Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Wrap-Up

Salt Creek Sluggers-7
Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-2

The Hot Dogs were looking for like cocktail weinies as the Sluggers boiled, steamed, and grilled them in one swoop. And he did it with pitching. Both teams put up dreadful hitting stats (how do you win a week with a .171 batting average?), but Matt Garza, David Price, and Chris Carpenter lead the way to victory for The Counselor. That decisive win puts the Salt Creek Sluggers atop PG East and the Hot Dogs in the cellar.

Client #9-5

Strong win for #9, as 3K and the Cornholers sink deeper into the cellar of PG West. Solid week for Joey Votto, who lead the way for #9, with Ian Kinsler and Jose Reyes cementing the win. Some of 3K's boppers are looking more like bloopers. Gordon Beckham (.105), Adam Lind .115), Kendry Morales (.222), sheesh!

Tallcorn Cobras-8
Fenway Franks-1

Going into Sunday, T-Dub were leading the Franks 10-0, and I thought for a moment this one would be skunkarific. Instead, Fenway Ed was able to eek out WHIP and tie in RBI. This was by no means a thumping, as the majority of categories were close. That goes to show you just how important every at-bat is. What I would have liked to see was the 10-0 Cobra lead turned on it's head (with Fenway Ed stealing it). Instead, Ed embarrasses himself, his team, and the Boston faithful and T-Dub sits atop PG West.

The Rockpile-5
The SwinGERS-5

Wow, a stalemate!! The SwinGERS dominating at the dish, and Rocky Mike toeing the rubber like a pro. While Tim Lincecum didn't record a win, he did rattle off 21 K's in two outings, that is filthy. Nice bounce back from Matt Holliday this week, and who can deny Miguel Cabrera's status as a fantasy God? Nice matchup, was a fun one to follow.

Jimmy's Daddy-5
Clark & Addison-5

Another slatemate, what is going on in Sportsworld? 3 losses and 2 no-decisions for Linc stood in his way from running the table on the mound this week. The Daddy's were one swipe short of tying stolen bases (a combined 13 stolen bags, quite impressive). I'm sure Hef is excited to throw Cub savior Starlin Castro into the old lineup this week. Grab some pine,'ve been replaced.

CO Yankees-8
Hoosier Heat-1

What a week for Yankee Mike! Despite Posada sitting and Cano lacking luster, the rest of the squad picked it up at the plate. Alex Rios, Austin Jackson (what a stud), and Michael Young all had banner weeks. Ladies and gentleman, Elvis has left the base he was standing on (5 swipes, nice!!). After a big win against top notch Tallcorn, the Heat were trounced, and lost any ground (and momentum) they gained. Don't get me wrong, Mr. Hackman didn't have that bad of a week. The CO Yankees just had a better one.


Anonymous said...

Take away Texeria's 3 HR outburst on Saturday and the Swingers take this one. Kudos to Rockey Mike for a great match up.

Edward said...

Since there are no moral victories in PG's Sportsworld, the Franks held a press conference today announcing some roster moves intended to send a message to the cadre of all or nothing hitters who are swinging the stick like David Ortiz (all fizzle but no meat). The release of Matt LaPorta, who has two years left on his contract, was a shot across the bow for Aramis and Alexis Ramirez and the rest of the Frank Nine.

The Franks' GM's phone lines have been very silent of late which can only mean that the rest of the league is still focused on picking from the scrap heap instead of trying to make a seismic move to shake up their rosters. C'mon boys, let's start dealing!

Counselor Bloomie said...

Bronxton's Sunday night save was key to my victory as his two-thirds of an inning translated to a 7-2-1 victory rather than a 5-2-3. Every victory is going to count in PG East.

Jim said...

Look at Fenway Ed trying to jumpstart the trade market.

Well played, Counselor Bloomie. You really took me to the shed. 3K was out in Arizona this weekend so we won't likely be hearing from him until tomorrow. I hope he did some talent scouting out there, because his team is looking pretty brutal.

Edward said...

Jim we could resume our trade discussions at the Tilted Kilt, just name the date and time...

Wade said...

I feel like I'm breaking some very serious rule ... but I have made it on pgsportsworld during the work day, while at my desk. This is a good day indeed ...

That said, the early injuries being figured into the equation, this win has a sweet taste to it. It was as tight an 8-1-1 finish you could possibly have.

Can Old Linc just be counselor, or The Counselor ... why is he gaying it up with the Bloomie thing? You're better than that Shane ... ask Linc's hair what it thinks.

Mr. Hackman said...
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Mr. Hackman said...