Friday, May 21, 2010

Gut Check/Blockbuster Friday

Sorry guys for being out of pocket the last week. Have been kind of busy with work and haven't had time to devote to the blog.

Was at Hef's bon voyage party last night at Vaughn's Pub (probably another reason why GCF is late). A great time was had by all. Best of luck to the Daddy's GM as he heads to the deserts of New Mexico to run the Congressional campaign of Steve Pearce.

With almost two months in the books, we have our very first trade of the season. Even better, both teams are playing each other this week, so all four players will simply swap uniforms. What looks like a "change of scenery" strategy by both teams, the Cornholers and Salt Creek Sluggers have traded players that have disappointed all season long for players that have disappointed all season long. The Cornholers sent first baseman Lance Berkman and outfielder Chris Coghlan to the Salt Creek Sluggers for first baseman Carlos Pena and Carlos Quentin. "Truthfully, I simply felt that Lance gets hurt way too much for me to rely any further on him. He's kind of a pussy", uttered Cornholer GM Mr. 3000. After that comment, Big Puma's feelings might have to go on the DL. When pressed about the unloading of highly touted Chris Coghlan and whether or not he panicked, 3K got a little hot under the collar...

Client #9-5
Hot Dogs-4

Tallcorn Cobras-8

Salt Creek Sluggers-6

The SwinGERS-5
Fenway Franks-3

Clark & Addison-4
Hoosier Heat-3

CO Yankees-6
Jimmy's Daddy-4


Anonymous said...

Good luck Heff.

Wade said...

First trade ... boom. Glad to hear its starting to turn, shockingly 3k involved?? No way!

Cornholers said...

I have to say that Salt Creek came to me with this trade offer, and I commend him for being very fair and balanced with his offer and comments.

I can only hope that my gamble that Carlos Pena and Carlos Quentin start heating up now pays off. This is the type of move that might finally get me out of the cellar....

At least it should get me past the Hot Dogs!!

Alfredopmsh said...

Good luck Heff.