets slammed for everything he says? PG, that's who.

Shifting gears, does anyone want JJ Hardy? I'll trade him for some ketchup packets straight up.

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to listen to offers for Josh Beckett...

Edward said...

I thought there was a by-law prohibiting expletives? The FCC might come down hard on you since the Interweb is probably in their crosshairs next.

Think of the children...

Edward said...

And Tony - I hope there will be a 3rd tv available to watch the Hawks as well!

ARodsACyssie said...

Yeah, I got a black-and-white model in the corner of the garage you can watch the Hawks on!!

Wow, a day later and I should eat crow. It's official, my offense is ANEMIC! That and the worst team in the league is now whoopin' me...which I guess actually would make me the worst team in the league.

Michael said...

I would prefer that after only 3 weeks, it would be the team with the worst record...