Friday, May 28, 2010

Gut Check Friday

I want to wish a Happy Birthday to Mr. 3000 today! Hope the Sox win, the Cornholers dominate, and the travel squad is on a winning streak!!

Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-5
Tallcorn Cobras-4
The toilet bowl. Both teams play is so awful, there are no words to describe it. I take that back, pitching has been stellar on both sides and it will be a battle going into the weekend (with each team having 3 starts left). What an outing by Oswalt this week against the Brewers. Is it just me, or is he in "audition" mode?

Client #9-7
Clark & Addison-0

Don't let the score fool you, this one is going to tighten up this weekend. RBI, K, and Wins may be locked up for the Fighting Spitzers, but the rest is wide open. Although Linc is dealing with an ailing Brad Penny and John Maine, so the odds of him winning any pitching categories is pretty slim. I'm sure Baby Bisho is happy to see Jose Reyes playing to form. And just when it looked like Jason Bay had turned a corner, he seems to have returned to his boring, Canadian self.

The SwinGERS-7

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, I'm gonna mop the floor with your fantasy baseball teeeeee-am....happy birthday to you. The Ger doing his best Cobra Kai imitation this week (strike first, strike hard, no mercy). Old Ger was sitting at Wrigley Field the other night glued to his MLB app, singing the praises of Adrian Beltre, who's knocking the cover off the ball. This one isn't over though, 3K may have a birthday trick up his sport coat sleeve. There's no question that 3K will put up stellar pitching numbers (and he has 4 starts left). The question is, can he get the bats going? With 5 players on the interstate, 3K's team looks like the Eisenhower during rush hour. Come on, guys, give em a birthday thrill.

The Fenway Franks-6
Jimmy's Daddy-4

Fenway Ed is looking to put away The Daddy's this week, as Hef settles into his new gig in New Mexico. And while he may visit Truth or Consequences, the real truth is he needs to start driving in runs if he wants to win that RBI category (as he's currently 5 back and only has 8 in 4 days). Derrek Lee is hitting a grapefruit out there, it's a shame Starlin Castro has hit the "rookie that was finally figured out" blues. Fenway Ed has to be pleased with his pitching thus far, riding the testosterone laden arm of Johnny Cueto. He's gonna need more production from guys like Scotty Rolen and James Loney (who did almost hit for the cycle the other night, lets see if he can get that average over .300.

Hoosier Heat-5
The Rockpile-3

Another stinker. Man, one look at Hoosier Heat's stats and I want to jump out the window of the County Building (and not for the reasons you would normally think). .146? 1 homer? Are you kidding me? Good thing Ervin Santana put up Cy Young numbers this week. It is literally the ONLY good thing that has happened to his squad this week. And Rocky Mike isn't faring much better. Rough hitting numbers, but some respectable pitching stats heading into the weekend. Is there a better pitcher in the Majors than Ubaldo Jiminez? 9-1 with a 0.88 ERA. You must be joking. With only two starts left, Rocky Mike needs some great performances. Otherwise, Mr. Hackman very well may pull this one off.

CO Yankees-9
Salt Creek Sluggers-0

I can see this one turning into a skunk. There are some close categories, don't get me wrong...but my sixth sense says The Counselor is gonna get sprayed. Yankee Mike has his mojo working, Cano continues to put up MVP numbers, Pelfrey firing on all cylinders, even Dempster's getting into the act. If the Sluggers want to salvage this, he needs Chase Utley (.076), Kung Fu Panda (.181), BJ Upton (.142), and newly aquired Lance Berkman (0 HR's) to start firing away. Otherwise, 1st place will be nothing but a distant memory.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic wrap up PG, some of your finest work to date.

Michael said...

Very nice stuff. Did a trip to the ballpark get you going?

Cornholers said...

My travel club has a team average of .309, with a .456 team OBP. Can I start drafting them??

My offense is taking the word anemic to a whole new level. Come on boys get aggressive.

Jim said...

I couldn't come up goose eggs on Gut Check Friday on 3K's birthday.

I'll say this, watching Manny Ramirez play baseball the other night was an absolute joke. I have never seen a lazier and more indifferent piece of garbage in my entire life. He is a disgrace to himself and the game. He is the poster child for the one-dimensional, one-trick ponies that were manufactered during the steroid era. I don't care if he's a pure hitter. He's a pure asshole.

WOW, sorry to go off on a tangent there.

Counselor Bloomie said...

I'm getting thumped and am not optimistic I'll turn it around over the weekend.

Solid recap by the way!

Michael said...

Love it that we got 4 managers in the west now.

Happy bday 3k.

Mike said...

An example of good to great. Good = PG's weekly wrap up. Great = PG's spot on assessment of the piece of shit that is Manny Ramirez.

Edward said...

Here here PG! Fantastic job on the recap. And Happy Birthday to the Tony LaRussa of Lake County.