Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Being Frank With Fenway Ed

We have been doing this league long enough that I think we can all sense certain trends. Yankee Mike overvalues Yankees players, 3K overvalues lead off hitters with speed but no batter's eye. This got me thinking - one month into the season what have been the least surprising moves made by team owners and what do I think will happen over the remaining five months? I have a few:

If I Could've Laid Money On...

- Yankee Mike dropped Javy Vazquez (I guess he forgot that Vazquez can't handle the pressure of a big passionate market)
- 3K picked up then dropped Juan Pierre
- I would put too much emphasis on young, unproven guys with TREMENDOUS upside

What I would like to lay money on...

- Tallcorn Cobras will trade one of their two catchers for a mint, and it won't be a former #2 overall selection
- PG will complain that not enough people comment on the blog posts


Anonymous said...

You can add "SwinGERS will finish out of the money" to things that are certain.

Mike said...

You can add that the Rockpile and its ownership will be furious that other teams seem to have their best weeks against him, when in reality, he is just angry that his offense consistently underperforms.

That means you MARK TEXEIRA!!!!

Counselor Bloomie said...

Please add that the Salt Creek Sluggers, while under new management, will repeat the sins of the past and give up on at least one player too early ala cutting Mark Reynolds AND Aaron Hill last year in week 2!

Michael said...

Coming out swinging.. A little sickness gets the juices flowing...

I would like to lay money on PG and 3K will get into a nice disagreement that contributes 30 posts to one blog post

Michael said...
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Edward said...

I would never have laid money that we would go over 12 hours without 3K commenting on a post that involved two of his favorite things - baseball and gambling.

Jim said...

Yeah, 3K has been conspicuously absent....then again, so has his team.

HEY OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim said...

Weekly Superlatives-

Batting Average
1. Jimmy's Daddy .342
2. SwinGERS .308
3. Hot Dogs .305
4. Clark & Addison .293
5. Salt Creek .281

Home Runs
1. CO Yankees 11
Hot Dogs 11
3. Clark & Addison 9
Salt Creek 9
Hoosier Heat 9

1. Salt Creek 43
2. Jimmy's Daddy 42
3. SwinGERS 37
4. Hot Dogs 36
Clark & Addison 36

1. Client #9 1.92
2. Tallcorn Cobras 1.99
3. Salt Creek 2.31
4. Cornholers 2.50
5. The Rockpile 2.54

1. Tallcorn Cobras 62
2. Client #9 53
3. SwinGERS 51
Hot Dogs 51
5. 2 Teams Tied 47

1. Salt Creek 1.06
2. Cornholers 1.07
3. Tallcorn Cobras 1.10
4. Client #9 1.13
5. Rockpile 1.15

Linc said...

Please add that C&A will never make any of the weekly pitching superlatives.

Anonymous said...

When should we start being concerned by 3K's silence?

Wade said...

Good stuff PG ... could I have any more key injuries? Is this going to be my entire season?

Btw, love the logo, Ger.

Mr. Hackman said...

I will have a total of 18 Saves for the year and 50 Blown Saves.

Cornholers said...

One busy day away from the blog and the search party is sent out. I got a frantic text and call from PG this morning wondering where his most loyal reader/commenter has been?

I'm here. Coming off a big night by the Cornholers, things are looking up and I only have one thing to say.....

Here's a big F U to Ed. Pierre will be just fine.