Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Wrap-Up

I hate to sound crass, but does anyone doubt coke is what did him in? Anyway, here's this weeks superlatives....

Batting Average-
Hot Dogs .341
CO Yankees .341
Tallcorn Cobras- .324

Hot Dogs-10
Client #9-10

Tallcorn Cobras-47
Client #9-43
Hoosier Heat 40
The Rockpile 40

Cornholers 2.01
Tallcorn Cobras-3.18
CO Yankees- 3.21

Cornholers 1.03
CO Yankees 1.23
Client #9 1.24

Top 10 Ranked Players of the Week
1. Ben Zobrist (Rockpile)
2. Edwin Jackson (Clark & Addison)
3. Gio Gonzalez (FREE AGENT)
4. Josh Johnson (Tallcorn Cobras)
5. Clayton Richard (Hoosier Heat)
6. Nelson Cruz (Tallcorn Cobras)
7. Michael Young (CO Yankees)
8. Jason Bay (Clark & Addison)
9. Edwin Encarnacion (FREE AGENT)
10. Justin Mourneau (The SwinGERS)


Cornholers said...

I simply want to say that my team is turning over a new leaf. With what has easily become my best showing of the season with a 5-5 split to Salt Creek my club has gained the confidence that is needed to go on a bit of a run.

The summer heat is upon us, and I've brought some fresh wood into the lineup. Ya know what that means......


Wade said...

Can I tell everyone (especially 3k) how much of a treat it was to watch that Sox gm yesterday? Not only did ace JJ pitch lights out, it was truly a thumping. Good times ... how underrated is Dan Uggla? Shoowee.

Anonymous said...

The SwinGERS are looking to put the laser show on ice this week 3K.

Michael said...

This is a re-cap? Getting lazy... Very convenient you get quiet after getting handled by the CO Yankees 2 weeks ago...

Philly vs Chicago for Stanley. hmmm..... I guess I will say good luck to you Chicagoans...

Counselor Bloomie said...

And there it is, our first Carlos Silva sighting. Welcome to PG Sportsworld Mr. Silva, I hope you enjoy your stay! I was wondering when he would be considered too good to resist.

Anonymous said...

I need the starts Bloomie!

Counselor Bloomie said...

For those of us who grew up collecting baseball cards here is a fun story....,243549

Looking back I guess I shouldn't have been so excited pulling an Eric Davis Diamond Kings back in 87!!

Cornholers said...

I'm always shocked at these type of stories about baseball cards, and the price they fetch.

I wonder what some of my baseball nostalgia would fetch? I have a pretty decent collection of autographs on baseballs.

TDub might enjoy the autographed Stan Musial baseball I hold. Also have a signed photo and '62 Topps Card. Stan use to hang out at my grandfathers tavern by Comiskey.

Anonymous said...

Scary picture.

Anonymous said...

You can't put a price on nostalgia.