Friday, May 7, 2010

Gut Check Friday

Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-6
Salt Creek Sluggers-3

Fairly even matchup thus far, although it looks like the Dogs are going to take the lions share of the pitching categories (with 4 starts left). Chris Young is a microcosm of the Hot Dogs hitting production this week, decent batting average, no power or run production numbers. The Counselor doesn't have one hitter over .300, wow, that's tough to do. Great outings by Matt Garza and Scott Baker though.

Client #9-5

The Cornholers continue their theme of really bad hitting and really good pitching. A .187 batting average (when compared to a .240 team season average) is brutal on both counts. But look at the arms..Lester, Huddy, Danks, Garcia...all throwing extremely well. Not a good week of silence for his closers, though. That category could mean the difference between 5-5 and 6-4. Client #9 having an equally brutal week. Clayton Kershaw's disasterous outing against the Brew Crew has spiked #9's ERA to a whopping 12.31. The good news is he has 6 more outings to get that gaudy number down.

Tallcorn Cobras-6
The Fenway Franks-3

This one is WIDE OPEN (perhaps with the exception of saves). With two games separating both teams atop PG West, this will likely be a fight to the very last at-bat. T-Dub has got to be digging Vladimir Guerrero's 3 bombs, 10 RBI and .375 batting average. Two words...laser show. Great pitching by T-Dub too, with stellar outings from Matt Cain, Hamels, Oswalt (and even Cliff Lee with 10 K's). With only one start left this week, The Fenway Franks look like they're in trouble in the pitching category. They'll need to dominate the weekend at the plate. The Jason Heyward groin injury has to hurt (both Heyward and Fenway Ed), he'll need the big bopper if he wants to survive this contest.

The Rockpile-6
The SwinGERS-3

Fairly close match at here, and I am not ready to make a prediction either way. The Rockpile's pitching staff continues to shine, proving they are the finest in the league. Lincecum, Lackey, Jiminez...I keep writing their names every week. The SwinGERS are hitting the ball a bit bitter than the Rockpile this week (I'm loving that .342 batting average). Miguel Cabrera is on fire, and Yadier Molina, Andre Ethier, Adrian Beltre, and Justin Morneau are all hitting over .400. Looking forward to seeing this one through. Should be fun to watch.

Jimmy's Daddy-5
Clark & Addison-3

Here's your classic see-saw, The Daddy's hitting well, and Linc's squad is pitching well. Congrats to Thd Daddy's Dustin Pedroia, for achieving the PG Quote of the Week (and possibly the year). Along with the quote, he's hitting .352 with a bomb and 4 runs scored. Clark & Addison is enjoying good outings from Brady Penny, John Maine, with his big guns Shawn Marcum and Francisco Liriano coming up.

CO Yankees-7
Hoosier Heat-3

Razor thin margin here, a real nail biter. Yankee Mike might have batting average locked up, but that's about it. He's enjoying a great week from Josh Hamilton, Prince Fielder and Alex Rios (not so much from Robinson Cano, but what do you expect from a guy going full guns all season). How much is Mr. Hackman loving A.J. Burnett right now (probably as much as Yankee Mike and I am). Dominating outing this week goes well with solid production from David Wright, Brandon Phillips, and V-Mart. Keep this one on the radar, guys. This may go down to the wire.


Cornholers said...

It's not often that fantasy depicts reality, but in my case it is ironic how similar my fantasy team is to my reality team. You would think my lineup was full of White Sox hitters with the sort of production I display.

The only thing keeping me from a total fire sale at this point is the same thing keeping the White Sox from a total fire sale. A decent enough pitching staff to keep me teetering on the edge in hopes of a hot, productive summer

Mr. Hackman said...

Jay Cutler has not had a winning season since high school.

Mike said...

Best quote of the day has to go to Mr. Hackman!!!

Jim said...

Wow, football banter in May? I figured if that was coming from anyone, it'd be Fenway Ed, what with the embarrassment that is the Boston Red Sox.

Anonymous said...

The Rockpile's pitching will probably be the difference in our match up, no doubt about that.

Mike said...

I the Ger is having a much more well rounded week. The Swingers are hanging right in there w/ my staff while my offense has been playing catch up all week. I know this has become a weekly thing, but Teixera is absolutely killing me.