Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top 30 Fantasy Players (Year To Date)

Sorry for the no post on Tuesday (Board day, was pretty swamped). Here's something to hold you over until tomorrow. Enjoy.

Top 10 Hitters-

1. Robinson Cano (Clark & Addison
2. Miguel Cabrera (The SwinGERS)
3. Alex Rios (CO Yankees)
4. Carl Crawford (Rockpile)
5. Evan Longoria (Clark & Addison)
6. Justin Mourneau (The SwinGERS)
7. Ryan Braun (Jimmy's Daddy)
8. Vladimir Guerrero (Tallcorn Cobras)
9. Albert Pujols (Tallcorn Cobras)
10. Joey Votto (Client #9)

Top 10 Starters-
1. Ubaldo Jiminez (Rockpile)
2. Roy Halladay (Fenway Franks)
3. Adam Wainwright (The SwinGERS)
4. Chris Carpenter (Salt Creek Sluggers)
5. Matt Cain (Tallcorn Cobras)
6. Josh Johnson (Tallcorn Cobras)
7. Shaun Marcum (Clark & Addison)
8. David Price (Salt Creek Sluggers)
9. Phil Hughes (Hoosier Heat)
10. Jon Lester (Cornholers)

Top 10 Relievers-
1. Jonathan Broxton (Salt Creek Sluggers)
2. Rafael Soriano (Clark & Addison)
3. Heath Bell (Cornholers)
4. Carlos Marmol (Fenway Franks)
5. Neftali Feliz (Client #9)
6. Leo Nunez (Clark & Addison)
7. Billy Wagner (Salt Creek Sluggers)
8. Ryan Franklin (Tallcorn Cobras)
9. Jose Valverde (Hoosier Heat)
10. Matt Capps (Fenway Franks)


Michael said...

Cant give me any credit.. Robbie is on my squad...

T-Dub said...

Always interesting seeing these rankings. Good stuff.

SC and I are in one of the ugliest battles in recent memory. I have been hot or cold way more than I ever was last year ... no middle ground.

How fun is JJ? And is anyone having a party to watch Strasburg's first start Tuesday? Seems like a reason to drink ... I'm pretty excited for it.

Cornholers said...

I can't help but draw similarities between Strasburg and the last can't miss SP prospect to be drafted #1 out of college.

Both cruised right through A, AA and AAA in their 1st season on their way to the bigs.

Both were dubbed can't miss Ace pitchers, who would have nothing but success.

1 is about to take the bump and hope all his dreams come true. The other is at Tire World!

T-Dub said...

Dear Santa,

Bring me a #37 Strasburg jersey. I have a chubber for his start tomorrow.



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